Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aaahhhh ... My Favorite Season of the Year!

I'm always a little melancholy and sad this time of year to see the leaves change from vibrant greens to shades of real red, gosh darn gold, really rust, and bravo burgundy, and then drop from their branches to the ground. I love the colors of the season but have felt a little cheated this fall. We've had a cold spell these last few weeks and I haven't been able to enjoy the outdoors like I'm used to. But Saturday was an unusually lovely day so in the early evening we took Dieter and set out for a drive up Parley's Canyon through Park City and then over Guardsman's Pass. Oooh Eeeee ... there's some scary parts of the road that is dirt and will only allow one car at a time on the road, and there's a huge drop off on the one side. But when we got to the top of the pass we found snow. There were even some parts of the road that still had ice. I'm soooo not ready for winter. I told my hubby last night that we needed to winter in Arizona or Florida. I'm just not ready for the snow and cold. It's beautiful but I HATE to be cold and I HATE to drive in it!

I made a video to post to my blog last night and for some reason the file wouldn't run. So, I'm going to try again today. I want to show you my Make & Takes from Saturday's workshop, as well as a technique that I learned in Edmonton from Cindy Custer. You'll love it! I also want to show you some cute projects using the Sweet Treat Cups.

I've had the pleasure of getting to tend two of my grandchildren this week. I've sooo needed the change and have enjoyed their company soooo much. My parents love having them over too! Little Addison is sooo much fun. She's expecting her baby brother in two weeks, if not before. Her mother is experiencing high blood pressure so they may have to induce the baby to come early. I have baby Reesie today while her sister is having an MRI at the hospital. She just informed me that she needs to either go potty or her pants need to be changed so I must boogey!

I'll get to work on that video for you. See you shortly!


Sylvia said...

Great pictures. I love the fall and leaves. Can wait to see the video. Hope all goes well with the new grand baby.

Jenn Greeley said...

Looking forward to the video!

Diana Gibbs said...

Hi Linda,
Come on back to AZ, it's warm today!
Toby and Dieter can play!

Love ya,

Jaron said...

Why Linda Hansen you little devil, don't you just look like a million dollars!!!!!!!! I can't stand it. I swear I have gained the 70- pounds you just lost. You probably sent it my way since I am so bad at staying in contact. Let's lunch soon. I miss you terribly