Elder Eyring is My Favorite Speaker!

Yep ... they saved the best til last for the morning session of General Conference ... Elder Eyring! Not only do I love to hear this humble man speak but I enjoy reading his talks over and over again. I always find something new in the same talk I read over several times. I loved Elder Hales talk too!

It's soooo nice laying around the house ... not doing a thing ... no makeup on ... waiting for another session of General Conference! I shopped for weekly groceries last night so I wouldn't have to go out of the house today. Nice ... very nice!

Priesthood session tonight .... home alone. Guess I'll go over and visit Mom while the guys are gone. Reese is staying overnight and then having his friend over for dinner tomorrow. We're meeting her for the first time. This should be interesting. I can't wait to meet her! Returned missionary even!!

Oops ... Nat ... if I spelled Abigail's name wrong on my blog I must have spelled it wrong on my geneology sheet. Yep ... only I spelled it Abbigal. I'll correct it so I'll get it right next time.

Back to afternoon conference in a few minutes....!


DJ and Gin Family said...

I got to listen to a crying baby all day. No, not DJ, but Reesie has a fever. I finally let the big girls play outside during the second session so that I could actually listen, and could stop telling them to be quiet.
What a nice conference it was.

carol gilmore said...

Hi Linda, I am so sad and totally in shock to hear this horrible news. I want you to know that you touched my life as you have thousands, in so many ways. I remember your smile, your voice,your warm friendship. Please know that my heart is aching for you, and I THANK YOU for everything you have done not only for SU, but all the thousands of demonstrators, and for me. For taking the time to get to know me, and for how much you have touched so many lives. Please know that you will always be welcome in my home, and you have a place to stay in Albuquerque. Please keep in touch, Hugs Carol Gilmore