Friday, August 7, 2009

Hugs, Kisses, Tears, Happy Moments!

Congratulations, Robyn Merriman on being selected for the Advisory Board!! Hooray!!!

Thanks to Belinda King for inviting me to the SCS dinner. It was amazing, awesome, fun, exciting and a wonderful chance to see all of you and get my loves and hugs!!

My great Mile Hi Stamper friends from Denver --- Connie Ingram.

This was the cutest group of demos who had used my idea from last year's convention to make their darling swap bags. Aren't they adorable?

Another Mile Hi Stamper with a beautiful project!

My darling table demonstrators!

One of my favorite friends, Sylvia DeJong-Simpson from Denver! Love, love, love her and Cheryl. Dang, I didn't get a pic of Cheryl!

One of my great blogging friends, Lydia Fiedler!

I'm bummed because I didn't get a picture of Dawn Rapsas who invited me to her Shoe Box Swap Tuesday night. That was sooo much fun. I actually experienced life as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator working two days on 60 full-sized card swaps and then getting back 60 incredible full-sized cards to use. I just found out that Dawn was named Demo of the Year (US) at last night's award's ceremony. Way to go Dawn! It didn't surprise me! I'm blessed to get to work with her on UStamp with Dawn and Friends again this Fall. Can't wait!

So what are these pictures all about? Since I wasn't a part of convention this year I received several invites to demo events this week. Talk about a wonderful time. In fact I had more fun this year than I've ever had at convention because I didn't have to work convention. I just got to play and be with the most fantastic people in the world!

How's the weight loss going? Well, for almost a week I didn't lose a single pound. Usually I gain weight when I fly, but I weighed the same weight when I came back as when I left. Kinda bummed because I didn't change my way of eating at all. Finally the scales went down three pounds this week. I weight 219 --- a weight loss of 31 pounds in 6 weeks. Not too shabby!

The diet is getting easier and easier to manage. This afternoon I made some homemade chicken noodle soup to take to some shut-ins in the ward and I was able to have a little bit. I just picked out the noodles and enjoyed the carrots, chicken, and celery. It was delish!

I started exercising last night on the recumbant bicycle. I only pedaled a little over 3 miles in 20 minutes so I'm pretty slow. But at least it's a start and I don't mind it because I can pedal while watching TV.

Night before surgery!

I don't think you can really tell how much weight I've lost from this picture. Lynn took it too close. I need to show you how lose the shirt is around my tummy as well as my pants. Those pants are stretchy pants and they just seem to conform to my shrinking size. I think they truly could be called one-size fits all!Model pose ... kinda turning to the side, just a little, to look just a little thinner! Ha ha ha ha!.This blouse was really tight on me in Hawaii. In fact the bottom botton didn't quite button.

Gotta run ... I made some homemade chicken noodle soup to take to some shut-in's in the ward and then I need to visit a sister (in the gospel) in the hospital.


Jenn Greeley said...

You look awesome!

frombootstostamps said...

You look fabulous!!!

So glad you're having a good time with the demos. Wish I could be there!!!


Sue said...

You look incredible - I can so tell from the picture, it is NOT too close. I am missing SLC and all of the excitement. Really glad to hear you are having a splendid time.

The Peton's said...

Your clothes are starting to look too big in all of your pictures. That's a nice problem to have. You look really good. Come to Oregon so that I can have a better look at you!

Sabrina said...

You are wonderful and it looks like you smile is contagious!

Kristin Markus said...

Lookin' great, Linda!

Shelly in the NW said...

i've been watching your adventures through the demos eyes and you have touched so many people by taking the time to come by their events. I so wish I could be there too.

every picture i kept thinking - wow you look great - happy!!! - and comfortable. :) Maybe it's because i am feeling the opposite that i notice it so much.

i'm glad you had a fun time. :)

airbornewife said...

Linda.. I'm glad to see that you got to go and hang out and have fun!! You look GREAT!!!

thanks for posting all the pics.


Triciasfabulosity said...


You look amazing... I am glad you got to go to the SCS dinner I am hoping to go next year.

Robin Merriman said...

Linda, you look as amazing on the outside as I know you are on the inside! It was fabulous seeing you and stamping with you on Tuesday - what fun we had!
Keep being incredible YOU!
Love and Hugs,

Carey said...

Wow I can really tell you lost those pounds. You look wonderful. I am so glad you had a great time.

Tina Sieben, Stampin' Up Demonstrator said...

Linda you look amazing! I am so sad I didn't make it to convention this year, but it fell the same week as Kingdom Bound. God told me I needed to be with our youth group instead. It was a blast!

I finally have a tentative surgery date! I'm scheduled the first week of September. I will get the actual date sometime this week. I'm so excited and wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration, not just with SU but with the WLS.

God Bless you!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

you are such a beautiful person doing all that "fun" running around at convention! You extend yourself to everyone, so admirable! You are looking faubulous, and pretty as usual, but smaller! Congrats on your accomplishment. Have agreat week!

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

I just finished up with Convention and I kept saying how much I was missing you and Jaron both. Just not the same. But it was a good Convention. Glad you managed to find a fun way to connect with your friends.

Terry Molineux said...

First let me tell you girl, YOU LOOK WONDERFUL!!! What an amazing job you did. It really shows.

Second, convention was not the same without you and Jaron that is for sure. The classes were not the same. Demonstrations on stage were not the same. I was very disappointed with convention this year and being out of work to me I could have put that money to better use. I MISS YOU!!!

I am so bummed that the dinner wasn't posted where you would be I would have loved to have come even just to say hi and leave if I couldn't join in the fun.

Well keep up the great job with the weight loss.

Caroline said...

look at you, gorgeous lady!!! :) Can't wait to see you in less then 2 months... WOOHOOO!

Sue said...

I so wish I could have seen you at convention too. Convention was NOT the same without you and Jaron. And no one can sing and entertain like you and Jaron. Your spirit and smile were GREATLY missed and no one can take your place.
I'm so happy you got to enjoy the fun parts of convention, seeing other demos and sharing the love. And by the way, you look fantastic. You can tell you have lost weight. You are a huge inspiration no matter what you do.

And I loved reading the post about your son, Reese. My nephew is in the army and I related to a lot you shared. Thank Reese for me for his service to our country and for protecting my freedoms. I am proud of our Army and other services.I have another nephew in the Navy.

You were in my thoughts and on my heart throughout the days of convention.

Catherine said...

That was me and my friends who were the "the cutest group of demos". We were so glad that we got to see you. Linda, you look great. You sure were missed at Convention. Our hearts had a small hole that was empty without you.


Dawn Dickinson said...


It was so good to see you at the SCS event - glad that you could see the bags you inspired us to make!

You look great and just know that we really missed you at convention!

Gwnne said...

You look positively great! I am so glad you are doing well after your surgery. I am so sorry that I didn't sign up for the SCS dinner this year, and missed you.
Hope you had a wonderful time, you are very missed.
Love and prayers

Barbara P said...

Linda, I too was in the group of gals with the bags. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm also the one in the pic above with you. You were missed at Convention but I'm so glad we got to see you at SCS! Great job on the weight loss, I know it's not easy! Blessings.