Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I think these pictures say it all ... a beautiful, warm, gorgeous week spent working hard in Orlando, Florida for our annual Leadership meeting. Why, oh why ... do we live in the cold dreary snow in Utah when we can be basking in the sun and swimming in the winter? I guess because of my job and my family!

First morning of Leadership on stage with Shelli Gardner, the co-founder of our awesome company, Stampin' Up! Look how beautiful our set is! We have awesome designers who work for the company.
Krista Eckert -- my room producer and fellow employee!
Mark Jessen, a fellow co-worker and helper in my classroom. Susy Miller, an awesome and funny demonstrator presenter. We worked together creating a recruiting class. It was wonderful!
Another one of my favorite demonstrator presenters, Glenda Travelstead. We did an Opray style format, class, on how to get your recruit off to a fast start. It was funny, entertaining, and great information. One of the favorite classes at leadership and very well attended!

At the end of the day after our Leadership conference at Downtown Disney. I had three blisters on one foot and could hardly hobble around. Ice cream always helps make things better!

This is the way we really felt after a long, hard day of set-up and then rehearsals!
These are my team mates, Carrie and Lori.

Everytime I ran into this demonstrator my heart would stop. Don't you think she looks just like my sister, Carol? Her name is Sally Stevens from Tennessee. She's a doll ... and of course so is my sister!

Charlene, a demonstrator and good friend from Florida took me to the temple Thursday evening for an endowment session. We had a wonderful time together. There were only 7 people on the entire session!

Isn't she beautiful? She was/is a high-fashion model and a mom and Stampin' Up! demonstrator.

Jaron, Selma and I. Who would ever believe that I would wear a Utah shirt? My BYU one was dirty.

Here's our team of facilitators, minus Lori, at the end of Saturday after our regional seminar. The attendance at the regional was just under 1,000. Amazing!

Me, Lisa Pope, Shannon West, Cindy Rhodes, and Carrie Cudney ... walking back to the hotel after a long week!


Charlene said...

Thanks for all your hard work! It was a wonderful week! You can move here anytime...!

Brian, Laurel & Addison said...

that does look like Carol!

DJ and Gin Family said...

I'm going to have to disown you for wearing a Utah shirt! My girls are going to be so ashamed of you.

That's neat that you got to go to the temple while there. Let's quit our jobs, and move there. We can all live in my van down by the river.... um I mean ocean.

Carrie Cudney said...

What cute pictures - it really was a fun week! And, I LOVE your Utah shirt!!

Shannon said...

oh come on lou, it's not that bad! :) we may not have warmth but we have each other!!

The Peton's said...

What's with the shirt, you traitor (I almost spelled "trader")? I'm excited for Seattle! We're totally going to meet you there.

Linda Lou said...

Actually, I'm pretty proud of Utah right now. You know that I don't follow football, but I believe they won first in something or other and the news said that they're second in the nation, but they should have been first, in something or the other. See ... I just don't get it ... football ... or sports for that matter!