Monday, July 27, 2009

Camping and Three Favorite TV Shows!

So ... we went camping and it was wonderful! For those of you who know me well, I LOVE to camp! Seriously ... give me clean water, an air mattress, some wood and some matches and I'm in 7th heaven. I used to make my bed out of pine boughs and throw my sleeping bag on top, stretch a piece of canvas between two trees over my head and I was queen for the day.

Now that I'm a little older and my bones are a little creakier ... I can't sleep on the ground like I used to. The tent trailer is very nice to take camping. It's fully equipped with everything I need and it doesn't take long to throw a few things in an ice chest, grab a change of clothes and we're out the door! We went to a beautiful place in the Uintah mountains by a gorgeous reservoir, and yes it was bear country. I told Ethan, my grandson, that I was going to teach him how to cook pizza in a cardboard box. He thought it was great that his granny was going to teach him how to make pizza out of cardboard! (If only I could ...)! I lined a cardboard box with tin foil, put some briquets on the ground, placed 4 pop cans in each corner of the briquets, placed a wire rack on top of the pop cans, placed the pizza on top of the rack and then covered it with the box. In a few minutes we had really good pizza. We baked orange rolls for dessert. And no .. . I didn't have either. I warmed up my bean with bacon soup and it was delish!

We had a fun evening visiting and watching the grandkids burn marshmallows on their roasting sticks. No ... they never eat the smores ... just like playing in the fire and waving their hot wires around the fire, threatening to endanger eyes and burning the flesh off of our legs!

We had to pack up the next morning to go home because the site was reserved for the day and we didn't have a spot. But it was fun taking the trailer out for the first time this season. My hubby sleeps with a C Pap machine and we were able to use an inverter which drew power from the battery and his machine worked for the first time while camping. That was nice ... no snoring while enjoying the beastly sounds surrounding the trailer during the night.

O.K. ... I have to admit that I've grown very fondly of three TV programs that are on Sunday evening. America's Next Food Network Star, Army Wives, and Drop Dead Diva! Next to The Amazing Race, these are my top three programs. I've only watched a few episodes of Army Wives and I really got a kick out of last night's episode. I thought about all of our demonstrators out there and had to laugh. There was a really shy gal who needed to bring in some extra income so decided to become an independent demonstrator to sell housewares. Her friend hosted the party in her home to support her first workshop. The demo is a shy, quiet gal and is reading her introduction from a sheet of paper, then suddenly stops and turns on the boom box which begins playing stripper music. She proceeds to introduce her line of ' housewears' by bringing her friend out in a sexy maid outfit. The look on each person's face at the party was priceless! They were expecting to buy a slotted spoon or a ladle for the kitchen. The crowd went wild when she introduced the edible panty line and she ended up closing the party at around $700. Now, since I've only seen the show three times, I'm not sure if it's a naughty show or if I should be recommending it, but the three episodes I've seen I've really enjoyed.

Drop Dead Diva is about two girls who die at the same time and the model perfect blonde girl comes back to earth in the heavy-set lawyers body. It's delightful!

And of course I get caught up in the cooking shows and love almost anything on the food network channel!

Let's talk about books for a second. Here's two that are a must read! "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows, and "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. They're both an easy read and delightful. The Last Lecture is a true story about a professor dying of Pancreatic Cancer. He gives wonderful wisdom and advice for living. We bought the Guernsey book at Costco for around $8. It took me about a quarter of the book to really get the feel of what was going on and then I fell in love with it and didn't want it to end.

Is it getting easier on the diet? I think so! I'm beginning to see the rewards while trying on a bunch of clothes this morning. Most of them fit me now where I used to be too big for them. I even bought a bag of jerky and tried a little bit for my lunch. It was great the first day but I didn't do as well with it the second day. Perhaps I ate too fast! I was beginning to think that I would go down in history for never having a bout with throwing up after having the surgery. Well, my record was broken the other day. Remember the salad I had for the first time? Well, it didn't go down as well the second time and I was pretty miserable for about an hour and a half. It just stuck in the opening to the new stomach and hurt, until I was able to get rid of it. Hmmm... my thought of delicious salad has now been replaced with something softer and easier to digest, like cottage cheese. Hopefully someday I'll be able to eat it, but for now I'll stay away from it. I did pick a couple of cherry tomatoes from my patio this morning. They were delish and I had no problem with them.

I've got some sewing to do today so I'd best get on the stick.

Have a great day!


frombootstostamps said...

I hope that the addition of foods continues to go well and you don't have any more problems!!!

As for the tv shows, the only one I've seen is Army Wives and I loved last nights because of the result of the war game. Having been in the AF, there are those men out there who treat women the way that guy was treating that gal, and it was nice to see him shown as the fool.

Oh, and you are doing SO GOOD at not eating all of the food that others have around you. That takes some will power!!


Charlene said...


I LOVED Army Wives until the season finale/season opener of the first and second seasons. I just couldn't bear to watch it after that. What happens is something that you NEVER see coming. You should Netflix or rent it and watch it from the beginning.

DJ and Gin Family said...


Joni said...

Linda, last night was a bit naughty & yet a fun episode! I know the show isn't typical of what happens on a base so just chalk it up to another soap...I really do enjoy the shiw. You can catch old episodes on Lifetime"s site-not sure how far back.
I'm so happy you got to camp, you are showing the rest of us how life is done! Keep it coming!

luv2stamp said...

I LOVE Drop Dead Diva! Just the way the lawyer walks around talking and acting like the blond model is PRICELESS! I watched it by accident when it first came on and couldn't turn away I AM HOOKED!

Ernie and Anita Thornton said...

So, before it gets to be midnight I wanted to tell you Happy Birthday. Wish you were going to lunch with us tomorrow. We'll miss you! Let's do it again sometime. . .

Terry Molineux said...

Linda....1. Camping ~ oh so not for me. My husband back many years talked me into going and had to sleep in a tent while the World Series was playing...I listened in the tent....then he told me while we were sleeping the flaps should be down...NOT!!! Woke up to so much moisture in the tent you could wring it out dry!

As for the diet....sorry to hear you are having a problem with salad but you are doing oh so well. Will power and all. I commend you. Wish I could do it!!!

As for the shows. Army Wives is great. I have been watching it since it first started and it is a great wholesome show. No worries on your recommendation that's for sure. Makes me upset at my father more because he wouldn't let me join when I was 18...I love him though and miss him dearly!!! As for this week's episode, because I am a demonstrator boy could I relate! It was comical how the spouses reacted too especially Roland's wife....and I too was glad that guy was caught and I love how she stood up on her vehicle with the smile of satisfaction on her face and when they came face to face with one another she didn't have to say a word but if the roles were reversed, I am sure he would have had something really nasty to say to her...Kudos to you girl!!!!

Drop Dead Divas...well let me tell you when I was seeing the coming attractions I said this show is going to be a dud....NOT!!!! I love it. I especially love 2 weeks ago when a girl lost her job because she gained 50 pounds. Jane did a terrific job with proof and all and it makes this society look to skinny people only and now I feel not only my old age but maybe my weight has a lot to do with me not finding a job for two years!

carolm said...

camping is so not me. give me running water, a flush toilet and a bed all enclosed within a relatively modern structure. haha.

the lecture is a great book. haven't read the other one though.
another awesome read is "the shack." it blew me away!

hope you had a lovely birthday.

xox ~ carol marbach.

Butternut Sage Designs said...

wow it sounds like you are having a ball, other then the minor salad set bck that is. Good gravy lady you are active LOL!!! I love, and admired Randy Pauch what a guy. Sort of the same outlook on life as you!!! Have a great evening...hugs~Donna

Stamp in Sam's Garage said...

Loved, loved, loved the Guernsey Potato Peel Pie book. I, too, didn't want it to end.

You're doing FABULOUS on your new diet - and looking great!

Continued success, Linda.

Jodeen Buehler said...

Linda, Regarding "The Last Lecture", I have not read the book, but have seen several of Randy Pausch's lectures on iTunes (for free).

I also stumbled upon his day to day blog as he was battling his disease ( You may want to read through his blog. His dedication to his family and his passion was truly inspiring. Best, Jodeen