Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We had a marvelous Thanksgiving dinner at Angie and Boyd's home. Angie did all of the cooking and everything was delicious! All I had to do was make the rolls. It was fun making them too ... because I wasn't rushed and I could really put my heart and soul into them. They were fantastic too. The flour makes all the difference. We got freshly ground white flour from the Lehi Roller mills in Lehi. Wonderful flour for wonderful breads and rolls!

Lynn and I have had nasty head colds for the past week. Even though we've felt poorly, we still had to crawl about doing our tasks. I had to sing and he had to speak at a funeral last Saturday. We were both hacking up our lungs. Then I helped in the kitchen for the luncheon after the funeral. And, had to co-teach the RS/Priesthood lesson on Sunday. I was still sick as a dog yesterday so didn't make it into work. I feel 100% better today. Dayquil and Nyquil work wonders!

Mom and Dad were excited to get out of the house for a few hours. They seemed to really enjoy the trip out to Angie's. The weather has been lovely these last few days. I'm afraid that we won't see too many more of these days until Spring.

Grandpa misses his car and says every day that he's thinking about buying an old clunker to drive. We keep telling him that he can't pass the eye test so he shouldn't be out driving. I'm not sure if he's serious or if he's just kidding us. He still insists that he can see fine. It's so hard for him to have that independence taken away from him.

We had another ward member pass away yesterday and his funeral will be Saturday. It's a big family so we're planning on 110 people at the luncheon. I'll help out in the kitchen again. We have a wonderful funeral committee who will take care of everything.

Well, Nat ... I hope you notice that there isn't one picture of Dieter in this round of photos! He's still doing fine and we love him to death! Your Dad is the fun one to watch with him. He kisses and loves him and holds him like a baby.


DJ and Gin Family said...

I hope you guys can kick those darn colds! I told Angie that if she keeps stealing you guys on the holidays, then she will be the one to take you in and change your diapers when you get too old. It will be a toss up between her and Laurel. Maybe they can switch off weeks... like in a divorce.

The Peton's said...

Wow, lots of funerals in your ward. Sounds like you had fun at Angie's. I sure do miss her boys.