Down 24 pounds!

Here I am down 24 pounds from a month ago! I weighed 226 this morning. I started out at 250. It's fun putting on the same shirt and pants when I take a picture every two weeks. The shirt is getting bigger and bigger each time I put it on. Actually, that's not true ... a shirt can't possibly get bigger and bigger. My body is getting smaller and smaller. And, I shouldn't have washed the pants because they're a stretchy jean material and they shrink when I put them in the dryer. So now they fit pretty good!

I'm feeling wonderful and doing fantabulous! Yesterday I introduced a salad into my diet. It was wonderful. I never knew that tomatoes could taste so heavenly. I didn't have any problem digesting the lettuce. I just made sure that I chewed it really well before swallowing. In fact I loved the salad so much I had it again for dinner. I bought a ready-made salad from my local grocery store. I used to eat it in one sitting. Now I'll have this for about 6 or 7 meals!

My daughter pointed out that I've already lost 25% of my weight in one month. That's incredible. I've never been able to lose weight this fast, not even on Phen Phen. The diet seems to get easier and easier with each day. I've even been able to get back to cooking and trying different recipes for Lynn and my folks and I don't have a problem with not being able to partake. I even made chocolate chip cookies the other day and they weren't even a temptation!

I tried a wonderful recipe from a Hawaiian demonstrator, Kaluha Pork. That's not her name, Kaluha Pork ... that's the dish. (I can hear you laughing!!!) Her name is Christine Jonick. It was divine and I was able to eat some of that. I'm including the recipe in the cook book. You'll love it and it's soooo easy to make.

We've been so busy in our ward. We've had tons of new babies born and I have a wonderful compassionate service leader who takes care of arranging meals for all of the new mothers for a few days after they come home with the new baby. As I mentioned before, my neighbor lady is dying of cancer. She should go quickly any day. It's just sad to see her one day doing so wonderful, and the next day she's lying on her death bed. Now we have Hospice visiting my mother and her cousin who both live in our little private subdivision. Then I received a phone call from a neighbor telling me that another neighbor fell down her basement stairs and was rushed to the hospital. She's broken a bone in her neck and she has been taking care of her invalid husband. I need to go over there today and access the situation to see how we can take care of them. I've had 7 deaths in less than a year since I've been the Relief Society President. I told the Bishop that I'm going to be known as the 'Death Relief Society President'!

One of my dear friends just had the same surgery that I had, Monday. I visited her in the hospital yesterday and she was doing fabulous. She's a young single gal who's fought the battle of the bulge all of her life. I can't wait to see what a difference this surgery will make in her life. She was ecstatic when they brought her her one ounce of broth and sugar free jello. She savored every sip like I did!

Well, I've got to get out and about and check on those needy sisters in the ward. Geez louise ... how did I do all of this when I was working full-time out of the home? This calling is definitely a full-time job, and I love it!

Oh -- we're going to take our tent trailer and go camping tomorrow night until Saturday. This will be the first time this summer we've taken the trailer out. I love to camp and camping in the tent trailer, for me, is like staying in a 5 star hotel! We're taking Dieter too. Oh, you pronounce his name, Deeeeter, In German when the 'i' is before the 'e', you prounounce the 'eee' sound. When the 'e' is before the 'i', you prounounce the 'iiii' sound. That's your first german lesson for the day!

Gotta run! Have a fun day, get your swaps made for convention, and I just may see a few of you out and about in Salt Lake City!


The Peton's said...

Who fell down the stairs? That's so sad! I love your ward, and would move back in a second.

I'm glad to hear Becky is doing well with her surgery. I think you guys are going to really be good for each other. That's nice of you to visit her in the hospital.

You look good!!

Anonymous said...

You are looking FAB-U-LOUS!!!! I love how it's really obvious in your face that you've lost weight. I've noticed how round my face has gotten over the years and even if I hide my body in pictures, old friends are sure to notice how different my face is. Anyway - how exciting for you - 25%!!!! Have fun camping, too!!!


Connie said...

You are lookin' good girl! Keep up the good work!
I will see you on Tuesday!
Have a fun campin trip - I'm sure you will be in the mountains where it is cool. I'll be in 'HOT" St George . . . :)

Anonymous said...

You do look great! so glad this has worked for you.
Out and about would be wonderful to run into you! I can't belive how quicly convention is coming, my first and I'm as giddy as a school girl....silly me. My first time coming that far west as well, is there something that is a can't miss while I'm there? needs to be walking distance or within reason....thanks in advance. if you wish to respond to me. thank you again! Deb

Keep up the good work, both with your weight loss and your ward!

Terry Molineux said...

Linda you look fantastic! I wish I had insurance and the courage to do this surgery. It certainly would make my life easier. Sometimes I think that is why I cannot find a job.

Did you happen to watch on Lifetime the new hit show Drop Dead Diva? Well it was a segmant on a girl who lost her job because she gained 50 pounds and the girl who represented her was really skinny until she died and came back as a very heavy attorney....well that show opened my eyes to why I am possibly having a problem finding a job....because I am heavy!'s amazing what this society does.

I am so happy for you! What a difference even your outlook has changed....CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Lisa said...

Linda - glad to hear you're doing so well and feeling good. You look fantastic! But I think your daughter needs a math re-fresher. ;) 25% of 250 is 62.5! Not that 24 pounds is anything to sneeze at - that's 10% which is what is encouraged to make a difference in blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Keep up the good work!

Mickey Roberts said...

Awesome, Linda! I just love that you are becoming MORE positive as the process continues. Congratulations!

Dale said...

Darling you look marvelous.
I am happy to hear you are doing well and feeling fine. This must be a great feeling. Keep up the great work.

Dixie Finn said...

You look so beautiful. You always were, but WOW. Great going. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out. Now less out. Keep up the great work.

Butternut Sage Designs said...

hey Linda! I am jealous of everyone going to convention this year. I went last year and although I am not a mormon I loved Temple Square and found it so moving and inspirational. I even texted pictures back home while I was there. The rotunda with our Saviour is breathtaking. I agree everyone should visit Temple Square. You are doing great Ms. Linda and look fabuliscious! I have been inspired by you to lose weight now myself, and I am using a product developed by a gastic by pass doctor for us who have more than 25 but less than 100 pounds to lose. Wooohooo it works too! Thanks for all your sharing. I cannot wait to hear more! Hugs~Donna

Bev Dahl said...

I want YOU to be MY Relief Society President!
Not that we don't have an awesome one, but you would be so much fun! Those visits certainly wouldn't be 45 minutes though, I wouldn't let you leave for at least 8 hours! We would play in my stamp room and talk about the Gospel Principles at the same time.
You are doing so great on your diet and inspiring me! 25 Lbs! I better hurry up. I need to loose 100 too!