Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big Announcement!

It's a beautiful morning in Utah with the sun shining and the smell of fall in the air. This is my favorite season. I love the changing and color of the leaves and the grass appears even greener after the shocking hot summer heat. Even my petunias are pulling out of the drought and perking up.

I visited a neighbor last night who had the most beautiful flowers in huge pots scattered throughout her yard. I wondered how in the world she had kept the flowers so beautiful through the hot summer. I got up close and touched them and found out they were silk! I think I may invest in fake flowers next year.

Wow ... this new job is hard! I wondered why I was so exhausted each night and would literally fall into bed. Then I realized that this is manual labor and I'm on my feet most of the day. But I'm so at peace with my decision to take care of Mom and Dad. It's very rewarding especially when you see both of them perk up a little more because they know someone is taking care of them. The only down side is, after cleaning their home I don't feel like cleaning mine! But I've been more organized and able to do both this past week.

I talked Mom into taking morphine in the morning and she seems to be doing much better. She's afraid that the more morphine she takes, the more she will need. I kept telling her, "So what? I'd rather see you sleepy and not in pain than struggling for air each time you try to take a breath!" She's finally realized that she does feel better by taking the morphine. She can't eat much because her esophagus is restricted, so I make her smoothies with Ensure and lots of ice cream to help beef up her calories.

So, what's the big announcement? You'll need to check back each day on my blog. I'll be making an announcement and there will be a give-a-way attached to the news.

I'm getting ready for my trip to Mesa this weekend. I'll be the main speaker at Diana Gibb's September to Remember event. I can't wait. Diana is such an incredible stamper and I've looked at her website for years for motivation.

I finally hit the 60 pound weight loss mark! I've got to go find some more jeans that fit. Each time I look in the mirror the weight seems to just fall off my body. It's great but almost frightening because I've never experienced something like this. The diet is boring! BOOOOO! But the weight loss is well worth the boring diet.

Got to run ... got to get some projects done for Mesa.

Love Yah!


frombootstostamps said...

Glad your mom is getting some relief and that's too funny that your neighbors flowers are fake!! They must be nice ones if they look real. Can't wait to hear your news. I'm guessing you have a job???? :)


Jaron said...

Are you trying to aggravate me Linda Lou??? :) How dare you put the wait on me. Ugh! Remember that time at a regional that I put the surprise in your candy box... "oh mama" and you purred on stage and said meow. tee hee I just let out a huge belly laugh at work thinking about it.

bcyhand said...

Wow, 60 lbs!! how cool, I'm down only .4 but it's a start....
Glad your able to care for your folks....curious about the big news......
Love to you and yours!


Kristin Markus said...

Linda -
You are a tease! No fair! Have a great time in AZ and see you in Toronto in 1 1/2 weeks!

Tina Sieben, Stampin' Up Demonstrator said...

Hi Linda,
so glad your mom has decided to take the morphine. My grandmother was the same way until she realized it just made breathing that much easier. God bless you for taking care of them. It is the hardest job in the world, but also the most rewarding. The time I got to spend with my grandparents before they died was the most precious gift... they died 9 days apart... grandpa died on grandma's birthday, and grandma passed on Christmas... her favorite holiday....

Congrats on the weight loss! It is amazing how fast the changes happen! I'm only 2 weeks out today, but already can't believe the difference. I lost 50lbs before the surgery, but for some reason the 18lbs in the past 2 weeks is what really is noticeable. Maybe because the loss was so fast...

anyway, hang in there, and have fun in Mesa! I have family there, wish I was going!

Sylvia said...

Glad things are going well with your parents. I can't wait to hear the're killing us with the wait though.

Rhonda Morgan said...

Hi Linda!
I can't wait to see you Saturday! I am Diana's upline and cohost -- we are really looking forward to seeing you, your energy and just a great day!
Travel Safe! And congrats on the weight loss and your decision to be there for your parents, a tough job.

Rhonda Morgan

carolm said...

you are an amazing woman!


Leonie Schroder said...

Linda so glad to hear your mum is feeling much better. Sometimes we just have to have meds to help us through the day whether they be for diabetes, depression or whatever! Looking forward to hearing your big news and I have to tell you that I am so proud of you for your weightloss - maybe i need to send you some of mine? so you can lose it too? haha Enjoy your weekend with Diana - she's one of my favourite motivators too!

big Aussie hugs to you!

Kristine said...

Ok--the suspense is starting to get to me! You said you would have a big announcement, and yet, here we are, almost a week later, and...nothing.
I'm sure you have nothing better to do...(hmmm...trip to AZ, caretaker to mom and dad, oh, and just in case you weren't busy enough, RSP too.)...but just know that I'll be checking back every day until you've posted your big announcement!

Catherine said...

Linda what is the deal!! You look so good. You look to skinny!! Sounds like you had a great great time. I am so happy for you.