Saturday, November 22, 2008

What a great day! Got to sleep in late, til 8:00 a.m. Got up, showered, dressed, then met the RS Presidency and one of my Compassionate Service leaders at the church. We've been collecting baby stuff for a little gal in the ward who is going to have a baby. She's a single sister, never married, no mother, and has lived with her grandfather for 21 years. I used to teach her in Primary. She's not active anymore. But we felt as a presidency that there was a need to help her. We've had fun collecting very nice baby things from the sisters, from a baby carrier, bath tub, diapers, clothes, and about $180 on a gift card. She was so grateful when we showed up this morning to take her the gifts. She's moving into her father's home in West Valley tomorrow. Her baby is due on the 3rd of December. We felt such an outpouring of love from the sisters in the ward for their help. Who knows ... maybe this will be the act of service and love that will bring her back into the church.

Went to Target with Reese looking for a side table for my living room. Didn't find anything I really liked. He bought a suit at Target. Can you believe it? And it looks pretty nice. The sleeves could have been a little longer but he was happy with it. He had $75 in gift cards from the company and only had to pay around $20 on his own.

Reese and Dad are at Ryan's watching the BYU/Utah game. Since I had to prepare a talk for tomorrow, I had to stay home.

Lindsey called to see if they could come out this evening. I had to tell her not right now because I was working on a talk. Dang ... if I would have prepared it sooner, I could have enjoyed the kids this evening.

Oh well ... it's just me and Dieter tonight. He's chewing on a stuffed gorilla. He's got one hand and one foot chewed off and now he's working on the fur on his head. Poor ole thing!

I found a great way to bathe Dieter. I just let him climb in the shower with me. He loves it! He just stands there with his head in the air, letting the spray hit his head, and lapping up the water. He's loved his bath ever since we brought him home. After I dried him off I used the hair dryer on him and then brushed his curls. You should have seen him. he was the fluffiest ball of fur you've ever seen. Sarah ... I can just hear you oohing and aahing over him if you could have seen him.

All for now ... tah, tah!


The Peton's said...

Dieter just likes watching you in the shower. You'd better watch out with that dog.

That's nice of you to collect stuff for the girl who's having a baby. I hope she finds good fellowship in her WV ward.