Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes!

This is my 'other' Reese. I have a son named Reese and my daughter loved the name so much she named her youngest daughter Reese, as well as naming her second daughter, Ginger Reese. It gets a little confusing at times. Reese is a family name. It was my husband's mother's maiden name and he shares the same middle name.

If any of you know me well enough, you know that I'm not a caffeine drinker, and that includes caffeinated sodas. I've taught my children well, but apparantly not to all of my grandchildren. :)

At church Sunday, Reese saw the deacons passing around the sacrament water, and yelled out, "Coke Please!"

Speaking of deacons passing the sacrament in church. You know how they line up in the back after passing the sacrament to all of the members? Well, the bishop's little daughter stood up on the bench and hollered out, "Ready, set, go!"

I think one of the funniest times I witnessed during sacrament service was in the mission field. It was very quiet and reverent and a little guy sitting in front of us had a cap gun, which his mother didn't know. Right during the service he pulled the trigger back and there was a loud explosion with a blue puff of smoke circling their heads. I thought the mother was going to strangle him. Of course we were trying to stifle our laughter by stuffing our fists in our mouths!

Bitter sweet little note came in the mail the other day from my sweet Katie who lives in Oregon. She's six. She was anxiously awaiting my arrival in Seattle for the Regional Seminar, which I didn't go to because of the lay-off. They were going to room with me at the hotel. They decided to go to Seattle anyway for the weekend. Upon her arrival at the hotel she got out the paper and pen and wrote me this note. If you look closely at the spelling she writes, "I am sorry you got fired." Isn't that the cutest message? I think I told you that my Logan (9 yrs.) told me he was sorry that I lost my job but that's o.k. because there's lots of jobs out there and I could always work at 7/11!

Ginny is the one in the front, in pink, on the right.

Here is Ginny's dinner prayer the other night...
(keep in mind it's DINNER prayer)
Dear Heavenly Father, we thank thee for this food.
Please help us grow healthy and strong.
Bless Brayden and BrieAnn that they will be safe (aunt and uncle missionaries).
Bless Daddy that he will be safe at work.
Bless Tay that she will be safe at school tomorrow, and me too.
Please bless all of the animals in the whole world.
Bless us that we won't get the swine flu.
Bless all of the people in the world who don't have swine flu, that they won't get it.
Please bless everyone that has the swine flu, that they will get better.
And we say these things.....
Well, that's about all for today. It's been a good day. Not much done, but I feel great!


Mel Hopes said...

Linda, You just gotta love those cute little bugs! I can't wait till I get some grand kids of my own. they just make the world a better place!

hugs today!

Jaron said...

Miss Linda, when was the last time you made me homemade cinnamon rolls...... that's right ... you probably can't remember either. Better get right on that one Betty!! I misss you terrible. We must get together soon and share all the latest "Gos" in our lives. My day consists of running carpools now! I feel like mrs Doubtfire. Don't worry... I will call tomorrw to remind you about my cinnamon rolls!!!!!

DJ and Gin Family said...

How did we get such funny kids? They are all so entertaining. I think that they must have got it from their Granny. :)

Kelly Taylor said...

haha...this was a great post...made me laugh! I love the "coke, please" comment when the deacons passed the sacrament! Mine have never done that...yet! I still have a 4 year old that says whatever comes to mind...hopefully he knows by now, it's only water! Thanks for sharing those funny sacrament and dinner prayer stories!

Terri Mongeon said...

Oh Linda, I love reading about what the little ones say. It is a riot. Good thing you are writing all this down. Thanks for sharing. And what is this about Cinnamon buns? If this keeps up you are going to be doing nothing but posting recipes on your blog! :)
Hope you are doing well. I think of you every day my dear!
Hugs to you!