Get Ready ... Get Set ... Go!

Before I break the BIG news ... let me tell you a quick story. Almost two years ago, I took my last trip with Stampin' Up! to London, Ontario, Canada. On the way home we had a layover in Detroit, Michigan. I had my really expensive handbag on the chair next to me. It was a later flight in the evening and the only people down by our gate were the ones waiting to board our plane. My traveling companion sat down next to me and her skirt was covering my purse so I didn't see it when I stood up to board the plane. As soon as I got seated on the plane I realized that my purse was missing. The pilot had me come up to the front of the cockpit while he radioed for help to find my purse. But alas my purse was gone. It was the worst trip home ... because everything was in my purse, from SS card to passport, check book, debit card, camera, glasses ... you name it, it was in there! It's the most horrible feeling knowing that someone is pilfering through your personal items and knows a lot about you.

Just before Christmas I got a notice in the mail saying that some loose items had been found at the post office and there was postage due of $1.90 for the items. I kept ignoring the attempt to deliver because I didn't know of anyone sending me a package. I finally stopped at the PO and the desk clerk retrieved the envelope with my name on it and told me to open the package and I could refuse it if needed. I opened the envelope and the message inside was from the post office in Detroit telling me that some loose items had been found at their office. Out plopped my Stampin' Up! passport holder and inside was my credit cards, DL, and passport. I was floored. This has been almost two years! My temple recommend and SS card is still missing, which concerns me and of course my camera, glasses and nice handbag .... BOOOOO! Just wish I knew the story behind the stolen purse. Wouldn't that be interesting? Anyway, someone was either feeling guilty or simply found my items dumped somewhere. Thank you whoever you are!

O.K... so I just participated in my FIRST EVER 5K Frigid Race in Provo, Utah. What an amazing experience! I'm not a runner and don't profess to be one. I've only been training for the Salt Lake Half Marathon for less than three weeks, but my daughter-in-law talked me into running with her. Although the air was 'gunky' and it was cold .... duh .... wonder why it's called the Frigid 5K?... it was a wonderful experience. There were only about 35 in the race and they were mostly young college kids. That was to my advantage because I received an award for the oldest female and I had the best time in my division ... 43:47 for 3.2 miles. Not too shabby for an ole slow-poke. I walked fairly fast and shuffled a few times. There was a lady with a dog behind me and a young, heavy-set girl behind her. I was bound and determined that they weren't going to beat me. Every time I heard the woman running behind me, I picked up the pace. I beat em' both! I think I'll enter the Chinese New Year 5K race in February. Come join me!

Now for the BIG NEWS .... YES ... I'm going to have another Evening to Remember in Salt Lake City, Utah on July 15, 2011 at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. I was debating the other day about having the event because it's so much work and after hearing about the forgotten Village of Abrenya, the thought hit me like a bolt of lightening ... why not hold the event, charge $50 more than last year and donate all of the proceeds for the building of the well. I contacted the villagers and they are so excited to think that this may become a reality. And by paying your money directly to World Joy, this will be a tax write off for you because we're a 501 (c)3 non-profit foundation.

I'm taking reservations now, and payment, because all of the profits will be donated to World Joy to build a well in the Village of Abrenya, Ghana, Africa. (I need $10,000) They need to build the well during the dry months which is January-March, hence that's the reason for taking payment now.

The cost for the event will be $100, which will include a delicious buffet dinner, gorgeous ambiance and view of the city, entertainment, and some stamping projects. Call me quickly at 801-294-5581, World Joy from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday to reserve your spot. I can accept credit cards over the phone or you can e-mail me your information at Or you can send a check to World Joy, 420 W. 1500 S., Ste. 101, Bountiful, Utah 84010. Remember, last year's event sold out in less than a day!

Now for another BIG ANNOUNCEMENT .... Our famous, one and only, Dawn Rapsas from the state of New Jersey has offered to donate ALL of the stamping supplies for the projects that will be made at the event! Dawn is one of the most generous, kind, happy, creative, business oriented, exciting, and motivational people I have ever known. In 2008-2009, Dawn earned the status of #32 Demonstrator of the Year. In 2009-2010 she was #1 Demo of the Year. And for 2010-2011 she earned the title of #3 Demo of the Year! Last year she was the Winner of the Workshop of a Lifetime Recruiting Challenge. She is also the creator and CEO of UStamp with Dawn. For a small fee you will have access to some of the greatest stampers in the world, showing you projects through pictures, detailed instructions, and video. Thousands of crafters have received ideas for their personal projects as well as their business ideas.

Our stamping projects for the evening will be phenomenal, thanks to our own Dawn. We love you, Dawn!

Due to the payment of the drilling of the well, in advance of our Evening to Remember, there can be no refunds. But, if for some reason you are not able to make the event, you are welcome to sell/give your seat to another attendee.

World Joy