Monday, June 8, 2009

Last Day ... Best of All!

We've had an amazing time with two of our good friends who went with us to London, Dennis and Elaine Owen. We've known them for years! Dennis and Lynn have worked together for years at various engineering firms. They do a little side business together and that's how we're paying for this marvelous trip. They have been wonderful traveling companions. We make a great team! Dennis and Lynn look like they could be brothers. I have to be careful when we travel with them because sometimes I almost put my arms around Dennis because I mistake him for Lynn!I would have to say that today has been the best day of all. We took the underground to Waterloo Station and bought train tickets to Hampton Court. It was without a doubt, the most amazing experience. When we first got off the train and walked across the Thames River we got our first glimpse of the castle. It was by far larger than I had ever imagined!

We first toured the king's kitchens. The inside of the castle was stone walls and floors with extremely high ceilings and fireplaces that were larger than several people put together. It took 200 kitchen staff to cook for 600 people, twice a day!

Just a typical room in Mary's quarters. Hampton Court is where Anne Boleyn and Katherine Parr lived as well as Mary and I think Elizabeth lived. And of course Henry the 8th lived here some of the time. His other wives may have lived here too. William the third had quarters here too. The living accomodations for the elite were beyond words!

Queen Mary's bed chamber.

I acutally took this picture through a glass windowpane from the King's quarters. Aren't the gardens amazing!

Here's the four of us in front of the palace.

I was REALLY scared when I saw Henry the Eighth roaming the halls of the palace. I ran to get in front of him to take his picture. He said, "Have a very good day, Ma'am." I did a little dipsy do and couldn't even eak out a hello. I was afraid he would say, "Off with your head ... for taking my picture!" He actually looks a lot more handsome than the pictures painted of the real Henry the Eighth!

This is the back of the palace which faces the most amazing grounds I've ever seen!

There's that word I HATE ... only I can't figure out why in the heck I'd want to use a disabled toilet???

It was a beautiful sunny day and towards late afternoon the clouds started rolling in. But we never got rain. This is walking along the Thames to catch the train. What a beautiful ending to a beautiful day!

We have a long day tomorrow. Catch our ride to the airport at 8:00 a.m. and then our flight leaves for Houston and it's over 10 hours! Horrors ... and then another 3 1/2 to home. We're gonna' be tired, but happy from the most amazing trip we've ever had!

Hope we can come back again to see all of the amazing things we didn't get to see. Thanks for all of your suggestions for our site seeing. They really helped us decide what to see and do.


Butternut Sage Designs said...

wow, Linda thank you so much for a wonderful I need to go. My ancestors are all from England and how fun it would be to roam the streets that they walked. The Palace gardens are to die for! yum. This is my neighbors home that is for sale....with gorgeous gardens as well. I can only dream!!! The site is UK but the home is 20 m iles from Boston!

Richard said...

It looks like you have been enjoying your time away. May God continue to bless you in every way possible. I had not had the opportunity to say how much I will miss you at SU! Best of luck always...

Stampin' Up! With Elizabeth said...

I've enjoyed every minute of your trip with you - I feel like you were walking in my shoes. I'm just a little home sick. Big Hugs my friend for a safe journey home.

Elizabeth (can you talk like me now?) - LOL

Caroline said...

"only I can't figure out why in the heck I'd want to use a disabled toilet???"

LOL -- you're the best, Linda!! Have I ever told you that? :)

KAREN KANE said...

Isnt Hampton Court the most amazing place ever?? Every time I go to London I want to go there again and again. Just beautiful, and such history! I even got to listen to a service once in the chapel. Glad you are having such a good time!

Jan Farring said...

Hi Linda

I'm just a "fan" from SU and was sent your blog from my upline's upline!! We were in London at the same time and saw many of the same things. We left on the 9th (yesterday) too - after Kathy sent your blog, I watched at the airport to see if I might catch a glimpse, but didn't. I just can't wait to read your entire blog! I made one too. We also stayed close to Victoria Station - would have been wonderful to recognize you on the streets of London and I'm sorry our paths didn't cross. Here's my blog

Lisa said...

Hey Linda-

Your posts make me want to go to England even more! What a fun trip. I am so glad you have had such great time.

Dale said...

Ahh Linda, your pictures from England are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. You have inspired me to set a goal for a travel date to England. My husband and I (and two children) vacationed in Paris for 10 days in May of this year and the history and architecture is so beautiful.
I look forward to coffee with you each day as I peak inside of your life and see just what you are up to.