Saturday, November 22, 2008

One more thing ... I forgot to mention. I took Dad to the eye dr. to see if he could pass his vision test for his DL. He failed it, so he can no longer drive after the 1st of December, his birthday. It's a blessing. But it was really hard on Mom when I had to tell her. She cried and cried and the harder she cried the louder I laughed. She didn't like that. I guess it was kind of mean of me.

Dad sold his car to Gil. That will be great for Gil and good for Dad not to be tempted to drive.

Dad said that he would rather be dead than have no car. Sad, huh?


DJ and Gin Family said...

That's funny/sad. Tell grandpa to buy something nice with his car money. Maybe some nice whiskey, that will make him feel better.