Monday, August 17, 2009

Who Likes to Throw-Up at Work?

So what have I been up to these last few days? LOTS!

So that wonderful retail job, that I got chosen over 1200 other applicants, called me to tell me that I would be responsible for the cash flow for the store and to also work in their customer service department ... and they wanted to pay me $7.50 an hour! Can you believe that? I was floored. I asked him to repeat the pay one more time. I told him that I can stay on un-employment and make more money than that. He seemed surprised when I told him that and asked me if I wanted the job. "Heck, no!" I replied. So, I'm back to job hunting.

One of my long-lost friends contacted me through Face Book and offered me some part-time work in her business. So today was my first day at work, outside of the home. I was excited and nervous for this new adventure. Her business is only a few miles from my home and it only takes me about 12 minutes to get to work. Score! I love that it's close. I packed some chicken that was left-over from dinner yesterday and some sliced tomatoes. Now mind you ... this is the first time I've been back to work since my surgery. I was being taught Accounts Receivables, Invoicing, typing product into the system, and was getting along quite well. She even pays us for our half hour lunch but I decided to just eat at my desk and keep working. I took one bite of chicken and I guess I ate it too fast and then followed up with gobbling a few slices of tomatoes. Will I ever learn to stop eating so fast and chew my food? I immediately got sicker than I've ever been after eating. I'm trying not to be a big baby and she's sitting there trying to teach me bookkeeping and I'm vomiting all over myself. Literally ... I threw up all over my pants, shoes, and the front of my shirt ... and not just once but many times. I'm sorry to be so graphic but I was disgusting. It's hard to explain but it's really not food that I'm up-chucking, but gobs of flem. This went on and on for about 2 hours. I just kept plenty of paper towels handy. Finally I just resorted to throwing up in the waste paper basket. Can you believe how impressive I was for my first day of work?

So ... I'm going back on Wednesday and this time I think I'll just take yogurt and cheese for lunch. That seems to be soft and should go down easier. And ... I'll take my 30 minute lunch break to really chew and savor my food! My boss felt so sorry for me and she was trying to make conversation and all I wanted to do was lay down on the floor!

I can honestly say that is the first time I've ever thrown up at work! And I'll probably go down in history as her first employee to throw up several times at work.

O.K. ... so now that I've made you all SICK, let's move on to another topic. It's exciting trying on clothes that have been too tight in the past to wear and are now quite baggy. I wore a dress and jacket to church yesterday that have never fit me as nice as they do now. It's an exciting feeling. I have a closet downstairs with smaller clothes and it's been fun pulling from that inventory and having them fit!

My good friend who just had the surgery has lost 50 pounds in three weeks. It's amazing and she's looking soooo good. We were at a support meeting last week and had fun visiting and talking about the foods that we can eat now on our diet. There was a gal who had her surgery the same day as my friend and she actually gained weight to qualify for the surgery. She then proceeded to tell me that she was going to try carbs and anything she wanted to eat to see how her system would react. I was amazed that someone who wanted the surgery so bad wasn't willing to follow the diet. She'll probably lose but if she continues being consumed with food and not following the plan, she'll never keep the weight off!

Got to go visit the folks. Have a great evening!


frombootstostamps said...

Oh, that's awful that you were so sick at work!! I'm so sorry that you were that miserable!

As for the gal that had to gain weight, I've never heard of that, but it makes sense. Some people are probably not too far from the minimum weight required, and I guess why not? It's not like they won't weigh that initial weight soon after having the surgery, so it kind of makes me wonder why they wouldn't just let the gal have it to start with? Any knowledge on that part of the process to share with us? I'd be curious to know. Sometimes I wish I were just big enough to get it, but I'm not that close, and it's just so hard to lose the 50 or so lbs I need to lose. That doesn't sound like a ton of weight, but I'm only 5'1", so it's as if I put on another half of me in the last 5-6 years. Lovely. I could do without that extra half of me ;)


Lindsey said...

So funny and so gross at the same time!

Kari Lyn said...

My sister-in-law had the surgery. She didn't follow the diet, got into bad habits, didn't want to do the exercise, etc. She is bigger than ever now. Talk that lady into re-thinking her ways! After going through the surgery physically and mentally, not to mention paying for it, I can't imagine not doing all you can to stick to the plan!

Good luck to you. Your positive attitude makes such a difference in how you go about things (as compared to my SIL!).

Felicia Archie said...

Oh man! Talk about a rotten 1st day of work! But it did make me chuckle. Hope the rest of the week goes better for you!

Shelly in the NW said...

bummer on your first matter what now, it should be better!:) That was so nice of your friend to be so understanding!

so...i seem to remember you saying that your new insurance covered your surgery, so i'm wondering if it will cover any 'cosmetic' surgery afterwards? The person that lost 50 lbs in 3 weeks will surely have a lot of excess skin to does that happen?

bcyhand said...

oh my, I so hope your better now! Glad you have found something close that you think you will like. Blessings to you and yours...

Oh I never got to see the Temple or anything else you suggested, but next year It's already a must...I'll come an extra day early to just sight see and maybe the construction will be done....

Deb M

Mel Hopes said...

Linda, that is the worst. And even after 6 years I still don't know when something will make me feel sick. Just a couple of weeks ago while driving to the airport to pick up a friend for convention I was thowing up all the way in and my poor friend that had flown in the day before was so understanding. I still can't really throw up however. Just the nasty phlemy stuff.
I hope that your friend rethinks things. It would be sad for her to gain back all her weight. I have gained back about 1/2 and it is so hard to get it back off. I have a goal to lose 30 lbs. by Christmas. How cool would that be?

Keep up the great work you look fabulous.

Terry Molineux said...

Wow...I cannot believe the first job offer was for minimum wage. See how they take advantage of us seasoned employees! That is so why I have been out of work sooooooo LONG!!!

Congrats on the job with the friend but I am oh so sorry you had to deal with the illness while
working. That is so hard to try and make a good impression when you are ill! Why did you just go home?

Hope tomorrow will be a better day for you!

Love your stories Linda..

Stampingly yours,

Charlene said...

Maybe you're pregnant? :)

DonnaJ9 said...

Oh, Linda!

I'm glad you were with an old friend if something that awful had to happen on your first day of work. She was probably understanding, and I'll bet you found a way to make it funny while it was happening.

You can come barf in my trash can any day! And hey, I'm liking Charlene's pregnant suggestion. I'll alert the media!

Love ya!

juels said...

Hey I am excited to hear about your new job!! What are you doing? I am sorry about the throwing up bit--my daughter & good friend had the surgery & both had that going on for a while. I think you look fabulous~~although you always have!!! Love ya!!

Phyllis said...

Oh gosh Linda. I just read your post and can imagine how yucky it was, but your sense of humor and how you write about it, I was sitting here laughing ... and my hubby asked me what I was reading!!! Congrats on the new job (that other one -- they gotta be kidding!)

mcnette said...

Wow--a well written post about vomitting your first day on a new job. Any way you go about major weight loss is a difficult journey. But you are succeeding. The weight loss feels good too! You will make it this time. I am going through it too but without surgery. So far almost 33 pounds lost since May. For some reason this quote stuck with me..."Most of our obstacles would melt away if, instead of cowering before them, we should make up our minds to walk boldly through them."Orison Swett Marden

Love your blog.

Maureen said...

I am so sorry you were sick at work...and I can't believe how great a writer you are - because that WAS funny and sick at the same time! Best of luck on the slowing down...that is my problem...I just inhale so I can get on to something else...maybe multitasking wasn't such a great idea after all...LOL
Best of luck to you and look forward to more of your life journey that you allow us to share.

Jaron said...

Sweet Linda, it is NOT the first time you threw up at work. Do you not recall all of those times that we faked throwing up at work just to gross everyone out? What was wrong with us! Oh those were the times I say! Those were the times :)