Monday, May 18, 2009

Thanks for Your Support!

Thank-you for all of your wonderful comments in support of me calling about the interview for the new postion. I took your advice and called this morning. The boss over the department I'm interviewing for, was out of the office for three days last week. They're still in the process of interviewing and won't make a decision until some time next week. Whew ... it wasn't that bad calling and I feel better since doing so. So, many, many thanks for suggesting what I should do.

Some of you have e-mailed me asking if I was serious about coming to your events to speak and to stamp. Of course I will! This would be my first love ... instead of having to go back to office work ... I'd rather be in the field with you. That is my dream job! So ... if you're interested, comment here and give me your contact information or, e-mail me. I already have some great events lined up for the Fall. Can't wait ... I'm soooo excited to see many of you!
In preparation for sending Reese off to Boot Camp tonight, we had a family gathering on Saturday. It was so much fun. The grandkids ran around my father's property all evening, carrying branches and whipping them at everything they saw. Luckily no one got injured. They climbed the walnut tree and hung out like monkeys, chased stray cats, played with Dieter until he was absolutely exhausted, and drank tons of pop. Hope they didn't wet their beds! Our eldest was in New York for work so her two oldest sons weren't able to come out until evening. They stayed overnight with Granny and it was great having them here. Spencer and Logan massaged my back and feet. It was the cutest thing. It felt just like the ole days when I used to beg their mother to rub my feet with lotion and walk on my back to make it feel better!

Last night I had the privilege of removing all of Reese's hair. It reminded me of the summer days when I used to give all the boys in the neighborhood buzz haircuts! He's running errands right now in preparation for going to Boot Camp in South Carolina. I'm excited for him! He's nervous because he says they're going to 'kick his butt!' I'm sure they will!! But it will be good for him.


The Peton's said...

Ok, is Reese perma-dating Laura? What the heck? If she reads this, what the heck?

Looks like you had fun. Wish I could have been there. Glad you called about the job. Who knows?

Brian, Laurel & Addison said...

I love all the pictures. Saturday was such a fun night. Too bad we all have stinky kids that had to get home for baths for church the next day. BOOOOO! Wish we all could have stayed longer.

The yard was lovely, I can't wait til you get it all done. I love having dinners out there with everyone. And I love that Addie is some what big enough to run around with the older kids.

Yes, Nat, Reese is perma-dating Laura, hopefully it will lead to perma-marriage in the temple. We love her and Addie loves her so it wouldn't be such a bad deal.

DJ and Gin Family said...

That was fun! I want to see the end result of Reese's hair.

Julie Edmonds said...

Hi Linda,

I would LOVE to talk to you about coming to present to a group in my area. You can e-mail me at InkyFingrz at AOL dot com


Connie said...

Was that Laura in the picture with Reese?? Your family is cute!
Love ya! Connie

Terri Mongeon said...

You have such a beautiful family, Linda. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Hang in there, I know it is hard not knowing about the job. But never forget, you are AMAZING, and we all believe in you!
Hugs my friend!

Caroline said...

ahhh, I just love stopping by and seeing all the family pics :) Warms the cockles of my heart...

and WOW! seeing the 'Palooza button up there made me scream happily outloud! Can't wait -- only 136 days to go... hahahaha


Jacki Montgomery said...

Linda - you don't know me at all but I find inspiration in your blog. You are such an upbeat, positive person not to mention a great stamper. I have nominated your blog for a blog award. Please visit my blog for details.

showmestamps said...

Hi Linda, I would love to chat with you about demoing/speaking to the demonstrators in and around the St Louis, MO area. Please email me at when convenient.

Sally Nusbaum
St Louis, MO

Tracey said...

Loving your posts Linda - you are such an inspiration.
Just had to comment though - it just goes to show you that life in the States and life in Aus aren't that much different - I have the exact same folding chairs in my back yard too!
Would love to have you come and speak - just think the airfares might be a bit much for my budget LOL - One day maybe!