Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Aaah ... good times! What am I going to do with all of these?

And, what about all my pins?

Before ... sorting through a pile of shoes. What you don't see is the other two piles that were in the bathroom!

High-heeled dress shoes have now been replaced by my ugly crocs! My first choice of footwear for running about town! Don't worry, I have a purple pair too. I was wearin' them! I do have to confess, there's more shoes that you can't see in the pic.

Aaahhhh ... my sweet, little closet. How did I stuff all those skinny clothes in here too? I can't tell you how much time I've saved, just today, looking for the 'other shoe', and trying to find something to wear. I found things in this closet I didn't know I had!

I'll post pics of the delicious Tortilla Soup tomorrow along with pics!


stevens family said...

Your closet sounds a lot like mine does! I have shoes from Japan, China, Hollywood etc.... You get the point. My hubby has a hard time understanding why I have shoes that I never wear anymore. nonetheless he puts up with it because he loves me!
So here is to all the men that put up with un-closable closet doors much longer than they should!

Leonie Schroder said...

Linda ... wow what an awesome collection of pins (and shoes!)!! Now I'm sure you have many many fond memories that go with those pins so it might be time to sit down and do some scrapping or have a wall hanging and stick the pins into canvas or padded linen or similar. They are too precious to discard ... still waiting on that news you said you'd share ;)
How tidy is that closet now??

Up All Night Stamper said...

DON'T get rid of your pins, badges and SU! clothing yet!

Your experience at SU! *ended* badly, or sadly, or however you want to describe it to yourself, but as you go forward and possibly discover more of God's grand plan for you, you will remember more of the good times you had while working there and the way it ended will become less painful to you.

It doesn't sound plausible right now but everyone who has met you knows that you are, by nature, an optimistic and sunny person and I a sure that eventually your experience at SU! won't be defined by how it ended, as rotten as that feels right now.

Ok, I am babbling because I haven't finished my coffee. But hang on to your SU! stuff because you may begin to look at them more as a tangible accumulation of your successes there and less as pointy little psyche stabbers!

Stampin' With Angie said...

My ideas for your pins & badges...

Pins: Get a large enough fram (shadow box?) to hold all the pins, then choose a favorite picture of one of the Conventions you were at. Put the picture in the center and stick the pins in the mat around the picture.

Badges: Get them into a scrapbook with the pictures you have for each event. Start the "chapter" off with the badge and add your comments and pictures. After you've completed the "Event" album, you'll have wonderful memories filling your mind and your smile will bring happiness to those that see it (as always).

As far as your closet goes...GREAT JOB! I definitely understand how easy it is to out-grow the closet! I took SEVEN bags of clothes and TWO bags of shoes to our local Good Will last fall....and my floor is still lined with shoes! ;o)

Looking forward to hearing that good news! :o)

Kelly A. Swienton said...

Ah, perhaps one of my favorite memories of you Linda in Atlantic City showing up at the shoe store as we were leaving -- I thought to myself, "now that's my kind of Stampin' Up! girl, shopping for shoes with fellow SU buddies!" I'll bet there's a pair there in these photos that were purchased in Atlantic City, that was a great store! ;o)

Susan said...

Hi Linda, so are you going to give up your parties and demoing?? Not going totally cold turkey, are you?? You can still be such an inspiration, even off stage! Makes us feel like you are still there and we love it!! I am not sure I could ever part with my pins!!!