HMMMM ... I'm Thinking of a BIG Event!

My mind has been racing a mile a minute and I've been up since 3:00 a.m. this morning, thinking about something really BIG I want to do and sewing on a Christmas present. Can't tell you what the sewing project is because she reads my blog, but it's sooo stinkin' cute! O.K. ... the pattern says that it's a See and Sew and the tagline says that it's VERY easy to make. Oh Contreras! Now, I pride myself on my sewing abilities and I've made 6 wedding dresses, but this simple See and Sew ain't that simple. I sewed for a few hours on it last night and then again this morning for another 3 hours and it's still not done. At one point, last night, I thought I was losing it. Honestly, I couldn't figure out what the heck the pattern was describing and the pictures didn't help either. So BOOOO on the See and Sew patterns. Thankfully it's working out and looks even more darling than the picture on the envelope of the pattern.

Let me quickly post a couple of my freshly painted bathroom pictures. Don't you just love that pop of orange? It's stunning. And yes, these are the same colors I had for my wedding. In fact it's going to be our 38th wedding anniversary on Sunday. Love you Lynnie!

My Daddy will be 93 on the first of December. He spent a week with us a while back. He's such a sweetheart and I sure miss not having him next door. My sis sure takes great care of him in Montana and he really loves it there. He's always been a country boy.

So besides painting and doing some home improvements, I got rail-roaded into being in a Young Women in Excellence production at the church Tuesday evening. The program depicted eight women from the scriptures who had great faith. I depicted the wife of King Lamoni. Each of had a part to say/act. I was really into my part, the Thespian that I am, and it was very spiritual in the room and I noticed a 12 year old girl elbow her mother and her mother looked at me just as I felt my robe beginning to slip under my breast bone. Now mind you, I was fully clothed under the robes, but did what an actress should NEVER do. I broke character and hitched the robe up around my neck. Of course there were giggles from the audience and I lost my train of thought for a few minutes and the spirit sort of left the room. Shame, shame on me! But all in all it was a beautiful program. Queen Lamoni was a Lamanite, but I look more like an African because I'm wearing the official king robe that Gary brought back from his trip a few weeks ago. But see if you can figure out which one is Mary Magdalene, Queen Lamoni, Sariah, Ester, Eliza Snow, Eve, Ruth, and Mary Fielding Smith.

Now on to the BIG idea. I've been thinking for the past couple of weeks how I can help the people in Ghana, Africa. If you've been watching the Amazing Race, they were in Ghana a few weeks ago. It's a very poor country and the non-profit organization that I work for, World Joy has made great strides in the country, specifically in the Atiwa District in 13 villages. Gary, my boss just went over to assess the schools and waterwells that we have built and to see if they are being well taken care of, and to also see what more needs to be done. He described to me, with tears in his eyes, that he thought we had done a lot of good over there, but there is SOOO MUCH MORE that needs to be done. The government just can't do it, or won't. There is a little, forgotten village on the other side of the River Birim and there are no roads leading to it. It is about 8 miles from Abomosu and has about 800 people with 182 being children. Everyone in this village is a peasant farner who uses rudimentary tools such as hoes, machetes, and axes. A couple of years ago, World Joy built a school in this village. All materials were hand-carried to the site.

This is Gary and the Abus on their trek to the village. It was an extremely hot, and humid day and there were heavy rains which caused a slow pace to the village.

Gary described the view amazing, almost ethereal as they came through the trees and witnessed a green grassy knoll with beautiful clouds in the sky and children dressed in white playing and running and squealing as they came to greet the party.

This is our World Joy school. It is being well taken care of. The major problem that they still have is no fresh drinking water. Their water supply is whatever they can find from the rains. The water is polluted and there is a lot of sickness and disease and death from the water. So, what's my BIG IDEA????

I want to champion a project for a water well in the Village of Abrenya. I can do this for only $10,000. I need your support and this is how WE can make it happen. Many of you have asked if I am having another Evening to Remember in July during Convention. Here's my thought. If I have a dinner at the same location as last year for 200 people, and charge $100 each, WE can get the water well for Abrenya. $40 of your registration fee will go towards your dinner, servers, and gratuity, $10 will go towards door prizes and raffle/auction items, and $50 will go entirely to the water project. And, it can be tax deductible. What about stamping? We can, if we do a shoebox swap per table. I know that's asking a lot from you, after spending all your hard earned money on convention and then another $100 for this event, and asking you to provide a shoe box for 9 people at your table. But if you think this is something that WE can do, I'll do it!

Here's the precious children saying goodbye. A few of the children followed the party all the way to the river before saying goodbye. There are 4 teachers that live on-site at the school. Three of the teachers aren't even receiving wages from the government, but they have a place to live and the villagers provide them food. Sad, isn't it? We need to provide an additional room onto the school so the one female teacher doesn't have to live with the male teachers. (Maybe she likes it???)

So, do you think I'm crazy, or do you think we can champion the project? Please spread the word and send my link so people can read about the project and get involved. Last year my event filled up in less than two days. If I get enough readers who comment on my blog and say they would like to help, I'll start with the arrangements for the event.

Now for the fun part! When our project is funded and ready for dedication, I want to go over and video tape the project and show it at our event. I also would like to take 6 of you with me. You'd have to pay your own airfare over, but I would provide transportation and accommodations while in the village of Abomosu. We'd fly into the city of Accra. We'd meet at JFK airport in NYC and have a direct flight to Accra. I promise, this will be a life changing opportunity for you. Even if you can't go to witness the event, just by coming to the dinner and helping fund the project will help you Feel and Be the Joy!

Meda Wo Ase (Thank You) for being my wonderful friends. I love and miss you ALL! -- Linda


Oh Boooo .... winter is coming. I don't enjoy the cold weather. I need to move to Florida where it's nice and warm. It's supposed to snow today and I've been 'bummed' out about that. I've soooo enjoyed this summer. I think part of the reason I've loved this summer is because the heat never bothered me. I enjoyed being out in the sun, loved yard work, and even enjoyed just sitting and soaking up some rays. In the past, with all of my extra padding, the heat was unbearable for me. And now I'm going to have to deal with wearing long johns, padded coats, boots, gloves, and a hat. And if you've ever seen me in a hat, it's not a pretty sight! Oh well ... that's what I get for living in Utah, right?

Here's some terrific news! My hubby has been on contract work with his new job and was anxiously waiting to be hired with benefits. He was given a job offer last Friday with a large increase in pay, three annual bonuses, and all health benefits paid for by the company. And that includes the family too! What a terrific company! I'm soooo impressed. The paid health benefits is like getting a raise.

We've lived in our home for over 10 years and my master bath was in desperate need of paint. We have 12' ceilings in the bathroom and I spent the weekend painting it. It was a lot of work but turned out beautiful. I'll take some pictures and post. The color is soft suede ... seriously, that's the name on the paint can, but when it's on the walls it has a greenish cast to it. I'm using accent rugs and etc. in burnt oranges and golds. It's lovely! I have two ledges in the bathroom that I had to climb on. I'm a little nervous of heights, but I did it. You would have been so proud of me. All I have to do is paint the base boards and I'll be done. It's a great feeling to have that off my check list of things to do.

Well, my lunch is up so I must get back to work. Have a lovely week!