Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Big Thank-You to Shelli Gardner!

To my best friends in the whole, wide world! Shelli gave me a very generous severance package, as she did to all of the people who were layed off. We are very thankful for her generous severance and I love her dearly!

However, no amount of money can take the place of a simple 'thank-you' from your superiors. Your thank-you's from around the globe have warmed my heart and soul and brought comfort and peace. You truly are my sisters and I love you!


Amy Broders Phillips said...

Amy Phillips here; we met at the Jackson regional. I am astonished by your news. Let yourself go through the grieving process of job loss. However, I can't wait to hear about the doors that open because of the one that just closed. Here is a line that I like from a song... "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end". What will your new beginning be?
Praying for you but already knowing all will go well. :)

Michelle said...

We will miss you more than you will ever know! You always make me smile and I love how you share your creativity in so many unique and new ways! Your infectious spirit will go a long way in the next step God has for you!

God Bless You!

Jon/Heather said...

You are the most amazing woman ever! I think of you as the "face" of Stampin' Up! You are who the demonstrators connect with... YOU are the reason we get excited at convention and YOU are the reason we are continued to be blown away by the gracious people we meet at SU. You have the biggest heart and are so kind... If I were there I'd give you a big hug and say THANK YOU!! For years of inspiration, laughs and motivating me to think out of the box! THANK YOU for everything you do!!! We love you! Heather Deshayes - and entire downline of support ...

Janine said...

Dear Linda...I've only talked to you once and have always enjoyed listening to you at Regionals and convention. You were a big part of what made those events so fun and I will miss you personally.

I'm happy to hear that even if the best wording was not in place when you were laid off, the best severance WAS. I can't imagine it was easy for the people at SU! to have to tell people they were laid off...kind of like the stupid things people say (or the stuff they don't say that they should) when we lose a family member to death. So awkward...we don't how to convey how we really feel, so we hide behind platitudes and formal language and don't say what we should. From what I've experienced of Stampin' Up!, they are a company with a heart, but even the kindest people can have trouble giving bad news to those they care about. My thoughts are with you and from what I've seen, you will land on your feet and always be singing. May the Lord bless you and keep you, may he make his face to shine upon you and give you peace.

Lillian in TX said...

Hi Linda,
You will be greatly missed. I am so glad I got to have gotten acquainted with you at conventions and classes. You have been an inspiration to all of us. Sometimes the Lord closes (even slams) one door to open another! I love your positive attitude and of course it is okay to grieve too! Sending you hugs from Baytown, Tx.

Tara said...

Oh Linda...I am so very SAD to hear your news. What a lively and sweet lady you are - you will be sorely missed (as well as your humor including jokes about Spanx)! I'm certain you will find so many doors opening for you. I'd love to have you contact me when you make it here in CO to visit your sister. May your new career be full of hugs and joy!

KAREN KANE said...

Linda, your positive attitude in the face of such overwhelming disappointment is truly inspiring! May God richly bless you and your family as you travel this new path. I shall miss your smiling, enthusiastic face at Regionals and in all the other events and videos.

Susan LaCroix said...

I am absolutely floored...shocked and dismayed.....and now angry....

Having gone through something similar 2 years ago I totally understand how you are feeling. If you need anything please let me know!

Your friend with the Mickey Mouse ears!

Wendy said...

I love what you said about conference. It was amazing and I love hearing how it can help each of us get through what we are dealing with. Best Wishes!

Kimberly said...

I am shocked that you were let go and without a word of thanks. You are an amazing inspiration to all demos! Convention and video tutorials will not be the same without you.

Lori Stilger said...

Linda, I must say I'm rather dismayed to hear about no thanks, too. I never got to attend any events besides convention in Orlando, but I enjoyed your presentation VERY much. I completely agree: God has something better for you. It may take a form that doesn't LOOK as successful, but you KNOW it'll be the absolute BEST for YOU!

Steph Gittins said...

I'm glad to hear that Shelli took care of a good severance for everyone. Still, I know how appreciated a "thank you" would have been. I have a few friends who work at SU! and I will definitely be checking with them today! Just a note- I didn't know you served in the Gulf States! I served my mission in eastern North Carolina. If I could, I would send you fried shrimp & hushpuppies right now!

Paige said...

My mom has always called you the "Paula Dean" of Stamping UP! You will be missed greatly at all the events. It's a good thing that they announced this before I registered for convention otherwise I would of had a hard time signing up this year. You are greatly loved!!!!
Paige said...

Linda, It's Nickole Chiasson. You will be greatly missed. I know with your kind heart and super attitude, God will show you the way! I so enjoyed getting to know you better in Jackson and hope to keep in touch with you through your blog. So from the down the bayou team - "Thank you for your years of service to SU! We love you!"

Leslie said...

Linda, I am very sad to hear the news of who is gone from SU! You were one of my very most favorites!! I am glad I got a chance to meet you last year at convention.

I look forward to see what new adventures come your way.

nancy said...

Dear Linda,
I am SHOCKED!! You were my very FAVORITE presenter at SU. I love your voice! I wish you the very best in life!
A BIG hug,
Nancy Ferb

Lisa said...

Linda Lou... I am stunned - shocked! You will be greatly missed! But I know there will be great things ahead for you! I just know it! Hugs to you from Lisa Lou!!

ladybugink said...

I was at your very first convention all those years ago, and over the years I've seen you blossom and grow as a presenter. You truly have become one of my favorites and at every event I've looked forward to seeing you. This news is so sad, and I will miss you. I think my favorite memory of you is the time you sang "For Good" from the musical Wicked at leadership. I sobbed as you all sang, not only because it was beautiful, but also because the meaning was so significant, even more so now.
All of us at SU have been changed for the better because of you, and I hope as the pain subsides for you, that you will also feel the same.
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11
God has good plans for you! Keep your hope in Him!
I will miss you!
Amber Wilson

grndmadi said...

linda .. we will miss your wonderful presentations at convention etc .. you are very talented ... God does provide .. as He says .. when one door closes another shall open ... may yours be something you love .. you deserve it.


Tiffany Bauer said...

Oh my!! I just heard and the tears are rolling down my face as I type!!! I have never formly met you but I have seen you many many times and always LOVE you and your presentations!!! You will be one that will be missed dearly!!!! A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to you and all that you have done with this company!! I can't stop the tears!!! Take care and I am sure you will land on your feet!! We all love you!!

Faith said...


I want to say THANK YOU!! I have learned so much from you at convention... I appreciate you so much. Thank You.


Kevin Theesen said...
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Tiffany Fairbanks said...

I just heard the sad news...I am wondering why in the world I would want to go to Convention now? I want to let you know I enjoyed every second I spent working with you. You really are amazing...the future will be bright for you...I'm sure of that!!

Jane Hignite said...

Dear Linda!

What a sad day for everyone! I cannot imagine convention without you fabulous people.

Please know how much we appreciated your creative and giving spirit. You were such a firecracker!

Best wishes on your future -

Jane Hignite

studiono8 said...

Hi Linda:

I am so going to miss you and your enthusiasm, you brightened convention with your creative talents and with your inner spirit. Layoffs are very hard for both the person who was let go and for those who are still there. It is a morning process that takes time. Know in your heart it was nothing to do with you personally but a decision that is being made global with the current economy. thank you for all of your hard work and keep us posted to your new ventures.

Hi, I'm Lee Conrey! said...

I am just so heart broken over this. You (to me) were such an important part of the SU family and the one I looked forward to seeing most. You made me laugh, you made me cry, you made me feel you're enthusiasm. I am so going to miss you!!!
I know in my heart that it will only be a short time before you land some fabulous job. You will be scooped up in no time at all.

Please know that we all love you and wish you well.
Love ya!

Chris said...

Linda, I know how you feel. Doors do open and you will make it. I will miss you and your presentations. You made me laugh with your fun skits. I learned alot from you. You will do ok I just know it.

God Bless
Patty Murphy

ann said...

Linda: 5 years ago I got the opportunity to leave the corporate world & pursue Stampin' UP! full time. Now you can be your OWN boss! Good luck in the future. I'm sure you'll do fine with God's help.

Pam said...

I am so so sorry that you lost your job.I hope that you will still be joining SU at convention as a demonstrator. You will certainly be missed on the stage.

Your positive attitude astounds me. It really shouldn't though, it is why you are so loved.

This must be a terrible time for Shelli. My thoughts are with her too.

Katherine Allen said...

Linda, Linda, Linda. I am in total shock. I just heard the news this morning about you and Lori and Jaron. I just CANNOT believe they let three super impressive, super talented, super motivating, super important people go. What is a Regional, Leadership, or Convention going to be without the three of you??? I love your positive attitudge, I'm not sure I could be as positive as you sound if I were you. Big, big hugs to you and Lori and Jaron. This is truly unbelievable and such a sad day. Convention is just NOT going to be the same without you three... in fact, I'm wondering how in the world Convention will 'BE' without the three of you and your hard work and presentations. I should've had a clue when the class schedule for Convention didn't list any names for presenters. (sigh) I'm sorry. I'll stop now - I'm just in such shock. Good luck to you and I wish you NOTHING BUT THE BEST because that is what you deserve. You are amazing.

Jan said...

omigosh, Linda, I am in shock! I know that you don't know me but I have been an SU demo for almost 7 years and loved you instantly at that very first convention. I can't believe that the lay offs went up that high in the company. Of course, yes...I am thankful that you received a generous severance package but truly I can't believe that you didn't get even one word of thanks or we'll miss you from upper management. However, let me assure you that "the little people" (such as me!) will miss you terribly and I truthfully can't imagine Convention or Leadership without your smiling face.

I am thankful that you are able to experience God's love and presence through this, it is certainly in keeping with the beautiful person that you are and I pray that this will lead to better opportunities for you as you continue to seek His will in your life. Sometimes when you look back, you are able to recognize that an event which you thought was the worst thing that ever happened to you turns out to be a blessing. I have experienced that...took me 10 years to realize the blessing in it however God truly does work in mysterious ways. Right now I am selfishly wishing they would call and tell you it was a big mistake (duh!) and bring you back on board but either way, please know that the thousands of demonstrators (the "senior demo" types as well as the junior demos and "semi-business" types) will miss you terribly and I definitely wish you all the best and will keep you in my prayers for peace and blessings.

As for the voice overs...I can definitely see you doing that. You have such a wonderful stage presence and voice....I love watching the video tutorials which you have done on the SU website as well as the many "on stage" presentations you have done.

It's probably a very good thing that they didn't make this announcement before convention registration began...I strongly suspect this would have influenced the sign ups. I am heartbroken by this but I love your positive attitude and I am SOOO proud of you for holding your head up high and singing on your way out. There must have been many others in tears watching you go.

And Jaron, too? Not that he doesn't have his own "fan club" but hey, who's going to buy his Twinkies now?

Jan Hoyt O'Fallon, IL said...

Hi Linda,
You won't recognize my name most likely but you'd recognize my face. I'm so sorry to know that you were among the 'chosen' but, seeing all that I've seen of you, I know you'll still WOW the world out there. I'm going to follow you on your blog because that way I can stay in touch with the serious 'you' and the 'you' that has touched so many hearts. You, Jaron, and Lori (I'll never not see her as the light-in-the-loafers cheerleader) will be so missed and will remain in my/our hearts. You have a wonderful road ahead, retiring from some other great adventure bye-n-bye.
~Blythe Klipple, Mi Wuk Village CA

Chris said...

Hi. I emailed you at your su address, are you still able to get those emails? Please email me at
Can't believe you're leaving. Will we see you at events as demo. If not, I would love to come say hi when I'm in SLC.
Love, Chris Gallacher

Picasso said...

Oh my! I just read a post on one of my e-groups about who received layoff notices. What were they thinking? I know you'll be missed terribly, as will Jaron and Lori. I always looked forward to seeing the three of you at events. Your warm smile and friendly welcome made me feel like I knew you personally for years and years. Oh and those product videos will never be the same. I am so sad to hear this terrible news. Please know that you are in my prayers for happier days ahead. I also lost a dream job 5 years ago that I had for 34 years. When times get tough, the tough need to keep their heads up high and keep on going. I know you will make lemonade from lemons. I hope you keep in touch with those who also got laid off. This is what I did and we get together every 2 or 3 months for a themed dinner, games, and lots of good laughs. We just didn't want to lose the friendship that we had at work. After all, we spent more time with our co-workers than our families it seemed. Best wishes for a happy future in any and all of your new endeavors. Please tell Jaron and Lori we love them too!
Karen Moody
So. CA

Britiney said...

Linda, you were a precious part of the SU! team and should know that every demo. who has ever seen you will miss you terribly. I pray for God's richest blessings at this time of uncertainty in your life. Thank you for all you have given me. Luke 12:27-28

Cefalo Family said...

Sure miss you already. Hope you know how much I appreciate you and love you. Please stay in

Hope you are doing ok today!

Robin's Craft Room said...

Aloha, Linda! I feel so fortunate to have met you, Jaron and Lori at the Honolulu Regional in February. You have been one of my favorite people at Stampin' Up! and I will miss waiting for your next video or your next wonderful stage presentation. But with all your talent, I am sure that I will find you doing something else wonderful before long. I'll miss you. Robin

stamperGurl said...

I wish you and your team all the best!! You'll be missed! Good luck in your new adventure!

Carol V said...

I was sorry to hear the news and I KNOW YOU WILL BE MISSED. I am so glad to have met you and from reading all the comments know that I am only one of many many. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you have done.

Jim said...

Hey hey
I'd say that I can't believe the three of you were let go, but that's not completely accurate. You guys really have been the face of SU for a long time (whether some people like it or not), and without intention to put anybody else down in the slightest, you three were the best they will ever have. Period.
It's interesting to see how the people who ultimately pay the salaries at your former company react vs. those who dismissed you in the way they did. But I know you will ALL find a place where your God-given talents and abilities are looked at as the assets they are.

Take care Linda!

ymetz said...

I am absolutely speachless! I honestly have no words except I'm gonna miss ya so much! My 1st Convention was 3 yrs ago and let me tell you...You made it so MUCH fun for me! You inspired me so much! I SOO looked forward to Convention and your awesome presentations after that! I will so miss the Laughs, your creativity, your excitement, even the tears...I just can't see it this year without YOU! ; (
I have to agree also that you ARE one of the faces of SU! for many of us Demos! I know I'm going to miss you SO MUCH!

Thank you so much for what you have done and God Bless!


p.s. I agree with one of the comments you are the "Paula Dean" of Stampin' Up!"! )

eekabear14 said...

Sorry to hear you were let go. Come visit my blog sometime. Sad about Jaron and Lori too and everyone else. :(

-Erica S. (former SU employee too :*(

Megan said...

Linda, my sweet friend, you will get through this. Your talent hasn't been let go. What you had at SU! was just a way of sharing your talent. There are other ways. You'll find them and you'll shine. Don't you forget that.

I love you!

Megan said...

P.S. THANK YOU for inspiring me. Working with you at SU! was one of my happiest times. I learned so much from you. Yes, about stamping, but more importantly about friendship. Thank you!

Lorien Clark said...

I am so sorry you were let go. I loved seeing you at the regional seminars. You are such a hoot! Best of luck to you and you will be missed.

Barbara Welch said...

Hi Linda:
I am so shocked to hear the news. I really loved all your presentations at convention and regionals. I was able to talk with you on several occassions during these events. You are such an inspiration to me and I will miss you so much. I always looked forward to your presentations and your creative ideas. Thank you so much for all you have done for me and for Stampin' Up!. I am going to stay tuned for more info as I know you will find something well suited for you. I already miss you, just knowing that you will not be at convention with your beautiful smile and infectious spirit. I am sending a big hug your way...

Lisa said...

I am so sad to hear the news... I just can't believe it. I think everyone is in shock right now and thinking that this can't be true. Stampin Up will not be the same without you. I can't even imagine what convention will be like now....very sad. I always look forward to your classes and Jaron's. You guys are the heart of Stampin Up and I think they have made a huge mistake. You have always been so kind and down to earth with everyone. You will truly be missed by EVERYONE!
Lisa Freeman

Amanda Coughlin said...

Dear Linda:
I have run the gamut of emotions today upon hearing your news--I've cried, I've gotten angry, but mainly I've moped around all day so sad.
You will forever be etched in my heart and I will never forget how you restored my faith in SU! when you volunteered to see the Tampa Ronald McDonald House a few years ago with a simple, "I'd love to see it!" I was always a fan of yours but after that moment I became President of the Linda Hansen Fan Club!
This is why you are so loved by the entire demonstrator base. You have always taken time out to give a hug, reassuring smile or encouraging word to those who crossed your path. So at this moment I've decided I will not be sad, I'm going to be GLAD! For now, there are many more lives that you need to touch, many more people who need to hear you sing, receive that encouraging word and feel your loving and caring heart.
I will miss you but I also know that your light is now going to shine even brighter!

stampsany1 said...

I just don't get it. Why you? Why Jaron? You two are the reaon we came to the events. It just doesn't make sense. I sense a real Demo backlash b/c of this. I have already heard/read of so many now not wanting to go to Conv. & others being angry that this was announced after registration began. My decision is not made & now it is even harder to make. 10 years as a Demo. NEVER would I have guessed this... I will check in with you often & wish you all the best. You are a true gem, Linda Lou. Oh, how we will miss you! Hey, that rhymes!!!) :)

Ms. Abraham said...

I have been so sad all day after finding out the news. We met at the Jackson regional this past fall.I felt like I'd had dinner with Rock Star after having dinner with you that night with my team.(It was my birthday that they celebrated.) It was such an honor to get to know you just a bit. Your words of wisdom over the years have always made attending SU! events special for me. I think about you every time I wear my Spanx!!! You will be missed. I can't wait to hear the ideas you already have.
Dale Abraham
The ByYOU Stampers

Terri Mongeon said...

Linda, Linda, Linda...

I feel like there is a hole in my chest where my heart used to be. And yet, you are the example of grace under fire. How I admire your strength. I am sure there are lots of things we don't know and I do understand that cuts had to be made. It seems like there should have been another way. I know there are many more who got laid off that we don't know. And that doesn't make it any better. My heart aches for them. But mostly for us...because we have lost such amazing, talented and loving people. I do hope that SU recovers from this. But it just seems like this has truly rocked the demo base. I prey for better days for all of us. We come to events because of the talented presenters and the wonderful things we learn from you. I know there is much we don't know, and we must trust that SU is making decisions for the good of the company. It's just a hard pill to swallow. Thank you for all you have shared with us. You are truly an amazing talent. Miss you so much already. Much love my friend!

Sherry said...

Linda, you are such a blessing. A woman, rich with class and full of love. You've always been an inspiration to me. I will miss you greatly as a face of Stampin' Up! Thank you for the many years you have inspired us, dazzling us with your charm and grace. God bless you in your new journey as you honor Him with your many talents! You are PRECIOUS!!!

Genice M said...


There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been expressed. You have been one of my favorite presenters at every Stampin' Up! event I have attended. I will miss your smiling face and positive attitude. May God bless you and keep you.

Genice McNellie
Jacksonville, FL

shirleystampin said...

I will miss seeing you at SU events. You are my favorite person at SU events. I have been SU Demo for 5 1/2 years and have been to five conventions and love you and enjoyed seeing you every time. You are so talented along with all of the SU employees. Shelli was very lucky to have you in her SU employees. I hope you will continue to be SU demo. So are so so very awesome. I hope to see you again one day.

God Bless You!
Shirley Griffis
Stampin' Up! Demonstrator
Starke, FL. 32091

marniemiller said...

Hi Linda
I'm a "very" p/t SU demo and went to my first convention last year. You were one of the highlights for me - your enthusiasm, talents, knowledge, confidence and charisma made me yearn to do better. I thank you for that experience. What SU should be worried about is you taking your talent to another company - they are missing out BIGTIME! My thoughts are with you.
You mentioned you're available for speaking engagements...if you ever come to Vancouver BC, I have a lovely spare room for you to stay and would plan a big event of people for you to inspire!!

Marnie Miller

Bev said...

When I heard the news, I cried. You & Jaron were the highlights of the events I've been to. I was feeling sad that I couldn't attend convention this year but now I am almost glad that I can't. I need more time to adjust before I could handle not seeing you there! You are such a bright cheerful person & you light up every place you go. I was watching training videos today trying to get ideas for classes & cried again. Best of wishes to you in the future! Big Hugs!!

Phyllis said...

Linda, I am so sorry this happened, but I know there is soemthing better out there for you.
I am so glad I did not sign up for convention. I had decided that at long last I would go this year, but something held me back and I did not sign up.

Some of you demos think SU and Shelli can do no wrong and make all kinds of excuses for everything that happens. Well guess what, you are wrong, SU makes lots of mistakes. I own a business and believe me, there is no reason (legal or other) that employees like Linda, Jaron and Lori who were the face of Stampin' Up to demonstrators could not have received a personal Thank You for all they have done to inspire SU demos. SU quickly set up a "damage control" meeting to protect their image and fend off the negative press. I do not believe for a minute it was primarily for the benefit of the laid off employees.

Mary said...

I've been out-of-town, only to return and find out the surprising and shocking news! I can't imagine SU letting such a wonderful, energetic, creative person like you go! Companies always keep their best "stars", it just doesn't make sense! Who could ever be any better than you? I loved your creations, skits and all you did at convention and the regionals I attended. This year I surely will miss you at convention! I'll never forget you're answering your cell phone and where you kept it! I'll keep you in my prayers and wish you the best, 'cuz people like don't stay "down" for long; but rise up again even stronger!

Mary Cargill, Reno, NV