Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wiggy Wednesday!

Hello Everyone!

Once upon a time ... not too awfully long ago ... there was a Stampin' Up! facilitator (wonder who that was?) who decided that every Wednesday we would wear our wigs for the day and call it Wiggy Wednesday. I was sooo excited for Wednesday to roll around. I grew up with many different colored wigs, hair length syles, falls, and wiglets, and love wigs! Wednesday rolled around and I chose to wear my new red wig. I looked stylin' and I felt great! I got to work and I was the ONLY one wearing a wig! How's that for team support? Well, I had to wear it for the rest of the day because my hair underneath the wig wasn't fit for human viewing. My daughter was horrified and embarrased that her mother had worn her wig to work! Others within the company thought that I looked great. And I had a fun day fooling everyone with my new 'do'.

Today's been a good day! And no, I didn't wear my wig. I had a luncheon to take care of for a family in the neighborhood whose mother's funeral was today. We actually buried her husband just 50 days ago. That's neat when an older couple can go to the other side so close together. We had so many ladies in the neighborhood who brought wonderful food for the luncheon. Everything turned out beautiful. It's a good feeling when you serve others.

Some of you have asked if I have plans on going to convention as a demonstrator. I thought about it, but in all honesty I just didn't feel like that was the place for me to be right now. What I mean is, I don't want to take anything away from the classroom experience or from the facilitator that may be on stage. I wouldn't want a big fuss made over me if I showed up at the event. I think that would be in poor taste. Some have asked if they can meet me some where. I haven't made any plans for that either. But, I wouldn't mind hearing what everyone is doing on their free night. Who knows ... perhaps I may just show up there. :)

I wanted to share with you what a one ounce portion of food looks like. Here's two one ounce portions. This was my lunch. Peanut butter in one and yogurt in the other. It was delicious! I just introduced peanut butter into my diet yesterday. Great source of protein. I put a child's spoon next to the cups so you can see the comparison. Not much food but when you take itty, bitty bites and chew and chew, it feels like a gormet meal.

Went to my first support weight loss group meeting tonight. Not sure how I felt about it. There were some long-timers there who kept asking questions and didn't give the newbies a chance to get their questions answered. I really wanted a networking meeting tonight and the chance to talk to other patients. One of the surgeons was there answering questions but the problem was there were people there who were considering the surgery, so they had a lot of questions too. Perhaps next month's meeting will be more geared to what I was expecting.

I think the best support that I'm getting right now, is YOU! I've had several of you share your weight loss stories and surgeries and it has inspired and motivated me to keep on this plan. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I look forward to your posts and thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Happy Thursday tomorrow~!


Terry Molineux said...

Linda sorry your meeting didn't go so well.

I love your style of writing. It is so interested and quite funny! I always get a chuckle. I may be in a down mood for the day, come to your blog and laugh and forget my worries...thanks for that.

I sure hope I get to see you at convention this year....not class or anything like that because I know how you are feeling but if you are meeting up for dinner sometime it would be great to see you.

BTW you look great!!!

carolm said...

linda, i want to know how you "chew and chew" yogurt and peanut butter. you're so cute.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Linda- On the Friday night of convention, Stampin is having a Meet and Greet at the Shiloh from 6:30 to 8:30. We would love to have you come as well! There are almost 100 Stampin' Up demos attending and we are doing some fun swaps!

You would have to sign up as a demo on the site to join the M&G group. The link is here..

It's also a fun place to chat about all things SU related!

Enjoy your new gourmet diet! best wishes on that! Liz

Anonymous said...

I totally understand that with your gracious nature, you're hesitant to go to Convention. Maybe next year? I'm not going this year either, so I know I would rather you go next year anyway! ;) I can then get a new picture of you for a before and after. You came up to say hi to a pal of mine (Brooke S.) and she also had me take pics of you since her battery died during one of your presentations last year. Anywho....

Those portions are just incredible to see in relation to the spoon. I can't imagine eating that little and feeling full - I guess that's the beauty of the surgery!! Glad to hear that with lots of chewing it can be satisfying too.

Take care and I hope you're having a fabulous day!


crazy savages said...

Oh Miss Lou!!!
Thats not enough food to keep a bird alive let alone my sweet sistee!! I think you should go to convention just so everyone can see the new most beautiful YOU!! Red wig and all, (You could match your big sister)
Well not now since I am grey!!!
Jump up on the table and do a table dance. that would show um!!!
Love ya lots,
Your Big sistee ugler...

The Peton's said...

Wow - who knew the caps to the pepto bismol would hold lunch. Sorry Mom. That looks like torture. No wonder you lose weight! Seems to me like gastric bypass is no easy way out.

Butternut Sage Designs said...

hey Linda, the comments from your loves are adorable! I am so enjoying your process. I think you should take a pic of your meals everyday so we can save the money on surgery and just eat what you are eating and look as good as you do in no time too! Then we can take the money we save and take you on a cruise next year! How does that sound! I am seriously thinking of trying it! Have agood night!

Shelly in the NW said...

i'm so grateful you are sharing your journey with all of us. I'm learning a lot! i do wonder if you are taking vitamins or something too? with that small portion of food, how do you get enough nutrients?, or do we really only NEED that much? gulp!

that is so kind of you to think of others during convention. i'm not attending this year, but hope you are able to 'meet up' with other demos and that those meetings go better than your support one! ha!

Lydia said...

I love the spoon you put there!!! Hilarious!

I'm having a get together for my blog readers and I'd LOVE for you to come!! I'll let you know the deets. There will be 30 or so there.

I refuse to go all the way to SLC and not hug u, so u better come! :D



Sylvia De Jong-Simpson said...

I just wrote you a very long comment, only to find out that I needed to be a member of Google and when I went to do that, my long comment was gone. Just wanted you to know that I am enjoying your journey through your blog. Would love to see you at convention but certainly understand your reservations and applaud your graciousness in not going this year. Cheryl and I would love to see you over at the Hilton, if you're in the area. We're having a small downline meeting at the Gathering Place, but that's not a good place for you to come. If you would like to get together, email me and I will give you my cell phone, if you don't have it already.
All those companies do NOT know what they are missing by not hiring you. You are such an asset to any organization that you would belong to. Their loss!!!
Continue to do well! Your "intestinal fortitude" is amazing!
love you,
Sylvia De JOng-Simpson
p.s. I do have another recipe for a main dish if you would like it.
Chicken Spaghetti. And it is awesome and feeds quite a crowd! Does take some preparation, however, but if you're in need of something let me know!

Tina Sieben, Stampin' Up Demonstrator said...

Linda I had the great pleasure of meeting you at convention last year. It broke my heart when I heard about the lay offs.

I am also going through the gastric bypass surgery. I found out today that we're submitting to insurance during the next week! One of my convention buddies told me about your surgery, so I had to come find your blog!

You look AMAZING! I can't wait to join you on the "loser's bench!"