Quick Post

Dieter and Molly watching the cat!

Carol, my sister who lives in Salem, Oregon.

Kate and Molly.

Natalie and Abbigail.

Kate and Molly.

Oh, I have so much to share and only a few minutes to post before I get myself to the Highland Care Center to see one of my favorite people.

All I can say is .... I can't believe this is happening to us ... again .... unemployment! This time it's my hubbie. The head honchos from the corporate office came into town and closed the Salt Lake branch down of his office. That meant EVERYONE there were laid off. Bummer! I was 59 years old going through my first layoff and Lynn is 59 going through another layoff. This isn't new to us in his business. He's a structural designer but he's always been able to find employment quickly after a down-sizing. It's been over 3 weeks and he still hasn't had any luck. So, if any of you know of a company that is hiring ... please advise. We'd even be willing to relocate if need be.

Unfortunately unemployment and my wages won't pay the mortgage. But I have faith that we will be fine. I have a calm assurance that the Lord has something in store for us and we will be blessed. I've used these last few weeks to really focus on what matters most ... visiting family members and taking care of the sick and needy in our Ward. It's been a great three weeks.

We took the opportunity of the layoff to go to Oregon for a few days to visit my daughter and her family. What a wonderful time. I'll quickly post some cute pictures of Molly, their dog and Dieter together. Dieter was in 7th heaven having a playmate.

I'm still working on my invention, so I can't wait to announce the unveiling.

Off to the Care Center. Have a fab day! --- Linda Lou