We flew out on Halloween day to Jackson, Mississippi. We had a two hour layover in Atlanta, GA so had time to catch a bite to eat.

It was early evening when we took off for Jackson. The moon was just an orange sliver in the dark sky. After collecting our baggage we went outside to hail a cab. There were no cabs in site! In fact, there wasn't much of anything in site. I went inside and asked where the cabs were. He assured me that there were always cabs waiting outside. He then proceeded to take me outside to show me where they would be. There weren't any cabs outside! After waiting a few minutes a good, ole, southern boy showed up and offered to take us to the Marriott. We asked him why he chose to take us instead of the other people who had been waiting for a cab longer than us. He stated that we were the longest ride, largest fare, and he chose to take us instead of them!

After checking into the hotel and confirming that our packages had arrived for setup the next day, we decided to check out downtown. Let me state this nicely ... There is NOTHING in downtown Jackson. No conveniece stores, no service stations, no pharmacies, no clothing stores, no hotels, other than the Marriott, and no restaurants. There was one bar a few blocks down the street. We walked to the bar and watched some drunk gay girls, scantily clad in Halloween costumes, dancing in the street with each other, while holding their beers high above their heads. Not sure what that was all about. I told Shannon that Halloween is just an excuse for some people to dress up like sluts!

We got back to the hotel just after 9:00 p.m. and found that the only restaurant had closed. So we went to the lounge and shared an order of case-a-dillas!

My room was nice but I wasn't sure if it had been cleaned. I found a gum wrapper, with chewed gum inside, laying on my dresser and a tag from a dress laying on the floor. The sheets and pillowcases were all wrinkled too. I was sure that someone had been sleeping in my bed!

Just before leaving Salt Lake I decided to take a projector with me. We had ordered one through the hotel, but I just had a feeling to take our own. After setting up our equpment the next morning we found that the hotel's projector didn't work. If I hadn't of brought our own we wouldn't have had much of a show. That was truly a hand of God in prompting me to take the projector!

The demonstrators were lovely ... so kind and warm and loving. We had a great show, with wonderful demonstrators who helped at the event. We started the event on time and ended on time. We had a bunch of demos from New Orleans who offered to take us with them to dinner. We ate at a lovely restaurant, far from downtown. A place called Nicks. It was quite pricey, but very nice. Shannon and I had the cheapest things on the menu and it still came to $80. The demos wanted to order appetizers, which were around $17 each. We decided that we should pay for one of them, which we did. Wish we could have paid for everyone's meal. That would have been neat, but it's not in the department's budget.

We had a great trip home and found all well at home.

Grandma and Grandpa are doing well. Grandma had a little spill off her recliner. She was reaching for the dog and was sitting too far on the edge of the recliner and it tipped over with her. She hit her cheekbone on the ottoman. It's sure black and blue. Her arm is a little sore too. But other than that she's doing great.

Grandpa failed his eye test at the Driver's License Division. I took him to get his license renewed. I warned him that he may fail his eye test because he hasn't been wearing his new glasses. He couldn't see a thing! It was sad seeing him so disappointed. I think it's God's way of telling him that he needs to give up his license. They told him that he would have to have his eye doctor fill out a form. I'm not sure what he's decided to do. I sure hope he decides to give up driving.

I'll have to take some pictures of them and post them on my blog.

I leave for Virginia Beach, VA tomorrow morning.

Can't wait to see Nat and Abigail in a couple of weeks!

Don't forget our Thanksgiving dinner coming up soon. Check your e-mails!

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DJ and Gin Family said...

Poor Grandma, I didn't know that she fell. I hope that Grandpa does stop driving... ask him if I can have his car :).
Glad your trip went well, I'll see you on early Thanksgiving.