Wednesday, May 20, 2009

He's in the Army Now!

Boo Hoo ... my baby leaves for Fort Jackson, South Carolina in about 17 minutes! He called me from the airport at 5:30 this morning to tell us he loved us. He was really excited, but scared. He said that they are going to 'kick his butt', because he's overweight. I think I need someone to kick my butt too to get me in shape! Hey ... since I'm not working, perhaps I ought to join Boot Camp!

This is his pretty girl friend, Laura. Hope that things work out for them when he returns home. We really love her and she's such a terrific gal!

The Mama and the Pops telling our baby good-bye!

If he passes his basic training he'll go on to advanced training at Fort Eustis, Virginia.
Tell me ... where does the time go? How did I get everything done when I worked full-time? I'm getting in a bad habit too ... I need to take a little nappy around 3:00 every day. Shame on me!
I'll tell you --- I had another funeral yesterday to attend to. An elderly gentleman in our ward passed away in his sleep. My Compassionate Service Leader and I attended to their home during the funeral. The Sisters in the ward brought lovely food over to the home for a luncheon afterwards. The kitchen was so small I wasn't sure where we were going to put all of the food. We ended up having to put the rolls in the oven because we didn't have enough counter or table space. I've had 5 funerals since last August. I have the most amazing funeral committee and Compassionate Service leader in the world. They take care of everything. I just show up and help out wherever I can. We have a sister in the ward who is legally blind and volunteers to provide the freshly baked rolls for every funeral! Isn't that amazing. And two of the sisters on the funeral committee have twins ... the one has TWO sets of twins! They're just young girls with young families and they are amazing. We have so much love and compassion in our neighborhood. It's amazing!
I've got some voice recordings to do so I'd best get busy. I'm meeting Jaron, Lori, Christa, Candy, and Lori B. for lunch this afternoon. I can't wait to see them. I've missed laughing with them! I'll have to take pics and post them on my blog.
Hey, I've been thinking about publishing a demonstrator cookbook. What do you all think? I would collect recipes from demonstrators all over the world and put them into one book. The recipes would be geared for the busy demonstrator, fairly easy and quick to put together and delish, of course! I would love to feature each demo with a small photo of her on the recipe page and a small bio. Would any one be interested? We did a recipe swap exchange about a year ago. I ended up stamping (50) 6 x 6 recipe pages and then exchanged them and placed them in page protectors and a binder. That was really neat, but I'm thinking on a larger scale here so the stamped recipes would be too hard to collate and send out. Let me know your thoughts, and get it out there so see if there is an interest.
Well, I'm off to the races. Have a marvelous day!


Betty said...

I am in on the recipe thing. Could there be a chapter on "quick things to cook but don't stink up your house so bad that the customers coming over at 7:00 know what you ate for dinner"?

Annette said...

Hard to believe I am one of the first to leave a comment here. Sounds like a fabulous idea - the recipe book! I am in. Also a category to think about is great snacks for the workshop guests!
Love you idea.
Will be keeping your son (and all of your family) in my thoughts and prayers as he begins this journey.

Dragonpynk said...

I think the Recipe thing would be GREAT lol

Lorie said...

The cookbook sounds fun for me to purchase but I stink at cookin' so I'll let everyone else add their recipes in!

Your son will be fine! Boot camp is not easy...on purpose but for the most part it is only tough if you fight it and he sounds like he has a good attitude about it. This is such an excellent opportunity for him! Fly your flag proudly...your an Army mom now! :o)

Bev Dahl said...

I love the recipe book idea!
This has to be one of those 'why didn't someone do this years ago' ideas!
I am ready to send you mine that I always get those 'no way, that's all you did for this fabulous dip!'
and those 'write that down for me, I gotta have it's'

Bev Dahl said...

on the other side of that:
Our prayers are with you and your family as your Son goes on his journey to serve and protect our country so that we can live, laugh, and love like we do.

Lindsey said...

Oh, Reese looks so nervous and like he was crying/trying not to cry; they made me cry!

The Peton's said...

I wish I could have a hidden camera following Reese around. Neal mentioned something about Reese moving puddles with a tea spoon. Sarah was very concerned. "They make you move puddles of mud with a spoon? Will Reese have to do that?" Very funny.

Up All Night Stamper said...

Count me in on the cookbook! I owned a couple of food businesses so I have some goooooooood recipes!

Glad to hear you are continuing to take the world by the ears!

Julie Edmonds said...

LOVE the SU Cookbook Idea! LOVE the feature on the Demo - It would be such a great mix to read good recipes and read bios about fellow demos....

It would be great to have Quick Meal Ideas and also some fun "Workshop" or "Event" recipes. Snacks and Buffet Items that are inexpensive and easy but always a hit!

airbornewife said...

Linda... how proud you must be of your son for his decision to serve our country. Thank you to him and to his family for their support. My husband is in the Army (20+ years) and we love it. My son is in the Air Force, my brothers are both in the Army and my dad is retired Army. I wish your son the best at Basic Training. My husband was once a Drill Sergeant and then a Basic Training First Sergeant.

I enjoy reading your blog. I met you in Tulsa a couple of years ago, when me and my friend Linda went there for a regional event.. you made me laugh so hard when you had the camera guy cleaning stamps for you! too funny ~

have a blessed day. Pam

Jenn Greeley said...

Hi Linda!

I think the cookbook is a fabulous idea. I love those kinds of cookbooks.

Thanks for adding me to your blog list.

Holly said...

Congrats to you son on entering Boot Camp!.. I bet he will do a great job and they'll probaly will kick him into shape a bit while he's in there but he'll Thank them for it when it's all over.. He must be going into the transportation field if he will be sent to Fort Eustis.. We are Navy but we actually live on Fort Eustis... He will like it here! Lets us know if you come and visit him.. Us VA gals would love to see you.

Dawn Dickinson said...

I'm definitely in on the cookbook! I know that the church cookbooks I own have the best recipes and I'm sure a demonstrator one would too. Good luck to your son in basic training - just picked mine up today from his sophomore year at college.

stampingqueen said...

I would so be into the cookbook idea! Maybe for the divider pages, you could have a contest of stamped artwork/scrapbook pages for each section.. Hmm. the possibilities. I made a family cookbook a few years ago, and those are just the best ones to have. I know this one would be just the same.

showmestamps said...

Excellent idea for the cookbook and I would love to participate. Those quick and easy snacks that are must haves for workshops would be a fabulous category.

Also glad to hear all about your life when I check in here. We've met a few times at convention and regionals. You have the most positive attitude and spirit of anyone I've ever met. I know you will continue to be blessed as you bless others.

Sally Nusbaum
St Louis, MO

Diana Gibbs said...

I say YES to the cookbook, and my hubby is saying a definite YES! I love easy and delicious, and when we are preparing classes and workshops we hate to feel like we are not feeding our family properly. So let me know what recipe you want, I'll send you one...
I am so proud of your son, and you both must be bursting with pride as well as tears. I will keep him in my prayers.
Sending big hugs to you,

Tess said...

Linda, the cookbook idea is great! Not only would I partipate, I would market it to all I know to purchase their copy. I can see you on your book tour now!

Congratulations with your son! I remember boot camp graduation when my son completed it in the Air Force. The time flies by so quickly, so I am trying to enjoy the two I have left here at home!

Let's start cooking & creating...the best of both worlds---food & stamps!

myturn4fun said...

I love the demo recipe book idea, Linda.
I also share your anxiety for your son. I have a Marine and an Airman. I wish the best for all of you.

Nancy Horn said...

Hey Linda - my "baby" leaves on June 3rd for Ft Jackson also. He is in the Army National Guard and will be doing a "split ops" which means he will do basic training this summer and then next summer after he graduates (I told you he was a baby!) he will do his AIT in Radio Satellite Communications. I miss him already and school isn't even out yet for the summer (sniff)

Jan said...

Hi Linda,

I just saw this post about "He's in the Army now" and couldn't believe it because I posted almost the same thing on my blog right after Mother's Day when our middlest son was brought on active duty on the same day as he graduated and he left for Fort Knox, KY on Memorial Day. He's a great kid and he'll do fine but you know how mothers are! Anyway, hopefully your son is doing great already. Hang in there! Jan Hoyt

carolm said...

hi linda. i'm catching up on alot of your posts. i would be interested in the recipe thing also.

i am enjoying learning more about you, your family and your church. you are a wonderful writer and i have a smile on my face when i am reading your posts.

cheers ~ carol.