Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wow ... here it is Thursday afternoon. My 12:00 flight to Honolulu was delayed and we're not sure what time we'll get out of here. It will be late when we arrive there. It's a 7 hour flight from here. I'm excited and have been packed and ready to go since 9:00 this morning. I awoke at 5:00 even though my flight wasn't until noon. I like to make sure I have everything and the house is picked up before I leave for town. Because of the delay I now have the oil changed in the van, picked up groceries for Mom and Dad and Lynn, put away the dishes in the dishwasher, have a nice spaghetti sauce simmering in the crock pot, stamped a thank-you card for a demonstrator in Hawaii, and I still have a little time before I need to leave for the airport.

Oh what a wonderful weekend with the kids from Oregon. Sarah has grown so tall and looks so much like Natalie, it's crazy. Little Abby is adorable. She was sick Sunday and Monday but still had a smile between her throwups. And that Kate ... what a ham! She can really make us all laugh! And of course Natalie is still as beautiful as ever! And cute Neal. Geez I miss them. I cried after they left. Wish they lived close by, or had lots of money to fly over every couple of weeks!

Mom had a really good day yesterday. She could breathe much better. It must be the air quality. It's a really pretty sunny day today. She seemed to be doing well this morning while waiting for the bath lady. Dad's enjoying his puzzles again. I asked him if he wanted to go to Harmons with me this morning but he opted out. He said that he enjoys staying home, reading, and working on his crossword puzzles and jigsaws!

Well ... until Monday. ALOHA~!


DJ and Gin Family said...

Have fun in Hawaii!
Next time your flight is delayed, swing by my house, I've plenty that needs to be done!!
I miss Nat and Co. too!!

Shannon said...

wow linda that is awesome! i probably would've just caught a few more hours of the young and the restless or something. :)

miss you--hurry back!

The Peton's said...

Have fun in Hawaii. Luckeeeee.