Friday, September 11, 2009

Down 55 Pounds ... Hooray!

Pre-surgery photo taken the night before surgery!

Photo taken last night - Down 55 pounds in 2 1/2 months~! This is one of my custom-made suits I had made in China. Although I'm ecstatic about my weight loss, I'm sad that my China suits have only fit me for a few weeks. I'm getting too small for them. I never could wear the pants that came with the suit, and now I can!

These are my 'skinny' jeans. The first clothing item I've bought since the surgery. They were cheap, tight, skinny all the way to the ankles jeans that I bought for $16 at TJ Maxx. I'm not spending a lot of money on clothes until I get my weight off.

I need to tell you a funny story that happened to me a couple of years ago. I'll keep the name anonymous. I was working Convention and I had a gal come up to me to give me hugs and loves. She then proceeded to tell me that I needed to buy the book, "What Not to Wear." She had seen me at a regional seminar in Rhode Island and I had been wearing pegged pants at the ankles and she told me that my hips looked wider by wearing those types of slacks. She instructed me to wear pants that have a flaired leg. This would balance my figure more with my hips. At the time I was appalled to think that someone would tell me that I needed to dress better for my shape. This gal was so excited to be able to offer me her advice. All the while she was talking to me I was trying to look down to see what sort of slacks I had on at the moment. I really didn't know how to respond to her and I thought it was kind of a rude remark to make to someone that she hardly knew. I was a little embarrassed too! As I walked away and thanked her for her advice I thought to myself, "I should have told her that I have to wear tighter 'pegged' pants at the ankle to keep my fake leg from coming lose!" Of course I went back to the staff room and told everyone about my encounter and they all laughed at me. Now here's where the story gets better. Shortly after that experience we had a fashion consultant come in and assess our body and tell us what to and what not to wear. This fashion consultant told me to wear slacks and jeans that have a flaired leg to balance my wide hips! Now how do you suppose I felt after that consultation. Wow ... that demonstrator was right! And she really was trying to offer me some good advice that would make me appear much better on stage. I've never forgotten that incident! But I did feel guilty buying those 'skinny leg' jeans yesterday. My husband told me that I had chicken legs in them. And it feels good!

O.K. ... got to go pack for my trip. I can't wait to see the demos in Canada. Even my blog stocker, Donna! We're going to have so much fun! I'll take lots of pictures and post them when I get back. Have a fab weekend. Hugs and loves to you all!


Jacki Montgomery said...

Linda - you look absolutely FABULOUS!!!! WOW!! You should be so very proud of those chicken legs. Good for you. Congratulations!

Adam said...

Oh Linda, I'm so happy for you! You look absolutely beautiful. You've always looked beautiful to me, but you really do look fabulous! Your inner beauty shines through, your joy and happiness, your delight in life and your sense of humour, that's what I "see" when I think of Linda Hansen! I'll always treasure the photos I've had taken with you during convention!

Laura Fernsler
Wichita, Kansas (by way of Jacksonville, Florida)

Jenn Greeley said...

Wow! You are so thin! You have got to be feeling awesome! Congratulations on the weight loss.

Ernie and Anita Thornton said...

Way to Go! I know you've worked very hard for this. You deserve the great result that you're looking for.

But, you know, you might want to look at a different hairstyle . . . (hahahahaha!). Just kidding! I love your haircut.

Hope to see you soon,

bcyhand said...

You do look Fabulous! I was chuckling about that story as I do watch what not to wear.
God Bless! Deb

Melis said...

Linda -- you look so happy and so healthy! Congratulations and keep it up!

Brian, Laurel & Addison said...

Mom-as always, you look great! But then again, you've always looked great!

Mickey Roberts said...

You look mahhhhhvelllousss! Congratulations!!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

hey Linda it is so nice to see you back posting regularly...I had missed your talk! Oh and you look amazing, now I am really feeling fat....hmmmm gotta think about a diet. I have lost 6 popunds in the time it took you to lose 50+ I am sooooooo happy for you!

Connie said...

I remember that incident at conveniton and how we all laughed. Thanks for a reminder of better days :)
You are looking so good! I need to go on your diet . . . maybe some of my pounds would fall off.
Talk to you soon!

DonnaJ9 said...

My word, woman! You're getting so skinny! I'm proud of you. You look so tiny in that black China suit -- kind of like you're playing dress-up in a grown-up's clothes. :)

Love ya lots!

Diana Gibbs said...

Linda, you look awesome, and I love the story about the demonstrator and her what not to wear suggestions. Have you ever watched that british show where the two girls find people in the mall and they actually pat and touch areas and explain what they are doing least you and the demonstrator had Stampin' Up! in common...ha!
I can hardly wait to see you in a couple weeks, and kiss all those canucks for me!

Peama(Donna) said...
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Peama(Donna) said...

Stalker Donna checking in! Congrats on your weight loss.....not an easy road, very hard work! You look MARVELOUS!

Enjoyed our time yesterday....loved your presentaion....thanks for being YOU, you are such an inspiration!

Safe travels.....thanks again!

P.S. Thanks for sharing your shrimp(still feel quilty for taking it)

P.P.S. And by the way...I loved your outfit, and the shoes(I have a picture...LOL)!
(the above deleted post is mine....typo)

Sue said...

Linda, you better stick your tongue out if you stand sideways, else you will disappear!!! You look fabulous!!!!

As for the wardrobe advice - I was in RI and I was so mesmerized by your presentation, I wasn't paying any attention to what you were wearing (except for a really fluffy boa. My only complaint was that there should have been a depends alert
Keep up the good work.

Felicia Archie said...

You look FAB-u-lous! You should be very proud of yourself. Keep up the great work! I've loved seeing you at convention and am enjoying your blog. In my eys, you are an inspiration no matter what size you are!

Mrs.Lumpy said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! You look amazing!!!!! Your hard work is paying off!!

carolm said...

i want to be like you when i grow up. you are incredible and look it also!!!

love the motor boat pictures. couldn't figure out what it was til you told us. the best part of it though is the baby's eyes looking "up" at all of you nuts being silly. that was great.

xoxox ~ carol.

ps. michigan is sort of midwest. can't afford lecture fees though on my income (none.) but it really is a nice place to visit.


Barbara Welch said...

Congrats Linda, you look FABULOUS! I am so happy for you. I will be seeing you when you come to Mesa, AZ in a couple weeks....YEAH!!!!

KathyC said...

You look absolutely amazing! Keep up all your hardwork :o)

Jaron said...

I am dying laughing because I totally remember that incident and how mad you were after! Also makes me remember all those times in that office that you would say: "Jaron can I ask you something?" and I would always say: "No, I would never wear that shirt again!!" We would luahg and laugh and laugh. You looke HOT LInda! Good for you