Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Saturday!

Where does the week go? Geez, when you're un-employed it's hard to remember what day of the week it is! I wake up in the morning and have to think really hard, what day it is.

I'm being lazy this morning. I still haven't showered and have been on the phone with my number 6th child, Lindsey. Is that right, kids? Did I get it right this time? Gettin' old ain't for sissys! I've also been working on an invention that I hopefully can market. Can't talk about it just yet. It's in the design stages and I'm having a ball creating it. Who knows ... it may not fly ... but it's sure fun dreaming and designing and seeing it come to life!

Day 3 of the 1,000 calorie diet. Is Day 3 of the diet supposed to be the hardest day? I think so! Breakfast was white, cheddar popcorn .... 1 3/4 cups for only 160 calories. Not too bad, but not a very healthy breakfast. I just happened to find the popcorn in the TV room that had been there for the past week while we were in England. What a find! I greedily began cosuming it, hoping that I wasn't eating more than my alloted measurement. I swished it down with a Berry Fresca soda ... no calories and definitely no nutrition. Why oh why am I starving at 11:30 a.m.? Hmmm ... I spy some shrimp in the fridge that I thawed the night before. Ooooh ... that will be good. Just shrimp ... not fried or breaded ... just the nice big Costco frozen shrimp. Yum, that tasted good. Then I finished the meal up with a slice of bread. Nothing on it ... just a slice of bread. Remember ... I haven't gone grocery shopping since being back from my vacation. I have next to nothing in the fridge ... no fresh veggies or fruit. I'm starving by dinner time. It's date night, always on Friday. What am I going to eat when we go out? Decisions, decisions. We ended up at Applebees and I ordered the most delicious Weight Watchers Lime Chicken Chili Salad. It was only 5 points. Not sure how many calories that is, but I wasn't worried, it looked healthy. It had a bed of spinach, mushrooms, fresh purple onions, red peppers, just a smattering of low-fat cheese, a few pieces of grilled chicken and then the most divine dressing that had quite a 'kick' to it. It left a hot sensation in my mouth. It was wonderful! And I was completely satisfied after eating it.

Today is Day 4 of the diet. I think I can do this! I'll go grocery shopping today and load up on fruits and veggies and rice crackers and I should do just fine. Thanks for all of your tips and suggestions and encouragement to keep me going on this pre-surgery diet. You're the best!

Better be hopping in the shower. Well, I won't actually hop. I think I'll just stand there and shower.

Happy Saturday!


Butternut Sage Designs said...

hey there! You are doing great and still as chipper as ever.....I am impressed. You would be an awesome ww speaker!!!! How much fun they would have playing with you....DO GOOD TODAY I am cheering you on! ~Donna

Melanie said...

Hey Linda...the salad at Applebee's was probably *roughly* 250 calories...I say roughly, because it depends on calories, fat and fibre to get the points...

Good luck! You can do it! Eat some more "filling foods" -- high fibre, protein filled foods that will keep you fuller longer.

Take care!


Simmy said...


You are doing great on your pre-surgery diet. Staying at 1,000 is a tough thing to do! Anyhow, the applebees salad has: 250 cals, 6g. fat, 6g. fiber, and 7 g. protein. A great site to find nutritional information is:

simmy :-)

Stampmaster said...


Well at least you get to eat. Two weeks before my gastric bypass I could only have clear liquids I lost 27 lbs in two weeks. That was hard but you know I think I would choose a liquid diet over what you are putting yourself through with all those empty calorie food. With Chicken noodle soup I would make it like normal (what the directions read) then I would drain the liquid in a bowl and then freeze the noodles for when the soft food diet comes along. Thaw out what noodles you need per your amount you are suppose to eat. but that is later down the road. but this is just an idea?? I am not sure how drastic of the gastric bypass you are going but I had the major one done so 2 weeks before my surgery liquid diet, after my surgery liquid diet for another 6 to 8 weeks, then I got to start soft (and I mean soft) foods. email me if you are interested in any more info. Lots of luck and wished coming your way.

Bev Dahl said...

Hang in there Linda .. we in Colorado at MHS are behind you 100% and really feel your pain with the diet and the loss of your job. I am one of those. I lot my job in January just 2 months short of my 20th Anniversary. So much for seniority, Huh!