Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just Call Me A Slacker!

I know, I know ... I haven't blogged for a while. I think about it daily and then just get to having so much fun with my family, camping, stamping, funeral, and reading that I put it on the back burner and then it doesn't get done. I wrote a note on my To Do List for today to update my blog. I even had a caller from Canada telling me that she misses my daily entries. So here goes!

A while back our son Reese told me that he wanted a surprise BBQ on Labor Day weekend because he was coming home for a 4 day leave. The only person he told was his sister Laurel. Laurel and I promised to keep it a secret. I was sooo excited. I even paid for the gas for our daughter Natalie and her three girls to drive from Oregon to Utah so they could be here for the party. Natalie didn't know Reese was coming and Reese didn't know Natalie was coming. How fun is that? The secret was kept for several weeks until Reese spilled the beans and told Lindsey that he was coming for the weekend. She in turn told him that Natalie was coming for the weekend! Oh it gets better .... Then he called Ryan and told him that he was coming home. Now the only ones not knowing the secret was Angie and Ginger and my parents. So bright and early on the day of his 'secret' arrival he called to inform us that his plane was broken down and he may not arrive until around 11:00 that night. BOOOOO! I was so disappointed. He then told me to inform the two sisters that didn't know he was coming and tell them about the surprise. Now the only ones not knowing is my parents and Lynn spilled the beans at breakfast. I shouldn't have said anything to Lynn about spilling the beans because Dad probably didn't hear and Mom wasn't sure what we were talking about. Now everyone knew!

It was still fun having the BBQ. We invited two handsome young men who I helped raise when they were babies. We haven't seen them for 21 years and reconnected on Facebook. It was so wonderful seeing them. The youngest didn't remember any of us, but we all remembered him. He still looked the same with that slim face and big brown eyes. The oldest one remembered all of us and gave us great big hugs. They are both gorgeous and very good young men!

Nat and the girls drove from Oregon in one day. It's quite the long drive and Nat drove all the way by herself. We went camping at Ledge Fork, just past Smith Moorehouse out of Oakley, Utah. I think it's my favorite camping spot. It was quiet and a very nice campground. No hookups but we came prepared with everything. We made clam chowder one night and chicken fried rice the next. We also made homemade chocolate chip cookies and baked them in a collapsable stove that sits on top of a coleman stove. It's really neat. It even has a temp gauge on the outside. So in the evenings we would make all of the other campers jealous with the aroma of chocolate chip cookies wafting in the air. And if you're wondering if I ate some? The answer is of course not. I didn't even taste them. I did eat the clam chowder. Just had to pick out the potatoes. No fried rice though. I think I ate canned chili that night. Don't laugh ...I love chili and beans. And since this surgery I don't get gas. Is that weird or what? Actually it's very nice for those around me! :)

Did I mention that we had another funeral in the neighborhood. So sad but yet we're so happy for her because she's in a much better place. She's the one that I was telling you about who fell down her stairs and broke her neck. She and her husband were in the hospital together. Her family brought her home to die. Her husband is doing quite well and his leg is mending after his knee surgery. He was even out to church on Sunday. But we had to feed 60 people after the funeral and that's a lot of work! I had to sing at the funeral and then help with the luncheon afterwards. I was at the church for 7 hours that day. I was pooped when I got home. See ... I'm going to go down in history for having the most funerals while being the Relief Society President!

O.K. ... thanks to Jaron for those crazy pictures of Lynn, Nat, and me. He taught me how to motor boat and that's what we're doing in those awful pictures of us. I think it's hilarious and I laugh every time I look at them!

So ... that's whats going on in the life of Linda Lou. I'm having a great time. Did I tell you I got a full-time job? Yep ... you heard me right. It pays better than my old job. In fact it pays more than any job I've ever had. I'm in 7th heaven. I started last Saturday. I'm the full-time care giver for my parents and I couldn't be happier. The blessings are already pouring in. See, I told you it pays better than any job I've ever had!

Going to Edmonton Friday to speak at an event. Can't wait to see those Canadians. I love them!

The weight loss is going great! The food is getting boring. I need to talk to my support group and get more ideas for meals. I'm down 54 pounds! Help ... I need some clothes. I've gone from a size 24 to an 18 in 2 1/2 months! Even my custom made china suits are getting too big!

Have a wonderful week! Love Yah!


Anonymous said...

Linda, I'm so pleased that things are working out well for you! The Lord always knows what He is doing.....even if we all don't.
Glad that you have some great memories to hang on to. Glad your blogging again, I've missed it....
Much Love to you and yours,

Phyllis said...

I so missed your blogging but somehow knew that you are enjoying life!!! Love the pictures and your new full time job. I always believe that things happen for a reason although it doesn't seem like that at the time. There is someone up there that takes such great care of us and shows us the way down the right path!! Woo hoo!!! Keep up the GREAT work and thanks for sharing yourself with us!! (Glad that Reese made it home for the holiday!!)

Butternut Sage Designs said...

well there sweetie it was worth the wait and then some! WHEW!!!!! You told a great catch up story and I am happy you are having so much fun that you cannot be bothered with "us" LOL!!!! How great is life! I am happy for all the highlights in your life....enjoy every moment! See you next tiem, which I hope will be a bit sooner. Hugs Donna

Lisa Bohler said...

Great job on the weight loss! Don't go crazy and buy a bunch of size are not done yet. Find a second hand store and buy the minimum cause as soon as you do, you'll be a 16!!!! I learned that lesson the hard way!!! Hugs!
Lisa B.

Anonymous said...

Yay for you and needing new clothes!! I hope I need to say that soon too! :) As for the motorboating pics, I just knew that's what they were when I saw them after having seen Jaron's post a few days ago. Too funny!!! Anyway, glad you've been able to keep so busy and are happily doing it all. Even in the case of the funeral, it was so nice that you were able to serve your friends by helping with the food and such and by singing. I'm sure it was much appreciated.


Jaron said...

FINALLY!! I just miss you too much not not hear from you for so long. I need to find the motorboating pics of us from the old workplace. Remember th one that looked like you were missing teeth. HA. I just let out a gawfaw thinking about it. Welcome home (for a few days) Reese you skinny little thing. Love you and your fam- and even ole' chocolate hair too! HA

The Peton's said...

LOVE the picture of Kate and her cousins!! So cute!! And thanks a bunch for putting that horrid motor boat picture out there for the world to see. Those were funny!

I had a blast while in Utah, and it was so fun to see Reese and meet Laura. Thanks for taking us camping!!

Peama(Donna) said...

Hi Linda,
Huge lurker checking in here! Great update......gladd to see all is going well!

I also wanted to add, I am one of the lucky Canadians that gets to see you this weekend......I can't travels, see you in the morning!