Beautiful Projects, Beautiful Ladies, Beautiful Day!

I still can't get over the wonderful trip I had this past weekend with Diana Gibbs and Rhonda Morgan. Ohhhh ... the location was beautiful and it was such a perfect day, not too hot, just right! The venue was beautiful and Di and Rhonda had everything planned to perfection. Look at this beautiful ballroom! They had a change of venue at the last minute, not their fault but the facility and ended up getting this place. Wow ... it was great!

They had tons and tons of display boards. Wish I could have taken pictures of every card to post as well as give credit to the person who made it.

I love this little gal!

This was one of our Make & Take projects.

Another Make & Take.

This was a beautiful stationary box with cards and envelopes that we made with the Day and Night DSP for a Make & Take. I think I'll hold a class on this. Beautiful!

A darling monogrammed bag using the stencil and Shimmery Paint. A Make & Take!

I love this gal ... she's from North Carolina and flew all the way to Di and Rhonda's event!

This is her sister from California!

Here we are in 'full swing'.

Thanks for the lunch, Barbara!

The famous 'two-some' ... Diana Gibbs and Rhonda Morgan. I'm not kidding when I say that they are two of the best stampers I've ever seen! And Di won the Artisan Award! I've never seen a card that she's stamped that I haven't loved!

Rhonda is a riot! When we out to dinner after the event her napkin kept sliding off her lap so she tucked it into the waistband of her pants. When she stood up to leave I wondered what was swinging in front of her private parts and it was her napkin. She was going to wear it home, I guess! We laughed and laughed until we almost wet our pants. It really looked like a loin cloth.

The next few pictures are photos of Rhonda's presentation using stencils, paste, shimmery paint, glitter and ink refills. Beautiful! You should see them shimmer and sparkle in the light.

Another Make & Take. Isn't this marvelous?

Here's Rhonda with her napkin stuck in her waistband. Marlene and her daughter (the chef), Jenn joined us at dinner at The Deli. I think it was in Queens Creek. A wonderful place to eat with homemade everything. It was delicious. What did I have? Bean soup with a pickle or two! We had such a good time laughing and eating. After dinner Diana took me to her stampin' studio out in the country. It's a beautiful room that's been converted from a garage. I'm wanting one just like hers now! And I enjoyed meeting her son, hubby, and Toby the dog.

I hope you enjoy the projects as much as I enjoyed looking at them!

Now for the big news that I promised to share. I can't share it just yet. I jumped the gun and thought I'd be able to let you in on what I've been working on, but I can't just yet. So, for me teasing you I'm going to be giving away a free pass to UStamp with Dawn and Friends. All you have to do is leave a comment after this post and I'll have a drawing for the winner. Sorry for opening my big mouth too soon.

Be sure and check out ewillow at the top of my blog. The site is active now and you can now show for paper projects, and if you sign up to have an account by September 30th, your first month is free!

Getting ready for Toronto this weekend for Caroline LeBel's Stampin' Palooza. Can't wait to share with you!

Love to you all!!!