Monday, June 15, 2009

Hooray for Monday!

Saturday I was in Costco and overheard two young gals talking to each other. The one said, "Oh, I wish I didn't have to go back to work on Monday!" I had to stop myself from turning around and saying, "Be thankful for your job. Some day your wish may come true!" I remember saying the exact same thing, on more than one occasion. Now I feel guilty for saying and feeling that way. Be thankful for your jobs!

I had the opportunity of getting up early this morning, getting dressed in my finery, and heading off to the LDS Employment Center in downtown Salt Lake. Now ... an employment specialist in my ward told me to go to the center and they have fantastic seminars and networking opportunities for employment. In my womanly ways I asked him where the center was. He replied, "Oh, it's just uptown in the Triad center. Go to the such and such center and you'll find the classes." Mind you ... no address ... no directions ... a typical man thing. I've been to the Triad Center numerous times when appearing on Channel 5 for TV appearances, but the campus is huge and there's three different buildings with massive underground parking. I pulled into my usual underground parking place and asked the attendant where the BYU Center was. She pointed to the far North West corner. I parked, found the building and even found a person to ask directions to the seminar. I was in the wrong building! She pointed me to the LDS Business Center where I found the class. Can I say ... it was daunting and overwhelming. There were over 200 people, mostly men in business suits who were all looking for work. I kind of felt like a little lost sheep among the wolves. We heard from an HR specialist from a construction company. She was talking about writing resumes and the do's and don'ts. One of her bullet points was grammer and no typos. On her hand-out she had a typo! BOOOOO! Anyway, her information was good and she delivered it well. Then all 200 plus people in the room had the opportunity to go to the podium and tell their 'me' story in 30 seconds or less. When the 30 seconds are up, they get gonged! My oh my ... there was a lot of talent and degrees in the room. People were saying how they had saved their companies millions of money. Ee Gads ... it's almost my turn. I'm more scared than standing in front of 10,000 demonstrators! I start on my 'me' story talking about the crafting industry and it was like talking to a blank wall! I really don't think anyone got what in the world I was talking about. Hmmmm ... I think I'll have to revise my 'me' story for next week.

After the 'me' stories, there were several employers looking for new hires. They came up to the pulpit, told about their company, and then listed several people they had heard tell their 'me' story and wanted to talk to them after the meeting. No bites for me. But I didn't expect it on my first day.

I went upstairs to another seminar and learned how to write a resume. The gal actually sat with me and looked through my current resume and offered some suggestions. She was really excited with my skill sets, so I felt better after talking with her.

So, I came home from a long day at the seminar, feeling great that I had actually felt like I had spent a day at the office. It was a wonderful feeling, getting up in the morning, getting dressed for the day and having a purpose. Ladies and gents, be thankful for your jobs and don't forget to give HIM thanks for the blessings you have in your lives. There are a LOT of unemployed people out there. It was really brought to home when I saw so many talented and wonderful people this morning who had been laid off looking for employment.

The diet is going well. I may have eaten a few more calories than I should have yesterday. I'm not a Salsa lover but Lynn bought some fresh Salsa from Costco called Jack's Special Salsa. It's in the cooler section. Shanny, you've got to try it. It's divine. I could, and did, eat it with a spoon. The salsa doesn't have many calories ... two tablespoons for only 10 calories. It's the chips that I ate with the Salsa that have the calories. No chips and salsa for me today, though. I'm being a good girl!

Oh ... you're going to die when I tell you this. So, here I am at the seminar and the staff are showing us ways to tell our 'me' story. One of the gentlemen gets up and says his name and that he's a surgeon. I about screamed out loud, "Yeah ... and you're assisting in my gastric bypass surgery next Wednesday! And 30 years ago you removed my gall bladder!" But I didn't. Instead I looked for him after class but couldn't find him. Oh well ... I'll see him next Wednesday.

My little MaMa has had a tough few days. Her ankles are really swollen today because her heart isn't pumping like it should. Doctor's order is to remain in her chair with her legs elevated. So I've had a good chance to visit with her and Dad several times today and take them in dinner this evening. We've had her for 3 1/2 years longer than we expected, so we've certainly been blessed.

Remember ... be thankful for your jobs! See you tomorrow.


Diana Gibbs said...

I still say the right job will come to you when the time is right.
Did you bring the typo to the teacher's attention?
I love the new look of your blog...
I can read it better with these colors.
You gotta make eggs in the morning and put salsa on them...yum!
Enjoy the rest of your week.

Butternut Sage Designs said...

WOW, I think you could apply to a magazine for little fun d=editorials TOO! What a fun story to read this morning. thankful for your jobs and mama's too! 16 years have passed and I still miss mine!!!!mom I mean LOL :) Blessings!~Donna

Up All Night Stamper said...

Try slicing Jicama (Hick-a-mah) and eating that with your salsa - you won't miss the chips! One cup has about 50 calories and it's LOADED with fiber. It sort of tastes like a water chestnut so not a lot of flavor on its own but it makes a great "vehicle" for dips!

Mommy Shar said...

Well Linda you are a very good writer if all else fails you need to write a book.

I agree and reminded my husband multiple times yesterday as he complained about being busy at work that I am thrilled that he is employed. I have to remind myself on difficult days that many women would trade me places in a heartbeat to be a Mom even if it's to a fiesty two year old.

Who is doing your surgery? Yup Jack's Salsa is the bomb!!

Keep up with your diet it will get easier when your body is helping you instead of working agains't you. Also after surgery you won't be hungery ( I promise) only mentally at times for things you can't have. Your body will assist you unlike dieting and you will stick with it and think it's worth it because of your results again unlike most diets. I feel like I'm waiting for Christmas I am so excited for you. Let me know if you need anything. =)

Evelyn said...

Love the look of your blog. Very nice. After 5 years of being home, I started working full-time in February. As much as I love my job and and very thankful to have it during this tough economy, I could not help on Sunday night wishing I had just one more day to spend at home. The grass does look greener on the other side sometimes. Sounds like a great seminar you went to. Praying for your success in the job hunt and with the weight loss.

Shannon said...

I'm writing that down.....Jack's Special Salsa....I'll tell you what I think. :)