Today has been the saddest day at Stampin' Up! My little buddy who sits next to me was laid off this morning. It's so sad seeing her empty desk. Already there were things that I needed to ask her about upcoming events and she's gone! I've been sad all day.

Tomorrow is going to be Black Wednesday. I'm going to wear all black. There will be a ton of people laid off. Everyone should know whether they have a job or not by afternoon.

I love our company. I'ts been a wonderful 9 years. I hope to retire from this company. I love the people I work with. They're a great second family. Well ... let's hope that I'm still employed tomorrow!


Nancy said...

Linda, I am so sad for you! For me the people I worked with always made my job awesome. I hope you and Angie escape the layoffs unscathed (and Jaron too). I loved your blog about baking cookies and how awesome your kids and grandkids are.
Your family gives me hope that my kids will be friends and that they will like us enough to call often or drop by for no reason.

Mommy Shar said...

Oh Linda... so so sorry to hear of the bad news today. I am still in complete shock!!! I hope to wake up from this horrible dream. You will be missed!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Say it isn't so! "THUD" that's the sound of my jaw hitting the floor.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stay in touch! You are one of my favoritest people of all!
I need your per. email & addy.