Sorry Nat, but since I don't have small, cute children to take pictures and post on my blog, you'll have to put up with my indulgences with Dieter dog. I started crying yesterday thinking about what a blessing he's been in Mom and Dad's life. When I visit them, that's all they rave about. Dieter did this and Dieter did that. Mom has taught him how to stand on his hind legs and jump around for a treat. It's the cutest, dang thing! But he does stand on his hind legs and begs while you're eating at the dinner table. I don't like that. He'll turn out to be like Mabel's dogs and then you'll hate him.

I let the grandkids decorate my tree. As you can see there are several ornaments right next to each other. But so what, right? Everytime I look at the small snowflakes that are all bunched together on the right side of the tree I remember Ben and Ellie and how happy and serious they were about decorating Granny's tree. The Merry Christmas banner was actually a garland that I showed at the Virginia Beach seminar made with the Naturally Serif Sizzix Die. It's not supposed to be hanging on the tree but I placed it there yesterday so Dieter wouldn't chew it up.
We had such a fun time last night! We went to the dress rehearsal for the Morman Tab Christmas Concert and one of our favorite singers was the guest artist, Bryan Stokes Mitchell. We heard him perform at a concert in September. What a voice and what a marvelous stage presence!
Lynn picked me up from work and we had dinner at the Lion House Pantry. Since I had a late lunch I wasn't very hungry so had one of their famous rolls and a salad. Walking over to the conference center was beautiful. The trees were all decorated with Christmas lights and the night was quite warm. No wind ... and no snow ... which was a first! After the concert we strolled through temple square. They don't decorate all of the big trees anymore. I missed that. It didn't look as spectacular as it has in years past. We did see a beautiful sight. Looking up through the trees to the spires of the Salt Lake temple, there was a full moon. Surrounding the moon was a moon dog ... a large misty circle of light. It was beautiful. The only cameras we had were our phones. I captured a pic but you can't tell what it is. Lynn took one but I'm not sure how to get it off his phone and onto the computer. It was a beautiful sight!
This morning I'm off to the KJZZ studio to do a segment on Christmas home decor. I'm showing the glass blocks with our Stampin' Up! rub-ons, Decor Elements, and Decor Decals. I better stop and get dressed and ready for the segment.
It's our team's Christmas party this afternoon. It should be fun!


The Peton's said...

Cute Dieter dog. The kids want to meet him so bad!

Love the tree. Kate keeps playing with lots of ornaments, and when they get put back, they're all bunched up. She's broken one already.

DJ and Gin Family said...

He looks all sweet and innocent in that picture.
We let the girls decorate our tree in the family room... all of the ornaments are grouped together at 2 different heights, Tay and Ginny's. Luckily Reese has stayed completely away from the trees. She is turning in to quite the good little listener.(usually).

kristivon said...

Hi Linda! I found your blog through Shannon's blog, and just had to say hi. We went to the Motab Christmas concert too and LOVED Brian Stokes Mitchell. What a fun way to get in the Christmas spirit! I hope you're doing well. Merry Christmas!

Kristi von N :)