Great News! My hubby has a job.

While visiting in Oregon the discussion of a hobo came up with the grandkids. Katie informed her grandpa (Lynn) that he was THE hobo because he had no job and no money! She's the same one that wrote me the cutest little love note shortly after my layoff. I have it posted on my fridge in her cute hand-writing. It has a drawn picture of a heart on it and it says, "By - Kate I am saree that yue gat fiyrd." Translation ... "I am sorry that you got fired." Isn't that the cutest little note? Geez I miss those girls. They live in Oregon and Katie is getting baptized on the 18th. My Dad will be coming to stay with us during that week so I don't think there's a possibility of us making it to her big day. BOOOOO!

So, what's been going on in the Hansen home. Life really is busy, isn't it? Just taking care of the sick and the elderly in our ward and enjoying family and friends.

I'll have to share an experience that happened last week. I was sitting in the temple contemplating life's challenges and wondering what we were going to have to sell in order to make the mortgage. I hadn't really been worrying about Lynn's employment because I had felt peace and at ease that the Lord would provide. But, I was preparing for the day when we may have to come up with a solution to make our obligations. My mother's voice came into my head saying, "Don't worry, Linda. (She always said that to me.) Lynn will find a job soon. Don't worry!" My heart was at peace once again. The very next day Lynn got a call to come in for an interview. The day after, he was offered the position. And the next day he started his employment. This is a great company just north of Toronto, Canada. They have an office in Sandy, Utah with several Canadian employees. There are also a few people there that he has worked with with other engineering firms. He feels right at home and the people are great. The company has great benefits, paying for all of our health insurance, and the pay is great as well. I'm so happy and so blessed and so thankful to the Lord for helping us through these bumps in life.

What else have I been doing? You wouldn't believe what I've been on these last three days! I got roped into trying the Master Cleanse diet. Why? I really don't know, other than our nurse and office manager at work were so excited about it, they sucked me into doing it. "Oh, it will be sooo much fun if we all do it together", they said. Our nurse purchased all of the stuff. Let me explain what I'm been chug a luggin' these last few days.

Day 1: pureed fruits and veggies with all sorts of sprouts and things in it. It was brown and it looked like sludge. Can I just say that I don't care for the taste of bean sprouts. They taste like dirt. Why would anyone want to eat dirt? And next ... why can't the sludge have a little bit of sweetness to it? So, I added some Crystal Lite to it and it tasted pretty good. Got through Day 1 pretty good. Not too hungry until I saw the Corn Nuts in my night stand. Oh ... just a few won't hurt. So I indulged. Just before bedtime the nurse instructed me to take a natural tea laxative called, get this ... "Smooth Move". Isn't that the funniest name for a laxative? We used to tease people who did something not too smart by saying, "Smooth Move Exlax!" Anyway, back to the herbal tea. It tasted pretty good and I gulped it down. I was starving!

Day 2: Woke up and thought, "Hmm ... so much for that Smooth Move stuff. Didn't really work!" Drove to work and about half way to Bountiful ... Smooth Move kicked in. Oh my goodness. I wasn't sure what I was going to do. So I prayed! Made it to work, driving quite speedily, and hoping I wouldn't get pulled over by a cop. Because at this point, I honestly wouldn't have been able to pull over. I would have had to wave my arm out the window and scream, "Follow me ... seriously ... just follow me ... I can't stop." But alas ... how do I put this delicately and to not offend ... I had to wash my undies out in the restroom and wear wet undies til they dried. So, for anyone having bowel problems, try the herbal tea with natural Senna. I promise, it will do the trick.

Day 2's drink consists of 1 litre of water, 4 tablespoons of pure Maple Syrup, and 6 tablespoons of pure lemon juice. Yum ... delicious ... well ... not really ... but tolerable. Drink that three times a day and wash down a cayenne pepper tablet, some pro-biotics, and a yeast cleanse tablet. Got through Day 2 fine with no other side affects. Had a few bites of Swiss Cheese when I got home because I was feeling a little dizzy.

Day 3 - Repeat the same as Day 2. Hey, I was doing great. But guess who fell off the band wagon? The nurse and the office manager. The office manager was throwing up the night before and the nurse decided she wanted to eat lunch. I stuck out the day with my drink and took the Maple Syrup home for pancakes! I ate a little bit of food this evening and am calling it good. End of the Master Cleanse.

Results: I weighed 142 pounds this morning ... losing 5 pounds in 2 days. Not too shabby! It will be interesting to see how quickly I put the weight back on after eating. Anyway, it was fun trying it out with the girls and I really didn't get too hungry during the day.

Another bit of good news! I finally posted the swap photos of An Evening to Remember on my official site. If you would like to view them go to http://aneveningtoremember2010.com. The pictures are all grouped in thumbnails in the post just previous to my last post. Enjoy! I was going to password protect them, but I would like all to enjoy.

Have a great Thursday tomorrow. I'm loving life! -- Linda