Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here's the little Mama and the little Papa! Lindsey and I spent all day putting away their Christmas tree and decorations and then moved the bed and stuff out of the guest bedroom. Then we moved their rocker/recliners into the guest bedroom, surround sound, TV and DVD player. They were sooo pleased with the new room.
Lindsey and I were silently laughing our heads off while rearranging the room. We wouldn't let them look to see what we were doing. (they wouldn't let us if they knew what we wanted to do.)At one point we were scooting a queen sized mattress down the front room stairs into the basement and Dad was sitting on the couch and couldn't even hear or see us! When we went to make the turn around the bend he hollered out, "Open the door and take it part way out." So, I guess he's not as deaf as we thought he was!
It's like they've acquired a whole new room to the upstairs of their house. They don't heat the basement anymore or go up and down because of the stairs. So, having this new TV room is like a new part to their house. I caught Mom telling Dad that he couldn't dump his clothes in that room anymore.
I think the reason why they quit watching DVD's is they forget how to operate the player. They have three remotes and it's hard to remember which goes with which. I walked Mom through the process, again, this evening and she could figure everything out. I told her to call me at work and I can tell her how to do it over the phone.
Have a wonderful New Year. I'm going downstairs to watch my new TV. Tomorrow, I'll take down my tree and put away the Christmas decorations. Oh horrors ... it will take all day!


DJ and Gin Family said...

What a good idea!! Now they don't have to shimmy around their recliners anymore.
Tell Grandma that next year she doesn't need to buy Grandpa anything, she can just tell him that he already opened his gifts, and show him random things around the house.
Also, she keeps her money in her bra.

Linda Lou said...

Ha ha ha ha! You're probably right on all two counts!

I never thought we'd have this Christmas with them. We've certainly been blessed to have them this long.

The Peton's said...

Wow! The room looks great. I bet they love it.

Good idea on the presents, Ginger. Mean, but practical.

Linda Lou said...

Dad loves the room but keeps asking where everyones going to sleep when they come to visit. I have to keep reminding him that they have another bedroom downstairs. And then he says, "Oh..." Mom says that he really has a hard time with change. When the TV reception goes all digital he's going to have a horrible time. He keeps watching the analog stations because he just can't remember how to use the digital box. Oh well ....!