Friday, June 12, 2009

"Lay Off ... I'm STARVING!"

O.K. ... Isn't that a line from Chris Farley? I remember my kids saying that line and then laughing. Kind of like, "I live in a van down by the river." O.K. ... what's some more? Something about not brushing his teeth and sweating. I can hear Reese in my mind imitating Chris and using the air quotes as he's swinging his arms like a monkey!

Day Three ... of the 1,000 calorie diet. Woke up at 4:00 a.m. I'm hungry!But I've never, never, never gotten up at night to eat. And I didn't ... just thought about my hunger. I did get up and weigh myself, thinking that perhaps I had lost at least 5 pounds after starving myself for the past two days. But lo and behold ... I weigh exactly the same weight! BOOOOO! Can't wait for the surgery!

A good friend called last night and gave me some emotional support. She had the surgery some years ago and has been very successful with it. In fact, she was only in the hospital for two days and was back to work that weekend. She said that it wasn't hard on her at all, and she had a 12" cut on her abdomen. At least I get the laproscopy incisions, so that shouldn't be nearly as bad ... hopefully.

Back to waking up so early... I start thinking about all of the projects I'm working on and try and design and figure out things in my mind and then I can't sleep. I put a notebook and pen by my bed and this has helped immensely. When I think of things I just jot them down on paper and then it seems to clear my mind. It's amazing when I read the paper later to find that I was actually being inspired by Him. It's not something that I brilliantly came up with. It's inspiration from above and I need to stay in tune to receive it.

Hmmm... what am I going to do today? I received my packet of In Color paper, inks, ribbons, and refills yesterday. It was like Christmas. Even though I had been using them at the home office the past few months, there's something more magical when they're your own! I think I'll be creative today and come up with some amazing creations. I'll be posting them on U2 Stamp with Dawn and Friends, along with video support of the projects, and a PDF file that you can download for instructions. You'll want to quickly sign up for the next session of U2 Stamp. Just click on the icon at the side of my blog to sign up.

Oh ... if you're in the Toronto area, make sure to sign up for the Stampin' Palooza event. There are only a few seats available and tickets are flying out the window. Caroline Le Bel just announced the new stamp set that you will be receiving at the event. She has an amazing show planned for you. You won't want to miss it!

And, one more item of business. I have a great friend in Florida who created an amazing site for you to sell your paper crafts, E Willow. com.For a small registration fee you can post and sell your projects on this site and they do all of the advertising for you. It's a beautiful site, professional and eye appealing which will draw many customers. Click on the E Willow icon at the top of my page for more information.

And the biggest news of all .... drum roll please ... I'm going to have a new grandson in November! Laurel, my 6th child and her husband Brian just found out yesterday that they are having a boy. They make the most beautiful babies and I can't wait to hold this one in my arms. I had a 'girl' baby blanket already made for the next child to give me a girl. Guess I'd best be sewing up a blankie for a boy.

One more thing ... Congratulations to Diana Gibbs who received the Artisan Award ... one of the top 10. She will receive $500, plus a $500 shopping spree from the catalog, recognized at Convention, and attend dinner with Shelli and the 9 other award winners. Isn't that amazing? I'm so proud of her! See people, it pays to submit your artwork to Stampin' Up!

Happy Friday!


Lorie said...

In a van down by the river...I'd forgotten about that! Thank you, Linda, for being such an inspirational person!

Next time you are hungry try to drink some water. It may or may not help but it sure won't hurt! :o)

Diana Gibbs said...

Hi Linda,
Hang in there, you can do it. My sister lost a whole lot of weight and it was all in the combination of foods. She also told me that as soon as I wake up to drink water, it starts your metabolism.
I so enjoyed your holiday postings, what beautiful pictures you took, and I loved how you would get the guys mixed up, cause they really do look like brothers.
Thanks so much for your kind words on the Artisan Award, I almost fell off my chair when Brent called. I am excited to see what this SU! year brings.

Brian, Laurel & Addison said...

Mom, I'm your 5th child. You had 7, remember? Hope this one is cute. We only have 1 other to go off the fact that we make cute kids!

Love you!

Stay positive as always with your diet. The first week is ALWAYS the hardest! Have you tried eating flavored rice cakes? 1 caramel rice cake is only 50 calories. Great for a sweet fill.

The Peton's said...

Yeah, La is child # 5, Mom. I think lack of food is messing with your brain :) Sorry you're so hungry. I'm with Laurel - the flavored rice cakes work really well, and you can even put some reduced fat skippy (creamy) on the caramel rice cakes, and they're awesome!

Jaron said...

Linda- I say you and I try to find some "dates" for the SU Awards Night so that we can go cheer on all our old pals!! What a blast that would be. I will get right on the task, eh? There has to be someone willing to drag ua along. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow would you be my guests????how cool would that be, my first convention and tagging with me, Everyone's favorite SU people!!!! wow, I sure can dream big! Love everything about your blog and you, you inspire me to be more than I am......Love to you and yours, and I'm sure God is watching out for you! Deb

Jacki Montgomery said...

Thank you for such a great laugh this morning. I was reading your blog and I loved the new design so I decided to comment about it. Sorry, but that fact that your children corrected you on what number child Laurel was has me in tears. I loved it! Reminded me of my mom and brought a huge smile to my face. Thank you. I really do love the new design.

Butternut Sage Designs said...

WOAH news galore here! How much fun! A new baby boy to smell and sweet. I love your inspiration story isn't that the truth! God bless us all....oh never mind He already does. Have a great day!