Thursday, January 22, 2009

Forgot to mention ... had a fabulous Relief Society stamping activity Tuesday night. I provided all of the makin's for the ladies to make valentine cards. There were 22 ladies that showed up. I had everything organized and planned out how they would stamp their cards in groups, move from this table to that, have a treat, visit, play with the Big Shot, and within about 5 minutes my plans had failed. The products that were neatly placed at each table were quickly strewn about the room, ladies grabbing for this and that, and no one even listening to a lick of what I was trying to explain. Get that many excited ladies in one room with a bunch of stamps, ink, and paper, and you have mayhem on your hands! It was cute watching the different groups interacting with each other. Some read the step-by-step instructions, following each step carefully and completing their cards, others grabbed the sample and copied the card without any instructions, some worked together designing their own, and others ate treats and walked around the room watching what the others were doing. It was such a fun time! The gals hugged me when they left and commented that we need to get together again, soon, to do more of these kinds of activities.

Even though this was not a money making opportunity, it was fun sharing my Stampin' Up! products and watching them create and get a feel for what I do in my day job. A lot of the sisters have often wondered what it is that I do at Stampin' Up! It was fun watching their faces when I told them that I set up for stamping sessions for 1,000 people at our regional seminars. What they just saw ... and it was mayhem ... was for 22 people! They just can't fathom 1,000 ladies stamping, laughing, visiting, and eating, all together, at one time!


The Peton's said...

I would have been eating and just walking around the room visiting. No thanks on the stamping. That's what I do at any R.S. activity where there are domestic things (besides cooking). I admire everyone else's skills, and avoid the craft items all together.