Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Having Trouble With Blogger!

Michelle Woods -- My fabulous chef, escort, and partner in crime!

Sorry ... I'm having trouble with Blogger and I can't post any more pictures. But I'll try again later.

I had the most amazing trip to Toronto Canada to speak and stamp at Caroline LeBel's Stampin' Palooza this last weekend! I never can sleep the night before a flight and just as I had settled down to sleep, the phone rang at 12:45 a.m. It was American Airlines telling me that my flight had been delayed two hours and they were putting me on a later flight to Chicago. Then I couldn't get back to sleep so I was awake the rest of the evening. Lynn dropped me off at the airport and I asked at the desk if they thought I could catch my original flight in Chicago. He said if I run really fast I may make it. When I got on the plane there weren't any overhead room available for my carry-on and I had to put it in the back of the plane and sit in the front. So when we arrived in Chicago, I had to wait for the back of the plane to exit before I could grab my suitcase. And then I started walking really fast. I HATE that airport. There are no people movers and it's a long walk to the other terminals. I hurried as fast as I could and just as I got to the gate they slammed the door shut and said that the flight was closed. Oh well ... I tried. I just waited for my scheduled flight which was about an hour later.

When I arrived at the airport in Toronto, the cutest demo was waiting for me, Michelle Woods. She lives probably two hours from the airport and took her personal time to go to the airport and escort me to the event and to the hotel. She even had packed me dinner so I could eat at the event. And I was soooo grateful for the chicken salad because I had only had a cup of tomato juice all day. We had to go straight to the event and I changed into a skirt and top in the restroom before speaking. There were around 70 demonstrators that evening. They were so warm and friendly and made me so grateful that I had the opportunity of visiting with them and sharing my message. Gosh I love these gals! Caroline had provided a lovely chocolate fountain with all the goodies that go with it. It was enjoyed by all ... except me ... oh well ... that's what I have to sacrifice to get my new figure, right?

After the event I ran into some demos who were staying at the same hotel as me. I asked for a ride from Donna to the event the next morning. She took me in her convertible mustang. Too bad the weather was too cold or I would have made her ride with the top down! We had a fun ride to the event. We only made a few wrong turns but arrived safe and sound.

I'm not kidding when I say that these demonstrator events are the funnest events I've ever attended! I've never seen so many technique and product demonstrations at one event, in my life! The entire morning was spent with wonderful demonstrations. And yours truly got to present a product demonstration using the Sweet Treat Cups. I'll post my projects when Blogger is working again.

And the best part of the event was being asked back in February. So for those of you who can get to Toronto on February 19th and 20th, sign up for Caroline's next Stampin' Palooza event. You won't want to miss it! Her event included Make & Takes, snacks, drinks, lunch, a stamp set, fantastic door prizes, and tons of display boards.

Thanks to Caroline's lovely mother, Louise for dropping me off at the airport. I arrived home safe and sound around 10:30 that night. I think this was the quickest and longest trip I've ever made and it didn't bother me at all. I think I've become a world traveler and I'm pretty good at it and don't mind traveling alone at all! Of course it would be more fun having my 'honey' with me.

Well, I had 40 c0mments from my last post. I'll have my mother pick a number from 1-40 and the lucky winner will win a free pass to UStamp with Dawn and Friends. I'll let you know later who that winner is.

Time to go fix dinner for the hubby and parents. Mom had a fall this morning and hasn't been doing too well. But onwards and upwards. We've had her for a long time and we've been blessed!

Love to All!



jeannievbarron said...

I will be saying a prayer for you mother, I am glad you had a great trip!

Carmen said...

I'm sure with you taking care of her ... she will be fine :)

Michelle said...

I did not take part in the chocolate either, Linda. I lost 26 lbs and do NOT want them back! LOL!
I have been asked to come back in February also, so I will see you then! Stay fabulous!

Mel Hopes said...

I am so glad that you had a great time. I wish that I could be there but unless I can fit in your suit case (and I don't!) it is a bit far for me to travel.

Hope your mom is doing better today.

Love ya,