Thursday, November 20, 2008

Got up this morning, got ready for work ... didn't want to ... coming down with a cold. Stuffy head and a bad headache. Took one Excedrin ... my miracle drug for a bad headache. Also took some Zycam. Hopefully I'll be able to ward off this cold before it consumes me.

Bought Dieter a coat and a squeaky toy last night. It's so funny watching him trying to run in his coat. It kind of restricts his legs and he looks retarded when he runs. Mom insisted that he needs a coat when he goes outside. Who would ever believe that my mother would insist on an animal having a coat. Good grief! I was raised on a ranch where animals were kept outside and fended for themselves. Occasionaly the cats would get squirted with the warm milk from the cows while Gil and Dad were milking. And we left food scraps outside for the dogs. But other than that, they pretty much took care of themselves. (Now Lynn thinks I should buy him a sweater ... so it won't restrict his legs so much. Perhaps he should wear his sweater at night ... so he won't get too cold.) Oh ... did I tell you ... he sleeps on his little bed by the side of our bed. Is that cute, or what?

The squeaky toy may have been a mistake. It's driving me crazy. Deiter is running back and forth in the house squeaking the toy like there's no tomorrow!

I took him over to see Mom and Dad this morning. They were still in bed and seemed really happy to visit with him. I put him on their bed and Mom just can't resist petting him. They really love him.

I'm waiting to go to work. I'm calling Sears this morning to see if Dad can get in to see the eye doctor to sign his waiver for his driver's license. I warned Dad that the Dr. may not sign it. I've tried to talk him out of reapplying for his license, but it just doesn't register. So, I'm hoping that the Dr. won't sign the certificate and then he won't be able to renew his license. He still drives well, but his reflexes and hearing are bad.