I'm SOOOOOO Excited!

Remember that old Dr. Will skit that I did with Spencer Willis on stage at Regionals a few years back? I wore the purple jacket with the red hat? And, my favorite saying was, "I'm SOOOOO excited" in that southern accent? Well, that's what today brings ... excitement for the day.

I woke early, probably around 4:30 ... stretched my arms and legs, tried to roll onto my side but Dieter (our mini schnauzer, 9 mo. old puppy) had me trapped. He was curled right up against me and I couldn't move. So, I layed there thinking about everything that has taken place in the last few days. Wow ... this lay off thing is rather nice. For the first time in weeks, I'm afraid to admit, I actually dusted. And, I willfully and gladly accepted a babysitting job Friday night for a sleepover at Granny's house. You see ... I wasn't tired from work and I gratefully wanted the company. And Saturday evening, since I wasn't at the Seattle Regional Seminar, I was able to attend a Ward Temple session at the Salt Lake Temple and a dinner afterwards. What a rewarding evening. Not only did I enjoy the quiet, peacefulness, and solitude of the temple, but I ran into a few friends that I haven't seen for years. One of them was a darling, little boy that I used to teach music lessons to. I told his Mother that he wouldn't remember me. He came into the Celestial room, ran to me, threw his arms around me and lifted me off my feet. He's a big boy now and has the strength to do that! And as he hugged me he exclaimed with joy, "I knew that was you! I just knew it!" Kids, you remember cute, little Clifton singing "That Dirty Old Toothbrush" at Mom's recital? That was Clifton in the temple!

Yesterday, Sunday, started with a 7:00 a.m. welfare meeting at the church. Once again, I wouldn't have been able to attend that, had I been in Seattle. It was a wonderful meeting and everything we were taught, related to my situation. We learned where to go for resources for employment, how to help the families in the ward that are struggling with unemployment and to help make them self-sufficient, and what our stewardships are with our callings in the church. Many of you may not be aware that in my church calling I'm responsible for the spiritual and physical welfare of 150 ladies in the neighborhood. That's a full-time job in itself. Now that I'm not working full-time I'll have more time to devote to them, of which I'm thrilled.

I have to share a funny with you. Benny, my three year old grandson, adores our puppy Dieter. I was showing Benny how to make Dieter roll-over, stand, dance, and sit with hand-commands and dog biscuits. My 87 year old mother was watching. After doing a few tricks with Dieter I asked Benny if he wanted to hand my mother a dog biscuit to see if she wanted to do some tricks. Benny took the biscuit over to my mother and held it up in the air and asked her, "Do you want to stand, dance, sit, or roll-over?" We roared with laughter. I don't think he understood what we were laughing at.

Lindsey, our daughter, Benny, and Ellie

Good news --- I was able to buy a new camera Saturday to replace the one that was in my lost/stolen purse at the Detroit airport. So, I'll start posting a few pics. (I'm not sure I like it. I just downloaded some pics and they're a little fuzzy ...Nikon Coolpix. I had a Canon Elph Sure Shot and it was great. Any suggestions?)

More good news! I have my first speaking engagement penciled in on my calendar. Get the word out! I'm available for hire and this is something I've been wanting to do for years. Now I can still have the opportunity of getting out into the field and seeing you once again and giving you big bear hugs and kisses. Oh ... I'll be in London, England on June 3rd for a little vacation. If any of you UK demonstrators need a great speaker for hire, I'm available.

My e-mail address is sumatragal@gmail.com.

One quick idea for a genealogy page. I used a retired Simply Scrappin' kit, Home Again, the Curly Label punch, and some of the Big Shot dies for the title and initial. Now I can quickly see how old my kids and grandkids are and when everyone's birthday is. Oops ... which reminds me I have one coming on the 25th .. Ginger's birthday! Wow ... she'll be 31. I didn't realize that until I just looked at the chart! My kids are in Old Olive down the left side of the page, spouses are next to them in Creamy Caramel, and the grandkids are in Bordering Blue. The page is a little crowded, but that's what you get when you have 7 kids and 15 grandkids!

Once again ... there is a purpose in all of this. I see the hand of the Lord in all of this and I'm so blessed. And I'm so blessed to have the support of my family and my demonstrator friends as I travel on this new road of life. Check back daily and I'll keep you posted on my new adventures.


Lindsey said...

Yay! Another plus of your unemployment is that you post on your blog more regularly(too bad I don't follow suit)! We had fun at your house yesterday; Ben just asked me when we get to go back as long as Dieter doesn't "beat him up." We love you and we'll probably see you later this week!

Linda Lou said...

Did you sleep well last night? I thought about you being alone for the week. You should have stayed overnight with us!

Linda Lou said...

Did you sleep well last night? I thought about you being alone for the week. You should have stayed overnight with us!

Ahlquist Family said...

You are truly an inspiration! The things that we are taught as LDS faithful are comforting. We know the Lord will not give us more than we can handle, but the shock of it all is still there. What a blessing to be able to go to the temple and your meetings. You will be okay. :) You will be missed at events. Thanks for all of the memories.

Sue said...

I'm so glad to hear your good news Linda. I am still reeling from the news of the layoffs. I'm broken hearted about not seeing you at convention this year, but I am praying for you every day and believing that the Lord is opening better and greater doors for you and it really will be SU! great loss.
Sending you lots of hugs,
Sue Ring
a SU! demo who greatly admires you!

Cula said...

Simply Amazing! Your enthusiasm inspires me to be a better mom, wife, and daughter and to be better at my church calling.

A Stamper's Journey said...

Linda, I wish you the best. I admire your positive attitude. Your talent and wonderful personality will be missed at convention. I hope to see you soon at some event.


Mary said...

I have been out-of-town and just returned to hear the shocking news! I surely will miss you at convention and regionals, you were always so funny, witting and full of wonderful ideas to show us. You will be truly missed. I can't believe there's anyone else at SU who can take your place. It'll be quite a challenge to come up to your talents. Company's usually keep their best! But, who knows what God has in store for us and people like you always rise to the challenge and turn these type of events into opportunities for "good". God Bless and may He provide you with a new and better opportunity to serve him! Mary Cargill, Reno, NV

Debbie Seyer said...


I am so sorry for your layoff. SU will definitely be missing your wonderful smiles and personality! I know that you will do well with whatever God has in store because of your wonderful outlook on life!

Times they are achanging, aren't they? Life is changing for me too and I will be giving up my demoship for a new direction! Let's both look forward and upward!!

Debbie Seyer

Kelly Mahoney said...

Linda, God Bless You! You have such a wonderful outlook on life and family and even the bad stuff that happens in life. You are truly inspiring! Keep up the great work! I hope you share more of your scrapbook pages or artwork. You are so talented!!! Thanks for telling us about your new endeavors!
Kelly Mahoney

Rebecca said...

Linda -
What a JOY it is to read your blog! You are definitely an inspiration to me! Your messages of faith and love have brought me to tears each day.

Inky hugs-

Roz said...

You have been an inspiration to many stampers and SU demos. You are so talented and humble...When one door closes, another one opens up. It is destined for you to continue to inspire others. I look forward to keeping up with your new adventures, and hope to have the opportunity to see you again soon.

Stampin' With Angie said...

If you're headed to GA for a speaking engagement...PLEASE let me know 'cause I'll be there with bells on!!

I love reading your blog and expected nothing less than you being positive and I know that positivity will come back to you ten-fold (as it already is!)! You are such an inspiration and I find myself thinking "How would Linda handle this?" recently! :o)

Thank you for being the absolutely wonderful person that you are! You are loved and will be missed at Convention....unless you'll be there as a Demo (hint, hint)! ;o)

DJ and Gin Family said...

Hey Mom, can you come dust my house? You do realize that you are going to become a full time sitter now that you're home, right? That reminds me, I want to go to Hawaii for a week, can you watch my girls? (Hahahaha!)

Terri Mongeon said...

Linda, you rock, sister. I have been feeling so depressed and sad since all this happened. Your blog post made me smile for what feels like the first time in a week! God has big plans for you. Good for you for seeing the silver lining. You should seriously be a motivational speaker. And yes, I remember that purple outfit and red hat. My favorite parts are when you guys crack yourselves up and can't finish. Classic!
And hey, if the motivational speaker thing doesn't work out, you should develop your own line of skin care! LOL. I would buy it!

Ginger S said...

You are special! I have some photo's of that skit (back before I "Met" you) :) Change is in the air, embrace it and see where it takes you.
Ginger S

Leonie Schroder said...

Linda you are such a blessing to all those around you and you are rewarded when you bless others as is evident from Clifton. I love your genealogy page and think I might have to make one of those for the album I made for my parents' 55th Wedding anniversary. Love the story about Bennie. You are going to bless so many with the stewardship - more so than you already have! I know you bless me with your projects as well as your thoughts that you blog about! luv u!

Maxine Conrad said...

OK Linda, as I read this entry, I could totally hear your voice...(Hey readers I said I heard Linda's voice, NOT voices.) Love ya !! xxx

Lydia said...

Hey chickie!

I'm laughing so hard about you getting up and cutting your hair!! I can totally see you doing it.

Canon makes the best point & Shoot cameras - I bought my husband this one and it's great. http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=ModelInfoAct&fcategoryid=144&modelid=15672 I use an SLR, but it's also a Canon. I'm completely jealous of all the things you're doing with the little bit of extra time. love ya!


Simmy said...

Hi Linda,

Wow, I love your positive outlook on everything. Things happen for a reason and you sound so happy! You are an inspiration to all. The layoff part is horrible, but it's allowing you to be with your grandkids more, allowing time to attend things you wouldn't have been able to do, you're able to focus more on your church and now i see a new career for you as a motivational speaker!!! You go girl!!!!

LOVE the scrapbook page. I am a reunited adoptee and my birthfather is big into geneaology. He has not only done his own family, but he has done both sides of my adoptive family as well. I would love to make a page like this suitable for framing including me, my husband, and our children. He doubled his grandkids overnight when we reunited (6 years ago now). Thanks for sharing the idea.

On the camera ... I have a VERY simple Kodak (M863 model) and it was cheap and works fabulous. I almost always have clear pics, but when I don't it's because of operator error, not the camera! Downloading is a breeze.

kkcc said...

We should find a time when we could go to the temple together. I was too lazy in orlando to go, and i think we should still.

Karen said...

Linda, this is a great idea and one I plan to copy now that I have a granddaughter!
I can't tell you how much you have meant to me during my Stampin' Up! career. Your ideas and sharing are inspiring, not to mention the humor you add. I still tell about your Spanx description from several conventions ago!
God Bless,
Karen Faber

Brooke S said...

Ok my sweet LINDA! I was inking my fingers to the bones( you will have to ask linds what that means) when the hatchet came down.. I can't believe Lindsey didn't call me.. I already scolded her.. I was so sad that I had such a hard time feeling inspired for days... You are truly an amazing women.. I will miss you so much.. You are the one that roped me into this whole Stampin' Up thing... I will be looking for you the whole time at convention in my heart anyway.. Maybe I will start a chant to get you back, well at least to remind them that we loved you BEST of all Demo trainers... Lindsey told me all about your experience with Conference and you dream you are very in-tune.. Now have a dream about Linds having a baby will ya :)

Please keep me posted I don't want to ever loose ya..

I am so glad you got to spend a little me time and enjoy it.. And have a wonderful visit with linds and the kids.. Benny cracks me up...

Hugs and Kisses

Anonymous said...

It is great that you realize the opportunities presented by a lay-off. I have experienced several and it always leads to a better opportunity. You are a talented public speaker and that skill is always highly desirable. Check out my friends site www.evenanerd.com she is a talented speaker who turned a lay-off into a new career.

Terry Molineux said...


I am so happy for you that the sadness is out of your voice...I cried with you on your first post about SU. Please know I will always think of you and you will always me in my prayers!!

Shelly in the NW said...

i'm glad you had such a fulfilling weekend - but you were dearly missed in Seattle :)