I'm Leaving for London Tomorrow!

For all those sweet, darling children of mine ... I will be out of town this weekend. Yep ... I'm going to London to visit the Queen. Oh wait ... it's not London, England ... it's London, Ontario Canada near Toronto for a Stampin' Up! Regional Seminar. So ... don't forget your poor ole' Dad and Dieter at home all alone this weekend!

Say ... guess where we're going the first part of June? I see London. I see France .. I see ... hmmmm ... We're going to London, England .... Dad and I and Dennis and Elaine. Dennis served his mission there and Dad and Dennis want to spend their company money on a trip so that's where we're going. Lynn made the reservations today. We're staying in a nice hotel across the street from Buckingham Palace and should be able to see the changing of the guard from our hotel window. I'm soooo excited I can hardly stand it! We're going to try to get to Bosham on the coast about 74 miles from London to see where my ancestors lived.

Any volunteers for taking care of mum and dad while we're gone?

Dad fell down the stairs yesterday. He doesn't remember how he fell, but he went to answer the door and fell. He seemed to be fine last night. I saw him from the dining room window this morning working on his puzzle. I watched him get up from his chair and walk into the kitchen and he seemed to be doing fine. I'll have to call and check on him.

Have a good weekend. See you when we get back!


Lindsey said...

How fun! I'm glad you guys booked it! How long will you be gone?

The Peton's said...

Just do me a favor - don't let dad drive. Repeat. Don't let dad drive. Repeat. Don't let dad drive. He will forget which side he needs to be on.

That sounds so fun! I just watched part of "European vacation" the other day. "Hey look kids! There's Big Ben! Hey, look, there's Big Ben again!"

Linda Lou said...

One entire week! We may even go by train into France!!

Linda Lou said...

Of course I won't let your Dad drive. We had a hard enough time driving on the opposite side of the road in Bermuda. He led the pack and a couple of times he turned into the oncoming lane and we all followed! Dennis will drive! That was his mission.

Brian, Laurel & Addison said...

when's the first part of June? My schools let out the 1st week of June for the most part, and SL District graduates on June 10th.

I can help out as much as I'm needed after work.