Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Pounds are Falling Off!

This is crazy! I've never witnessed pounds falling off my body the way it's working now. Each morning when I step on the scales I've dropped more weight. I know ... weight experts say that you should only weigh once a week ... balogna! I weigh myself several times a day. Sometimes I weigh myself in the nude, other times in my underwear, sometimes with jeans, and sometimes after taking a big drink of water, just to see what the scale says. When I step on the scales and see a drop in weight each morning I have to step off and back on because I think there must be something wrong with my scales!

When I attended Weight Watchers I knew all the tricks prior to weighing in. Go in the morning to your meeting, wear the same outfit each week, don't wear any jewelry (it adds weight), don't eat or drink before weighing, and go to the bathroom! Oh this works too .... inhale really big before you step on the scales and then exhale, pushing all the air out of your lungs before stepping on the scales. Try it ... you may be able to eak out a few ounces. I remember Jaron and I doing that at work because we needed to lose a few more ounces of weight for a work contest. :)

I remember weighing at home and hanging onto the towel rack while stepping on the scales, one foot at a time, and watching the numbers on the scale, 120 ... wow that's great ... 160 ... not too bad ... then the needle kept creeping up, finally going over the 200 mark and finally settling in around 230. Yikers! Certainly there must be something wrong with my scales. I don't weigh that much. But the truth is ... I did.

Aren't we strange creatures when it comes to the scales? I took my little mother to the doctor when she was first diagnosed with lung cancer. Here she was just a little over 100 pounds and she insisted on removing her shoes and sweater before stepping on the scales!

The ONLY time I've EVER NOT minded stepping on the scales is when I went for consultation for my weight surgery! I didn't mind being weighed in my jeans and with my shoes on. Mind you ... the more you weigh for your height, the easier it is to get qualified for the surgery. And the last time I stepped on the scales, a week ago, I eagerly anticipated the results. As I stepped up on the platform I thought, "This is the first day of a wonderful change that is going to happen in this body!"

So ... I'm happy to report that my weight this morning ... in my underwear ... is 236! Down 14 pounds in one week! Is that amazing or what? I still can't believe it. Hope nothing is wrong with my scales and I've been sadly mislead.

So how do I feel? Most of the soreness is gone from my stomach and I even slept on my tummy last night. Best nights rest I've had in a long time! I still get really weak when I'm doing things and have to go lie down for a few minutes. I think it's my body trying to adjust to the few amount of calories that I'm consuming. And some of it may still be to just having surgery a week ago.

What am I going to do today? Apply for some more jobs, paint the trim on my french door, and work on my Relief Society lesson for Sunday.

Happy Wednesday!


Diana Gibbs said...

Hi Linda,

Congratulations! That is awesome, all those pounds that are falling off, just sweep em up and toss them away.
I can hardly wait to see you!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

oh my Linda, I am so happy for you, how exhilerating! The scale is now your FRIEND!!!!! I had a hysteretomy a few years back and the meds made me loose a pound a day! But, also made me have a migraine a day so I gave them up, but oh was that nice. I can diet now for a week and gain 2 lbs. LOL!
I AM THRILLED BEYONG THRILLED FOR YOU! Enjoy each milestone with gusto girlie!!!!

stampinallison said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Don't forget to blow your nose, clean out your ears and spit before stepping on the scales! Best wishes!

Allison Barber

Lindsey said...

I lost 3 pounds since Monday; but you and I both know that it is for an entirely different matter and that I shouldn't be, huh? Congrats, Mom! We sure are proud of you and love you!

Barbara Welch said...

This is awesome news Linda. I am so happy for you. Take it easy and try not to over do it.

Phyllis said...

Woo Hoo Linda. Keep up the good work .. but be careful .. don't over do it (hum, don't you feel like you have all these little "mothers" around you to take care of you ...he he)!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!!

carolm said...

congrats linda!!!

don't overdue it. if you're tired your body is telling you something.

can't wait to see the next picture.

cheers ~ xoxo

Connie said...

Way to go my friend (no pun inteneded!) I am so proud of you . . . I better get going to be able to catch up with your weight loss :)
Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

How FABULOUS Linda!!!! I have done WW many times, and I have NEVER heard about exhaling. I wouldn't have thought that the air weighed anything. Now you know I'll be breathing out as long and hard as I can ;) Hopefully I won't pass out - he he he. Anyway, congratulations on the success so far and here's to much, much more!!!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you on your weight journey and also on your job search....God Bless!


Leslie said...

That is just awesome. I am really happy for you.

Funny thing, I got the 2nd WW meeting int he moring so I can pee more than once. LOL Ah yes, all the tricks!

Hopefully I will get insurance angain soon and get back on the surgery track. Looking foreward to your progress so I can have more to look foreward to.