The funniest part of the evening was when Ben did his 'poo' walk. Poor little devil ... pooed his pants and was crying. I guess his face and walk were quite comical! (I didn't get to see him, but heard about it.)
We had sooo much fun last night at the family Halloween party. These pics were taken before Angie's family arrived. Everyone seemed to have such a good time.

Camie and Ryan had decorated their house so darling and with the addition of their new finished basement there was plenty of room for everyone. The kids seemed to have a wonderful time!

I truly looked forward to being together with the family. Everyone was in such a good mood and we decided that we would have to make the party a tradition at Ryan and Camie's.

The kids took great care of Dieter and tired him out by playing with him. He slept well last night.

Leaving for Jackson, Mississippi tomororrow. I'm excited to go back to my mission field. Just Shannon and I will be teaching at half-day regional seminar. We'll be back on Sunday.

Dieter Amandus Mueller --- our 8th child!

My little La La is becoming quite the photographer. Check out my darling Angie, Boyd, boys and Sarge. Isn't this a beautiful family!

Shannon, Jaron, and I had a great dinner at a steak place in the Edmonton mall. We took a very expensive cab ride to and from the mall. It was around $30 round trip and the mall was only 12 miles RT.

A pirate ship and bumper cars INSIDE the mall.

Can you believe it ... this is a water park INSIDE the Edmonton mall! There were hundreds of people in the wave pool.

This was the weirdest hotel that we stayed in while in Edmonton. Jaron, Shannon, and I had rooms next door to each other. We had no outside windows ... only a sliding glass door that looked out onto this strange pagoda thingy. All was well until Saturday night when a wedding party used the pagoda until midnight. Loud music and people partying til after midnight. Not a good room for resting.

Shannon, a co-worker of mine and me, taken in the largest mall in North America, in Edmonton, Canada.
Hmmm ... I'm thinking .... about all of the things that I'm grateful for.

I'll start out with yesterday, Sunday.

I'm grateful that I still have my parents living next door to me. I'm grateful for the love and service they've given us over the years, and still continue to serve us.

I'm grateful that Ginger found Dieter for us. Little did I know what a difference he would make in my parent's lives. They live each day for him. He needs them during the day. Grandpa can't wait to get up each morning to go get the dog for his potty break and to bring him over to the house to play with Mom. When I picked him out of the litter and held him in my arms I knew that I wanted him, but had no idea how we would take care of him. I couldn't believe that we decided to buy him. While driving home with him, I kept thinking, "How are you going to take care of this dog in the day time?" Now I know why we were supposed to buy him. Mom and Dad needed him! I remember a few months ago Mom saying that she wished we could have a dog. Well, her wish has come true. They take him out between 3-4 times a day. When I get home from work I take him over in the evenings to visit. He's very well behaved at their home.

Well ... Dad wants to renew his Drivers License. I don't want him to. But he insists that he needs to go get it renewed. (Gosh, he's almost 91 years.) I took him to get new glasses. (The Dr. tried to talk him out of getting his license renewed.) He needed bifocals, but after getting them, he decided he didn't want them. So he and Mom drove back to Sears to get regular lenses put in his frames ... for distance. And he still doesn't wear them. I told him last night that if he didn't start wearing his glasses, he wouldn't be able to pass his eye test. But he doesn't listen! Perhaps it's because he can't hear??

I'm grateful for my children. I love them sooo much. They have all turned into such wonderful adults. I can't wait for the Halloween party on Wednesday. We'll have fun!

Say family ... let's plan a vacation for the future. Where should we go?