A Wonderful Day!

The sun was shining. Didn't get much sleep last night. My mind and heart was racing as I was thinking about all of my wonderful demonstrator friends!

I couldn't wait to start the day! I went into the bathroom, got out the scissors and clippers and gave myself a very nice haircut. I feel better in times of stress and worry to keep myself busy. My hair really turned out nice too.

Many of you may have noticed my manly hair cut on my stenciling video. How embarrassed I was! I ran to the shop to have my hair cut, the day before the video shoot, and told the beautician that I liked the back cut really short. I meant the bottom of my hair, not the entire back. She took the clippers and shaved up the back of my head all the way to my crown. After she took one swipe I knew it was too late to tell her to stop. She had to even out the rest of my head. But she continued onto the sides. Yikes ... now I was looking like an old, gray-haired man! Finally I grabbed what little hair I had left on top and said, "Don't cut anymore!" She handed me a mirror and asked how I liked the hair cut. I replied, "I've never in my entire life had my hair cut this short." "You mean, you don't like it?" she questioned. "It's a great hair cut, only there's no hair left to style!" I exclaimed. "Oh sorry", she said as she smacked on her gum, and began cleaning up my precious locks.

So yes ... I cut my own hair, lots of times. Anyone up for a haircut, perm, style, or color? I'm looking for work!

I met with the work force today. Stampin' Up! had arranged a special meeting for all of the laid off employees. This was exactly what I needed. It was great seeing my friends and listening and sharing what we are all going through. Please don't bad mouth Shelli or the company for the layoffs. It was necessary for the company to still be successful. It was better that I was laid off than my other three children who still work there, and they have little families to support.

After the meeting several of us sat around for another couple of hours talking and laughing and connecting with one another. We ended up at Wendys for probably another hour with the promise of keeping in touch with each other and meeting again for lunch at Wendy's because they have a great 99 cent menu. We have to be careful with our spending now that we're lookin' for work. :)

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent running a few errands and reading all of your wonderful comments. You'll never know how much they have meant to me.

Please, please, please, don't stay away from Convention because we won't be there! There are fabulous presenters still at the home office who will fill our place and you will come to love them as much as you love us! Convention WILL be the same without us, because convention is all about Stampin' Up! and what this wonderful company stands for. And besides that I had a wonderful class prepared for you, which another wonderful presenter will deliver.

If any of you ever need a fun presenter to come to your events to be your keynote speaker, I'm willing and available and my rates are the best in town! (Special deals for Stampin' Up! demonstrators!!)

Have a great night. It's off to bed for me. I'm tired and I think I'll sleep better tonight knowing that so many of my wonderful friends are praying and thinking about me. Life is wonderful!


Paula said...

You are a class act Linda. Blessings to you and all of those let go.

Charlene said...

Love You.

liz said...

Oh, Linda. I am so glad you saw a shining sun today!! You are a very classy act and will be missed at Stampin' Up! events. I would LOVE to have you at a team meeting. I don't think my team is big enough yet to get you to the East coast, but I'll work on it. Blessings to you and your future endeavors :) Liz Kuhns--Allentown, PA

Penguinwoman said...

Linda -

I like your style...hold your head high, be thankful for the opportunities and memories you had there. And it's so true, when God closes one door it's often so he can open another. I experienced a layoff last year, and like you didn't get so much as a "thanks for your hard work, sorry we're dumping you". But because I was laid off, I stumbled onto my current job - which I love.

I wish you the best going forward, and will always cherish the wonderful Stampin' Up! memories I have of you and your unforgettable presentations.

Mommy Shar said...

Wow.. Paula stole the words out of my mouth. You are such a classy lady and that's why I have always adored you. As much as I had the fact that you and many of my other SU friends were laid off the hateful hurtful comments towards Shelli and SU right now are so uncalled for. I know lay offs weren't easy for Shelli and to read the mean comments on her blog really make me sad. I hope that there is sunshine out there beyond this. I know all of my talented friends will move forward. Best of luck to you Linda. Your former co-worker Sharie

stampmiser said...

I love your attitude and I hope you & your sassy new 'do will have a good night sleep and that "the sun will come out tomorrow"!

Brian, Laurel & Addison said...

love you mama!

Barbara V said...

I am so glad to hear you had a better day today. What a wonderful outlook you have!

BTW...regarding your haircut...it always looks fantastic. I even took pictures from convention last year to my hairdresser, but she just doesn't get it. (maybe it is my hair!!)

Shannon said...

Love you Lou!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe you will be just fine. You have a wonderful way about you,and the most beautiful attitude. Keeping you in my Prayers!

Erik & Kristin and Kids said...


You are wonderful!! I just love you!! Thank you for all that you have done and are still doing!! We all miss you.

Love Your Friend,

Kristin Dalley

Chris said...

Linda, you have the world's biggest heart and have the right attitude to all this ... all the best for your future endeavours.
-an Aussie demo who vividly remembers your presentation at our convention last year!

Rachel said...

Hello Linda - I wish you could come on over to present in the UK ;) Unfortunately i don't think i can afford you yet!! Lol Business is good but not THAT good - chin up as they say over here you have a great attitude. Looking forward to seeing your antics now you are free from corporate binds....


Martha said...

I am stunned that you won't be at convention or SU anymore. You are so much a part of it. I will miss you and so appreciate your wonderful heart, willingness to help and your cheerful attitude. I wish you the very best and your faith in the Lord will open doors and fulfill your dreams. Take care and hugs for your journey!

Terry Molineux said...

Well Linda I am so happy to hear your cheerful voice again. My heart broke for you with the first post of your news....I know you will find work fast. You are a wonderful presenter....you are talented and most of all anyone would be crazy not to hire you!

I will miss you at convention but let me tell you NO ONE CAN TOP YOU OR JARON....you two were the BEST!!! Both your shoes will be hard to fill!!! When we had to choose classes you and Jaron were at the top of my list!!!!

I am so happy you aren't mad anymore....I know how you feel ~ the same thing happened to me but unfortunately in my line of work it is more difficult to find a job and I am out of work since 6/07..so my heart aches for you but I know you will find work fast!!!!

Love and Kisses,

Janine said...

Linda, I'm so happy to hear that there was a meeting and that you came out of it feeling better. I can see that your sense of humor is still intact and if you've got that, you will go far.

I hope there were some of those appreciative words for the employees at the meeting that you missed the day you were laid off. I've read that due to legal considerations and the wish to make it easier for employees not to lose their cool, the lay off process is often brief and to the point. I'm sure that Stampin' Up! truly appreciates your service, and honestly, no amount of words or severance would probably cover that! Our best wishes and prayers are with you! You go girl!

Judi said...

Linda- The sun is shining and so is your voice today! I can hear your words coming from you and just wanted to know they brought a little chuckle as I read todays note.
I know the layoff situation is hard for everyone but I am told it is better if they make it short. I am happy to hear that you all had a meeting. (next time bring some stamps to Wendy's , you never know where your next customer will come from!)
The Lord is watching over you and I know bright things are in your future. Keep that head up high.

Connie said...

Thank you for posting and updating us Linda... You WILL be missed at Stampin' Up! I love your presentations (and you SHOULD take your show on the road...I just said the same to Jaron!) Demos would line up to see you both (and together...oh my!) Any time you are in Ohio...let me know. I'd set something up for you!

You ARE a class act and a lovely person!

Stampin' With Angie said...

I can hear your sweet voice and see your wonderful smile right now in my head as I read your comments and I'm giggling in all the right places. ;o)

I know you're going to find something and I can't wait for the day I'm watching TV with my family and hear your voice come through those speakers! My family may have me committed immediately based on my energetic reaction but I think it will be well worth it...don't you?! LOL!

God bless you...you are truly one of the classiest ladies I have ever met in my life! THANK YOU for all you've done!!

Dragonpynk said...

*HUG* Linda I got a chance to hug you last year when we got the RMH Stamp set at Convention. I will miss you, but the Lord does things for a reason. I was blessed to get to meet one of the great Trainers and I am sure that there are even better things out there for you. Will Miss you though... And... from the bottom of my Heart.



Beth said...

Linda you have to be the most positive person ever! I give you alot of credit. You will be missed by all of us demo's - I can't imagine not taking one of your classes!

I have not registered for Convention yet - not sure if I am going to. I too am getting laid off on June 30th - so dollars are tight.

I wish you all of the best always - you are a beautiful person inside and out! Luck.

Sandystamps said...

Thank you for touching my life everytime we connected. Whether it was in a large room while you presented, or one-on-one, you were always accessible, real, warm, insightful and inspiring. I can only imagine what God has planned for you now, but I know he will take care of you. Begin this new journey with your head held high - and know that you could get at least a couple thousand great references if you asked for them!!

Sabrina said...

You are one classy lady!
Keep on the sunny side,

Sabrina Beinlich

Jon/Heather said...

Linda - I would pay you to come present at our downline meeting! Seriously! You could be a freelance trainer! I would pay for your plane ticket as well! You are the best motivator ever and I would LOVE for my downline to see you! If you are interested, musthavestamps@hotmail.com I know God will take care of you! We love you! Heather Deshayes

Stampin' Up! With Elizabeth said...

You know what Linda?

When I grow up I want to be just like you!

Hugs from your little English friend - my husband was so sad for you, he sends them too.


Debbie Olsakovsky said...

Linda, you have been and will continue to be a role model for me. (Even when cutting your own hair. Thought I was the only one who did that!) Thanks for the leadership and memories you made for all of us demos. I have benefited greatly knowing you are in the world. Your calendar won't be empty for long. Bless you! -Debbie Olsakovsky, Charlotte, NC

Kim's Candy Creations said...

Hi Linda

You will be greatly missed at all of the events! To have had the opportunity to hear you present was fabulous. I am sure that you will achieve great success on your next venture.

Kim Lee

Learn to Stamp and Scrap with Lynn said...


You are going to make it through all of this with flying colors. You have a big heart and a great outlook. That is the kind of attitude it will take to get you through this. The best part is that attitude is the "real you" and you don't have to fake being happy or seeing the good in things.

I am truly going to miss you so very much. I really LOVED your presentations, demonstrations and your humor. You were a person that I could relate to and felt a connection with. You are such a special person that was part of such a special company. It is unfortunate that you and Stampin' Up! are no longer a team, but I have no doubts that you will come out of this stronger and more confident in all that you do. You are a truly unique and special person that anyone would be lucky enough to have working for them. I can't wait to see what "bigger calling" you are traveling on the road to find. Things happen for a reason - you have something more important that you are needed to be doing.

I love you to pieces and will stop back and visit your blog often. If you are ever in Vermont (or the northeast), be sure to let us know, the demonstrators up this way will have a gathering for you and throw you the biggest party you have ever seen! Just like I posted on Jaron's blog (BBQ in Vermont with all the northeast demos - heck anyone that wants to travel here can come! We have a huge yard:))

Love, hugs and prayers,

Lynn Larson

Marilyn SanClemente said...


I have been a demo for 9 years and have always been so inspired by your enthusiasm and style. You will be greatly missed by all! Marilyn SanCLemente Tewksbury, MA

Anonymous said...

Linda, I was so sad that you had been laid off from SU! I loved your energy and love for what you do that I felt it too! I saw you for the first time at Convention last year and I know that you, among a few others, are ones I remembered most.

I'm glad that things are looking up - and I wish I could cut my own hair, it would save me tons!

I'd love for you to cut mine, if I lived in SLC!

I hope you keep blogging and stamping and posting pics on your blog - I enjoy them a lot!

Elizabeth said...

Linda- What a classy lady you are. I have admired you since I met you at my first regional in Chicago in 2006. Lucky me got a picture and autograph from you last year! I will miss your PearlEx eyeshadow and fantastic creativity! Best wishes to you in your future endeavors! I can't wait to hear your voice on a commercial and say.. Hey! That's Linda!


The Great 8 said...

Linda,THANK YOU. Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration to so many of us. One of my all-time favorite conference addresses was by Elder Wirthlin last October, "Come what may and love it." You are a shining example of doing this. You give hope to others when we want to give it to you. Thank you for being so TRUE to yourself and to your GOD!

Melanie said...

Hi Linda,

I'm so sorry that you were one of the folks laid off. I'm sure you were in shock....I know I was when I heard three of the names (and I know there were many more).

I was in such a funk yesterday afternoon after I read your post. I was so saddened to see your comment about Shelli not acknowledging you after nine years of employment. I don't even know Shelli personally but I can't imagine she would act that way without a specific reason.....I also was dismayed to see the negative reactions and comments about Shelli and SU that were as a result of that comment. I know people were/are trying to be supportive of you, but it's sad that the support can't reach to SU and Shelli as well.

I'm really heartened to see that your posts today are more understanding/supportive of SU and Shelli. None of us can know (without being in your shoes) what feelings you, Shelli or the company are having as a result of this.

I wish you the very best. I know that this layoff has only opened up MORE opportunities for you.


Renee said...

I just shared these same words on Jaron's blog and they go to you as well. What a class act you are. Something I have to remind myself daily of is that the Lord sees the big picture and we are only seeing the first stroke. Sometimes those strokes seem ugly, but in the end He paints a beautiful picture. Here's praying your picture gets to looking like a masterpiece soon.

Jen said...

My most memorable moments at convention were of you! Your style, your personality, your kindness, and of course your projects! ...and many of us don't even know you personally! You will be missed and I'm sad for the future demo's who won't be able to see you at convention! Please inspire us on your blog and keep us posted where the next page on your book takes you...best wishes!

Christina said...

Linda, You will never know how many people's lives you have touched and inspired. I truly wish you the best. I was so sad to hear your news. I was lucky enough to meet you at Convention a few times...and it WON'T be the same without you. If you are ever in NC, please let me know. I would love to keep up with you!
Best wishes to you and your family. I will keep you all in my prayers!
Christina McDonald - Charlotte, NC

Janet said...

The news was so sad to hear. I know you will be missed by so many demonstrators. You made convention so exciting. Last year I was so excited at convention, you were handing out our goody bags and my daughter took our photo. You made lasting impressions on so many of us. Your workshops were the best! You will come out on top. It saddens me to know you didn't get a "Thank You". So many employers fail to recognize the hard work, and dedication of so many employees. These employees make the Company.
God Bless you and your family. I hope to hear great news on your next phase in life.
Janet Hillis Waxhaw NC

Julie Davison said...

I didn't get a chance to leave a comment yesterday, but I just wanted to add to all the well wishes and let you know you've got one more out here who is thinking of you and praying for more sunny days ahead! Hugs...

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Linda ~

Seriously. You helped keep me sane WAY back in 2003 while presenting with you and Pam.

Your kindness, infinite patience, exuberance, sweetness and sense of humor will always take you places.

It has been my infinite pleasure to know you and call you friend. I have missed seeing you at events since I am no longer a demonstrator, but know I think of you and wish you well.

Enjoy a time off, have fun with the voices and keep your sunny disposition.

All the very best!
Maggie :)

Diane said...

Hi, Linda,
Greetings from sunny Tennessee!
I first met you in Memphis with Kenn and Barbie a few years ago!
Every year at convention since then I have so enjoyed your sense of humor! ;-) Thinking of you always makes me smile and remember to help my customer-friends have more fun being creative!
You have been a wonderful role model -- although we only have 2 kids!
If you're ever down, subscribe to Good, Clean Funnies List--free on-line: gcfl-info@gcfl.net! It can make you LOL!
Hugs and best wishes,
Warmly, Diane Glasgow in TN

Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment yesterday but I just couldn't find the right words. Like everyone else I was completely shocked at the news that you were no longer with SU! Your classes and presentations are always my absolute favorite! Your your sense of humor, your heart and your spirit always shines through in everything I have seen!

You will be greatly missed by all of us! I just left a comment for Jaron and I wanted to repeat a part of it here. One of my favorite memories from any SU event and I have been to lots is from Leadership in Houston. You, Jaron, Bonnie and Jill sang For Good. That performance and that song touched me deaply then and today it takes on a whole new meaning. We are all better for having known you. You have touched all of our lives.

Thank you so much for inspiring and educating us. You will be greatly missed.

Wyoming Angels said...

Linda, you sure know how to inspire people. You are a naturally fun loving person with awesome talent. I will most certainly miss watching those grand demonstrations and videos. I didn't notice the hair I was too excited as I watched you weild your magic! Gosh you have such a way of captivating your audience. I am blessed to have gotten to see you last year at convention. You were a great inspiration to me and my friend. Thoughts and prayers are with you in this tricky time. Teresa in Cheyenne, WY

Diane Barnes said...

Hi Linda
I had the pleasure of seeing you present at Sydney convention last year. What an amazing lady you are! I'm very sad to hear the news but I really believe there will be new & fantastic opportunities for someone as talented as you. Wishing you all the best, Di

Leonie Schroder said...

Linda you'd come and do a speech for my team?? lol oh and I also need a hair cut for convention in TWO weeks! Glad to see you looking to the future and I too have been sad at some of the things said. Wendy's sounds like an awesome place to meet & eat ;) maybe one day!

hugs from your Aussie Mate, Leonie

Anonymous said...

Linda, you are so sweet! This is why we love you! Your kind words and presentations have motivated me, but your gentle spirit and amazing grace is even more uplifting. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to chat and share with you at the London Regionals. Thank you for being such a leader and role model. As you move forward I wish you luck with your future endeavours!

Sue said...

You are the BEST Linda. I remember when you started with SU! It seems like you were the #1 trainer and I remember your first class. I have laughed and laughed with you and now I am crying for you. Two days straight to be exact. I am heart broken that we won't see you at convention or regionals. I will never understand this in a million years. You don't cut the best. You are the best and so is Jaron. I always gave you rave reviews in my convention survey. I will be going to convention this year, which is my 10th. and I'm sure there will be some great classes, but NO ONE can replace you!!My prayers and love are with you and I will keep following your blog to see what God has in store for you.

simplystephanie said...

The moment I bet you at convention, I knew you were one special lady! Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. With your attitude, any business would be lucky to have you! Thank you for all that you have done for SU! You will be missed! -Stephanie

stampurr said...

dearest linda...Thank you for your love, encouragement, and devotion to all of us...your are truly a beautiful and wonderful person...i remember when you first cut your hair short and you family wasn't quite sure they liked it...well, being the hairdresser that i am... I LOVED IT!!and i want to thank you for all you kindness to me when i was on crutches at leadership last year...GOD has a great plan for you..love always Cindi Thurmond

carolm said...

dear linda. you and i already exchanged a few words on facebook, but i just wanted to let you know how every much I appreciate your talent, humor and faith.

(God has been good to us these past two years that i have been unemployed, but i have never had a better attitude)

i think you will be successful in any venture you pursue and i wish you luck.

i would love to be your fb friend to keep up with you.

xox ~ carol marbach

Meredith said...

Linda I just wanted to thank you for all the inspiration that you have given me at the many SU events that I have been lucky enough to see you at! You have such a wonderful outlook on life and I love that about you!!! I am so saddened to hear that you are no longer with SU and want you to know just how much you will be missed!!! I wish nothing but the best for you! I will be listening for your voice on a commercial (you would totally ROCK at voiceovers!!!!!) If you are ever in the NJ area, please come on by! I would LOVE to have you!

MaryE said...

I am just shocked. I have long felt that along w/ several others, you were the heart and soul of Stampin' Up. I just know that there is a door, marked with your name, just waiting for you to come through.

Caroline said...

Darling Linda, you ARE the best! I was so happy to work with you at the London Regionals, and you didn't even make fun of how pathetically sick I was (you're so sweet!)

And I *will* take you up on your offer -- are you willing to fly out to Toronto this fall? I'd so pay you the big bucks to come and present to my team!!! :) :) :)

hugs from Canada,

Christine said...

I'm glad your day was a little sunnier. You are a wonderful lady and I know that Gods plan is in the works! Keep in touch.. xtinejonick79@gmail.com It was great meeting you at our lil' hawaiian luau! Lots of Love,

Anonymous said...

Love you Linda! Hang in there and know how special you are!
{{{{{inky hugs}}}}}

RoStamps4Fun said...

The "Super Presenter" will surely be missed this year at convention.
I wish you all of God's Blessings in your future endeavors. I am sure that there will be many. As no one can overlook your over-whelmingly awesome personality!
You make everyone smile,Linda, whether they want to or not! You are a gracious, and lovely person inside and out. I am a better person for having met you.
I hope that the sunshine finds the "Sunshine Lady"...and follows her throughout her life. You are that rising sun, Linda....Keep bright and beautiful as you are.
All my good thoughts and prayers..most sincerely....
Rose Mary

prbert66 said...


I am just beside myself that Stampin' Up! made the decision to include you in their layoffs. You are without a doubt tied for my # 1 Stampin' Up! presenter (Jaron being tied with you). I will never forget all of you AWESOME skits and GREAT classes. You always shared something that I could take home and immediately put into play in my SU business. My favorite was the class when you suggested we changed from a mindset of a class (WORK) to a PARTY (Fun). Ever since that class I have worked very hard to call it a PARTY.
I will miss seeing you at convention and regionals.

You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. You are a very STRONG and resilient lady and EXTREMELY CLASSY and TALENTED too. You will make it through this.

Love ya Linda!!!

Pam Bert
Oklahoma City, OK

Hi, I'm Lee Conrey! said...

It's so good to hear the smile in your tone today.
You will make it through this I'm sure of that.
I would love for you to come and speak to my group....that would be awesome. Would you like a little vacation in florida? We'd love to have you!!
Please don't ever stop being you. You are one classy lady!!!

Stellar Stamps said...

You don't know me but who doesn't know you? You have been one of the highlights of SU events for me. I was laid off last fall and I understand all the emotions plus the disappointment by the lack of a closing pat on the back from your superiors. Your attitude is flawless and it'll get you through. Take care and know that there are thousands (literally) of demonstrators giving you many hugs and sending you messages of peace. He does provide and what it looks like He has provided you so far is your pure heart and soul. You'll be fine. Many hugs from Stella MacKay of California

Erica B. said...

I just wanted to let you know that I always enjoyed the classes you taught at regionals and convention. You have such a bright personality and you will be missed. Good luck with the voice over commercials! That does sound like fun.
Erica- Albuquerque NM

Leslie said...

Linda, you are awesome. I am so glad I got a chance to meet you at convention 2008. You have always been my *idol* and you will be missed.

Hey, if you ever need a great hairstyle, and a chance to stamp, you can come to my house and I will just drop dead when I open the door. LOL

Love and prayers for you and your family.

mom48 said...

I don't know how this could happen! You are one of our favorites. Didn't they know that?
Well, they sure do now!

Obviously you have touched so many people and I hope you know that the Demonstrators appreciate your years of service and training to us.

I will always remember that if you don't want to miss the cell calls when the phone is on vibrate, keep the phone in your "bra-ket".

We will be following/stalking you through your blog. Your great attitude and sense of humor will get you through this bump in the road.