Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yummy! My Mouth is Watering!!

So, I made cinnamon rolls yesterday to take to my neighbors. The house was too cold so it took all day for them to raise. Usually I make a double batch so there's plenty to go around. Unfortunately, Lynn and I got the two runts that were left in the pan.

Here's the lucious cinnamon rolls coming right out of the oven ... I immediately drizzle lots of frosting on them so it can melt and run into the insides of the rolls. The smell is tantalizing and just looking at these pics make my mouth water!

Here's little Dieter being 'good' in hopes of getting a small morsel!

Happy Birthday today to my daughter, Ginger, who just turned 31! Thanks to my genealogy chart I stamped, I turned to it to see how old she is today. This is the daughter that lived with us while they were building their home. I can honestly say that they were the most delightful family to live with. We never had an argument or a quarrel and it was like having a built-in maid living with us. It was so nice coming home to the squeal of little girls playing in the house, dinner in the oven, and a clean home. Ginger became acquainted more with my mother and dad who live next door, and took care of them during the day. She's been such a blessing in our lives and theirs. Ging, if hard times continue, maybe we'll just sell our home and Grandma and Grandpa's and we'll all come live in YOUR big home with YOU!

Ryan, our son-in-law who's married to our youngest daughter, Lindsey, works at Stampin' Up! in the financial department. He just returned from a week in Orlando for work. They dropped by on the way home from the airport to have lunch with Granny! This is Ellie and Ben, their two children, showing off their toys from Orlando. Lindsey is a wonderful cook and she's planning a mother's day brunch at my home on the 9th of May.
Well ... I'd best get ready to attend my grandson, Ethan's, soccer game today. Don't know how they're going to play in the rain. I'll take pics and post later. He'll be 5 in July.
Happy Saturday!


Vanessa said...

Hi Linda! I'm Shannon W.'s friend from PG. I started reading your blog just recently and noticed in your profile you mentioned that you served in the Gulf States mission. Small world! My dad served there as well. That would be Tom Nielsen. He says he remembers you. He was one of Pres. Driggs assistants. He was in charge of missionaries finances and Sister Pendleberry says you still owe her $7.50. :) He has some slides he will try to scan and send to you.

Love your blog! And you must be amazing, because Shannon has nothing but great things to say about you!

DJ and Gin Family said...

Awwwww, thanks Mom! Truth be told, you and Dad were the easiest people to live with. So kind and fun to be around. The girls would rather live with you guys than at our house! On Ginny's birthday she told me that she wanted go to your house for her birthday.
Thanks for EVERYTHING, you are the best Mom EVER! (Dad's pretty great too) :)

Kelly Taylor said...

Yum, plan on sharing that cinnamon roll recipe, or just teasing us with the pictures so we can drool on our laptops???

Lydia said...

I'm not sure why you don't plan better.

Next weekend, here are your instructions:

1) Bake Cinnamon rolls
2) Put them in a cooler
3) Get on the early flight to Austin
4) Eat cinnamon rolls and stamp with me.

Do not be flinging pictures of homemade cinnamon rolls around to hungry Texans!!

Hess Family said...

Linda yesterday must have been "make and give away all your cinnamon rolls day". My mom is the baker and came over to bake canollis and cinnamon rolls, so we could take dinner to my neighbor and his mom and dad, after his back surgery.

I hope that Carrie sent you my mom and I's love and support. We have decided that since you are a demo in your own right, you need to come to convention with Connie's group and we can all have fun together. Just think you could actually have so much more fun and it would not be near as stressful. You could actually do the make and takes this year instead of just taking home the packet. HAHAHA!!!
I just wanted you to know I have been thinking of you and that I called Carrie as soon as I heard, and told her that she might want to give you a call. We love you lots and hope to see you soon. Hey with all that time on your hands you should come see Carrie and your brother. "Wink, Wink"

Stampin' With Angie said...

Oh-My-Goodness!!! I just gained 20 pounds looking at those pictures!! I'm begging you...please DON'T put that recipe on your blog! I don't think my family could survive on cinnamon rolls alone! ;o) Seriously, those look better than ANY I've ever or bakery made! I wish I lived nearby....wanna visit GA?! :o)

No wonder your children are so amazing....look at their mom (and I'm sure their dad too but we don't "know" him)! Happy (belated) Birthday Ginger! :o)

Tracy said...

I am an SU! demo from Iowa and just wanted to say hi. I was able to attend Convention in 06 & 07 and visited with you both times. I missed 08 to have a baby, but will be at Convention 09. I will miss your presentations for sure! Thanks for sharing your blog with us - I love your positive attitude - it is contagious! I had time to stamp today while my husband entertained our 3 little girls and created a card inspired by your watercoloring tutorial. My pictures never capture my cards very well...maybe you can create a tutorial on photographing cards for me, LOL! Anyway, thanks for the great watercoloring tips. Here is my card if you want to take a look
All the best!
Tracy Rosowski
Sioux City, IA

Kristin Markus said...

Hey Linda!
Don't you know that if you post a recipe you need to share the recipe too?!! Cinnamon rolls are my favorite food in the whole world so please share!!

I love following your blog! Everytime I come here you put a smile on my face! You are an amazing woman - full of humor, love and grace! God bless you!