Monday, April 13, 2009

Now I See Where Sarah Gets It!!

So ... it's a laid back Saturday. I should be house cleaning and grocery shopping. But I was excited to try out my $40 worth of cookie decorating supplies and a great sugar cookie recipe so I got up early to try my hand at decorating. Cookies are cooling ... one sugar cookie flooded and ready for the design. Phone rings and Ginger asks what I'm doing. Wants to know if I would like some help. Would love it! The girls arrive and we proceed to decorate the cookies. Talk about fun!

I feel great ... I remembered Brian's birthday, which is today ... Happy Birthday, Brian ... and Ginger's on the 25th. Then I was reminded that it's Ginny's birthday tomorrow. Ooops ... I forgot that one! We decide to go to Toys R Us whereI'll let her pick out a birthday gift. I run into my dark closet to put on a pair of shoes. As I'm climbing out of the car, Taylor says, "Ummmm ... granny ... you have two different colored shoes on!" I looked down and sure enough ... I have the same kind of shoe on each foot, only one is brown and one is black! Oh well ... I figure that if I look everyone in the eye and smile, no one will look down at my feet and notice! I don't think anyone did ... I never saw anyone pointing and whispering.

Later that day the Ads and Laurel dropped by for a few on their way to pick up Chinese food for the sick boy at home. It was darling to hear the Ads tell us what the temple is when asked.

Yesterday morning Lindsey called and asked if they could visit after dinner. I told her to come on out and we'd eat dinner together. She asked what she should bring and then started rambling off a list of goodies. I had her on speaker phone while Dad was saying his prayer. While kneeling at the bed, he said, "Twice baked potatoes!" I had purchased a turkey breast at Harmons, thinking that it would feed plenty. We had Mom and Dad and Reese over for dinner too. Well ... when I took the turkey breast out of the oven and noticed the hard crusty skin, it reminded me of the turkey on Christmas Vacation when they cut into it, it exploded. Do you remember the crunchy sound while they were chewing on their turkey? Well ... that was a lot like the turkey I cooked yesterday. I did save grace by throwing a few chicken breasts into the Rocket to save the day!

Then later that day Angie, Boyd and the boys dropped by. And Ryan and Camie and the kids got home from Zions and gave us a call. It would have been even more perfect to have seen them, along with Nat and Neal and the girls!

I have a late night video shoot tonight so I don't have to go into work until later this afternoon.


The Peton's said...

Yup. Now I know where Sarah gets it. I love your attitude about just looking people in the eye and smiling - keep them focused on you, not your shoes. Reminds me of the time about a year ago when I was absent a bra and speaking in front of lots of people. I just thought, "I'll just make this so good, they won't even notice my 7 months pregnant bra-less-ness." Good times.

DJ and Gin Family said...

That was so funny! The girls have been talking about those cookies non stop. Also, Ginny LOVES her new toy, she wanted to wear the necklace to church yesterday.

Shannon said...

That was a fun update! :) You are so funny!!! We had a ham similar to your turkey. haha