Thursday, May 7, 2009


Who would have thought a few weeks ago that I would be interviewing for a new position? Not I...! But I had my first job interview this morning. Don't ask how it went! I honestly have no idea what I said. I was very comfortable with the panel and they were delightful! Oh well ... if I don't get the position at least it was a great experience for many more interviews, I'm sure.

Other than getting up early, cutting my own hair, giving myself a manicure and a pedicure, ironing my clothes and putting on the ritz, I haven't done a dang thing. I think the interview kinda took some of the oomph outa me. I'm tired!

Our dear, sweet Lori just accepted a position teaching the 6th grade. She's a wonderful teacher and I'm happy for those little kids that are getting her for their teacher. Geez, I miss her! That was one of the best parts of my job at Stampin' Up! ... getting to sit in between her and Jaron. Sometimes they would call each other on the phone, while they were at their desks, because they couldn't see over me to carry on their conversation. They're both kinda small people. :)

And that Jaron ... who can make me laugh more than him? He's going to have an offer at a company shortly. Let's hope we both get snatched up quickly. I just wish that Lori and Jaron and I could be working together!

If you want to see the great watercolor technique that Patty Bennett taught, click on her link on the right side of my blog page. You won't have to go back too far to watch it. I'll get out my camera to see if I can video tape it and post it on my blog too. But you're right, I embossed the image in white and then did a wash with ink refills, let it dry just a little, and then came back in with darker colors around the edges and in the center.

Hmmm ... I'm feeling like workiing in the yard. Perhaps I should go pull some weeds, but cute, little Paula Deen is calling to me. I loooove watching her cook! Isn't she delightful? And her recipes are fabulous. I promise I'll post the chicken and biscuit and gravy recipe. But like I mentioned last night, it's a heart attack wating to happen. I don't make it often because I have to watch my weight, you know! I'm getting it out there, so I can watch it!! Hahahaha!

Later, baby!


DJ and Gin Family said...

Hey, if you feel like doing some yardwork, there's plenty at my house, haha!
I'm sure that you were great in your interview. You're always great!!

Stamp in Sam's Garage said...


You Survived! You're sounding much happier these days, and I'm glad you're seeing the blessings in not working full-time. I was in "your boat" about 6 years ago, so I can relate to all you're feeling. I'm close to you in age (maybe older), so know that trying to find a job isn't easy. Good luck with the results of that interview!

SO GLAD to hear about Lori. She's such a doll, and I was worried about her, as well.

Sam Slimak

Shelly in the NW said...

i've been reading along with your adventure - you seem to really be making the most of it. I was just watching The Today Show the other day and they were saying that during a time of lay-offs the best thing you can do is keep your routine (getting up and getting ready for the day) and keeping active, both physically and mentally through reading,learning and trying new things. It sounds like you are doing all those things so when the right opportunity presents itself you will be READY! :)

I'm pulling for you.

Shannon said...

I was cleaning out my desk today and I found a card from Jaron from awhile back that said: I love working with you! Don't go anywhere without me....except the bathroom of course."

hahahahaha I had a good hearty laugh for several minutes and had to share it w/Carrie too! He honestly is one of the funniest people I know. I should be posting this on his blog but instead I'll just tell him to come read it.

p.s. your card is gorgeous!!! can't wait to hear more about your interview!!!

Jennifer said...

Linda, I wish you the best of luck! I will truly miss you at convention and can't wait to hear who snags you up! Your card is beautifyl, by the way!

Lydia said...

I suggest a nap! There's so little time just to be lazy, and your non working time will go too fast!

We made Paula Deen's bananas foster last night and they were awesome!!! Just butter and brown sugar - spectacular. Love her.

DonnaJ9 said...

Congrats on your interview! And good on Lori for getting a teaching job. Tell her though that little kids have sitcky fingers sometimes! :) That ought to make her think twice, but she can stock up on wet wipes. I hope Jaron gets the job too. It all still makes me sad to see the gang splintered like that. Love ya! Donna