Thursday, April 30, 2009

I've Been Sucked into Cyberspace!!!

Help, I've been sucked into cyberspace. I can't wait to get up in the morning, check my blog, read the comments, check my e-mail, connect with my friends and family, check what's happening in Face Book. You get the picture! So, I had to limit myself yesterday until I got some other chores done. Needless to say ... I didn't post anything yesterday.

Nonetheless ... it was a terrific day! Since you all know that I enjoy saving a few bucks by cutting my hair myself, I decided that I could certainly cut Dieter's hair and save myself $50 every few weeks taking him to the groomer. So ... I bought some dog clippers for $200. You heard me right! I didn't have to pay that much for people clippers! So, with clippers, scissors, and comb in hand I proceeded to take Deiter out back on the picnic table and shave him down. Wow ... the clippers worked great and his back was as smooth as satin. Then it was time for the trimming of his skirt and legs. After trimming one leg, Lynn said, "You just made his foot look like a chicken's foot. Don't cut the other three legs like that one." So, with scissors in his hand, and scissors in my hand, we both went to work on both sides of the dog. I must confess that his skirt was cut a little higher than it should have been and his legs look fragile and skinny without much hair on them. But I did knick his ear bad and it bled quite a bit. I felt terrible. But .... I just gave him a $200 haircut and it looked better than before. So there! Three more haircuts and I will have paid for my clippers!

Yesterday afternoon I received a beautiful hand-stamped card from Shelli Gardner telling me thank-you for my service to the demonstrators and how much she will miss me. I've been waiting for her thank-you card, because if you know Shelli like I know Shelli, she would definitely send a thank-you card. Now I have to send her a thank-you card for the generous severance package she gave me. I just hate to stamp for her because it takes me forever trying to get the perfect card to send to her.

So ... where does the time go? Look at this picture of my little family. No ... they're not all my kids, just seven of them. The other three are my sister's kids. We had taken our annual trek to Montana to visit my sister and her family. We stopped off in Helena to show the kids the hotel, restaurant and health spa that we managed when we were first married. The Sleeping Giant Lodge was the name of the place. It's still there but the name has changed. We brought our first born, Angie, to this home. We lived in the presidential suite of the hotel, but we didn't even have a full kitchen, just a burner, tiny sink, and a half refrigerator. We didn't stay long after she was born and soon left for Salt Lake to find employment there.

So ... you're probably wondering about my resume. Well ... I got a call from the company and they want to visit with me. She's calling back to set up a time. Yikes ..... I'm so excited, nervous, scared, worried ... you name it ... I've got it!
You'd be proud of me. I just moved my computer, printer, monitor, keyboard, and sound system from my craft room to my office in the family room. Hooked everything up and I still have internet connection. Pretty good for an old lady, don't you think?
Got some more chores to do. Have a fabulous Thursday!


Caroline said...

you're just SO productive, it's very inspiring!

And yes... FaceBook etc is addictive, that's why they call it CrackBook! :)

See you in 6 months! LOL!!!!

Stampin' With Angie said...

WOW! You were busy! I'm not surprised you moved everything and it works....I think you're definitely the "take charge" type!

I'm so excited about your interview and can't wait to hear about your great new job!! ;o)

I think tomorrow may be my "break" (even though today was a very minimal internet day)! I need to get my daughter's invitations done so they can go in the mail next week! Tell me...does it ever slow down or do your kids age 5 years every time you blink?!

bcyhand said...

You make my heart sing! a bit corney but true. God Bless! Deb

Jaimie Gvozdas said...

Wishing you the best interview ever!!! You'll do GREAT!!! Just be yourself!!! They'll be crazy if they don't hire you on the spot!

Patty Bennett said...

Linda.... just 2 words for you .. YOU ROCK! :) :) Sending you 2 of my "roses" cards on MOnday.. they are almost as good as "just picked" from the garden.. but they don't quite smell as good as my garden... love ya! Patty

sue said...

I know what you mean about cutting your dog's hair. I had never had a dog that needed to be groomed then suddenly I had two big ones. I rescued a pair of Golden doodles. I had them groomed shortly after getting them and it was just over $100. So I started looking for clippers. Spent $200 on them and like the shape of my babies better than the groomers. Then I got a miniture poodle to go with them so I've definitly paid for my clippers in about 6 months. I too clipped an ear so I know your pain. Hurts all the way to your toes, and I felt guilty for days. Shoot I still fee guilty and that was last year.