Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Most Amazing Event!

So, I'm home from Canada from the most amazing event put on by the #3 Demo of the Year in Canada, as well as a new member of the Advisory Board, Christy Harsch. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen so many stamped ideas at one event. They were beautiful samples done by beautiful people!

I wish that I could remember everyone's names as well as tell you who made which project, but I can't. There were so many display boards and tons of 3-D items that were incredible. The demonstrations were magnificent, with tons of ideas.

I took 90 pictures and of course can't post them all here. I've got some great ideas for some upcoming classes and workshops.

During the event, Christy recognized achievements from those attending. There were some gals who had sold over $7,000 in a month! They were amazing. Also, out of the Canadian cruise achievers, 20% were from her group! They have such a team effort and achieve things together, even if they aren't in her direct line.

Did I mention how much I love the Canadians. Every time I've gone to Canada I've been received so warmly and with open arms. They took such good care of me. We had a wonderful day. After the event 12 of us went out to dinner and had such a fun time.

Oh ... I'll have to tell you a funny. Even though I didn't think it was funny when it happened. I don't usually travel alone so this trip was a little different for me. Christy had arranged for the hotel shuttle to pick me up and I didn't arrive in Edmonton until after 10:00 p.m. So, it was dark and I was by myself waiting for the shuttle driver to arrive. He pulled up to the curb and I asked if this was the shuttle to my hotel and he assured me that it was and told me to get in. I handed him my carry-on and helped myself into the van. At the time I was thinking, "Hmmm ... wonder if I should give him a tip?" I practically had to lift the suitcase in the van by myself. He wandered around the outside of the airport looking for more riders and returned after about 15 minutes. Never said a word ... just got in the van and slammed the door and then took off like a crazy man. I hugged my purse to my chest as we drove off through the night, all alone, and prayed silently, "Heavenly Father, if he's going to kill me, please make it quick!" As we bumped and swayed along the highway I was checking out the buildings as we were flying by. "If he starts down a country road I'm jumping out the door!" I knew the hotel was close to the airport and in the distance I could see my residence. He pulled up to the front of the door, jumped out of the van, pulled my suitcase from the back of the van, left it in the road, jumped back in the van and took off. I of course had exited the van quickly on my own. "Whew ... I thought ... now I don't have to give him a tip!"

Yeah ... you have to be careful and a little wary when you're traveling alone. But I felt safe and snug as a bug in a rug in my room and Christy had arranged for Kathy to pick me up the next morning to take me to the event. What a beautiful and precious lady!

Now I'm off to Arizona next weekend. I can't wait for their event too. Diana is one of the best stampers and I can't wait to see what her and her gal friends have up their sleeves!

Got to check on the beans .... yummy .... white beans with bacon simmering on the stove all day! Lynn will have a fit. He hates beans for dinner. I love 'em!



Carrie Cudney said...

Sounds like so much fun! Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

PS - I think you're very brave for traveling on your own! :)

Ladystamp said...

Linda,....thanks for sharing...great pictures....I need to case some of these!!!! And you Woman....you look fantastic!!!! I know how you feel about traveling alone...I have an event up in Denver next month....I usually have downline go with me....but it looks like I will be alone for this one!!!

Catherine said...

OMG Linda you look spectacular. I don't believe how great you look. Congratulations on a great event. I am sure you wowed them!


Anonymous said...

You, my dear look WONDERFUL! You are inspiring me.....
Love the photos and look forward to more...
Deb M

Dreena Guptill said...


It was such an honour and pleasure to meet you!

I truly wish I could have had a couple of hours just to chat with you!

Your speaking points and stories were insightful, warm, heartfelt, inspiring and moving. Thank you so much for coming up to Edmonton to share with us!

Much affection and another big hug!

Dreena Guptill

Diana Gibbs said...

Hi Linda,
You look awesome, and I can hardly wait to see you.
The Canadian event looks magnificent!
You had me laughing about the shuttle guy...it will be me and my hubby picking you up and if he drives like a crazy person, well you have my permission to smack him...
See you soon!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

oooo I so wish I was there! ANyhoooo your story of the van ride made me laugh....I always say that prayer when I am alone....you never know! Have a great day! Hugs


rhonda prater said...

Linda you look fanastic. You can really see your weight loss. You look great. Thanks for sharing the great pictures. Its great to have some great ideas.

Beth and Jeremy Hatt said...

Hi Linda! It's Beth from Stampin' Up! I follow your blog and just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I miss you. You are just fabulous and my demos absolutely love you! Thanks for taking such good care of them. I am Christy and Diana's SAM...they are so lucky to have you! I also wanted to say how wonderful you look. Of course, I always thought so...
Might I bother you for that beans and bacon recipe? That sounds so delicious--like what my G-Pa makes! If you'd like to share, my e-mail is mzhatt@yahoo.com
~Beth Hatt (formerly Beth Engels)

Jim said...

Linda Dear-lol & lol...and more! Great story-I travel alone for my real job every week & sometimes there are crazy situations...sounds like you got a lotta adventure done in a hurry there!
The pix of you are stunning-simply stunning! Your hard work is obvious, kudos!!!
Enjoying the ideas, altho I'm anxious to see even MORE! Maybe your Canadian buddies will put on their blogs & you can hook me UP!
Hugs to YOU!!!!! Joni

Christine said...

Linda you look AMAZINGLY beautiful.. as usual. Thank you for sharing all those pictures! I would love your bread recipe if you wouldn't mind sharing it!
Thank you!