Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What a wonderful four days we've just had with Natalie and Abigail!

We also had the blessing of having Thanksgiving dinner together ... a little earlier than the normal holiday, but one that was full of happiness, love, and togetherness and of course great food!

Thanks to Ginger for arranging the church for our dinner. It was so nice to have a place for the kids to run and play ball in the cultural hall and nice to have tables and plenty of room for good eats.

Thanks to everyone for providing such terrific food! Camie ... thanks for making Grandma Hansen's punch recipe. It brought back such good memories of past family dinners with Lynn's parents. Angie, your stuffing is the best! Ging ... your pies were wonderful ... especially the sour cream lemon. The pumpkin was good too. I'm sure the chocolate and banana were excellent too ... I just didn't have any. Loved, loved, loved Lindz's macaroni salad, even though her family doesn't care for it ... we did! And your corn was divine. Laurel makes a mean relish tray with dip, which I certainly enjoyed. Of course no family gathering is complete without Angie's clam dip. Yum, yum. Loved, loved, loved Nat's cranberry sauce and pasta bow tie salad. Great recipes!

It was a wonderful evening. Thanks to everyone for getting your little families together, bringing the delicious food, helping with the set up and clean up. It was a great time and one which I hope is repeated for many, many years to come.

We missed D.J., Grandma and Grandpa, Neal, Sarah, and Kate!

Let's start planning our Christmas party. Does everyone still want to meet on Christmas Eve, or would you like to do our family party on another evening. What's your thoughts?


Hansencrew said...

We enjoy spending time as a family with all of the cousins, aunts and uncles. However I know that we enjoyed being at home as our own family and establishing our own traditions 2 years ago when we had Hannah. So I think having a party on a different day close to christmas would be great. But we will be happy and enjoy whenever we can get together.

DJ and Gin Family said...

It wouldn't be Christmas without our party the night before. That is a tradition that we have had ever since I can remember. It is also one that has carried on with my own family, and even DJ loves it. If others want to do their own thing, let them... I want to be with Granny and Bomps (so do my kids)