Thursday, March 19, 2009

BOOOO! I left my purse in the Detroit airport!!!!

Can you believe what a space cadet I am? I was yakking with Shannon while waiting to board our connecting flight home from London in Detroit and left my purse on the chair at the gate! After boarding the plane I realized I left my purse but it was too late to get off the plane. They had already shut the door to the airplane. But I did get to go up into the cockpit and kneel on the floor between the pilot and co-pilot to point out where I was sitting in the terminal while they radioed someone to look for my purse. No luck! No purse! So ... it was a sickening flight home thinking about my passport, DL, debit card, credit cards, company credit card, check book, new camera, glasses, and temple recommend.

I spent 8 1/2 hours on Monday cancelling everything and renewing everything. I think I've got it all taken care of. What a hassle. I just wanted to curl up in a ball in my bed and cover my head with the covers and forget about everything. Thank heavens no one had tried using my credit cards. But the purse still hasn't shown up in their Lost and Found and no one has sent me my purse. So ... farwell to my purse. It was an expensive purse that Lynn had bought me at Costco. I looooved it!

I feel much better now that I have some of my identity back. Hopefully my passport will arrive in time for my trip to London, England! Can't wait.

Oh ... I would have posted the cutest pictures of us in London, Ontario ... but my camera is in my missing purse! BOOOOO! And it was so good to renew acquaintances with my good demonstrator friends in Canada and making new friends too. I love them!


DJ and Gin Family said...

That really stinks!! I think that I would have cried, especially about the camera. I hope that it still turns up, you never know!

Movie Mavens said...

The camera was sad for me too b/c I didn't take any pictures and had plans to use yours. :( But onward and upward...I finished my book last night and just blogged about it. I'll bring it to you on Tuesday and I CAN'T WAIT for you to read it so we can talk and laugh and cry about it!!! (sniff sniff)