Thursday, November 5, 2009

Down 75 Pounds!

This past week the weight has been coming off a little slower. Perhaps it was the evil cashews that I bought and inhaled. I'm only supposed to have seven cashews for a snack. Ooops ... did I hear seventy? Perhaps that's why I visited the restroom a little more than usual. I'm going to have to stay away from them. Bad girl! But I'm down 75 pounds. I have about 42 more pounds to lose.

Did I tell you that I had my first fruit in four months? Yum ... raspberries. The doc said that a lot of gastric patients can't have fruit for a year. But he gave me permission to have it a couple times a week. He told me to stick with the berries since they are lower in sugar. I put some skim milk on them and a little sweetener. Talk about died and gone to heaven! You don't realize how much you miss the little things in life until you no longer can have them.

Yes, my hair is getting thinner. I cut it this morning and there's not as much to cut. Doc said it should grow back. I'm taking a supplement called Biotin which is supposed to be good for the hair and nails. My energy level is high and I feel so wonderful.

I spent today organizing my stamps. It was sooo much fun. I finally separated the retired from the current and found that I have more retired sets than current. BOOOOO! Got to have a sale so I can use the proceeds to buy more new ones. YEAH!!!

Our little grandson has jaundice really bad and has to sleep on a light bed and go to the hospital every day to have his blood drawn. Poor little guy. He's sure a beautiful baby. I haven't been able to help my daughter because her little girl is coming down with a cold. I can't chance getting a cold because I can't expose Mom and Dad to a cold. A cold would probably kill my mother. She hasn't had one in almost 4 years. Of course she's been home bound for most of the 4 years.

Got some dirt coming tomorrow so we can do a little landscaping in the back yard before the snow falls. Wish I could afford to get some sod in. Sigh .... oh well ... maybe come Spring.

Have a fab Friday! Can't wait til next Friday. I'm having lunch here at my home with some ole Stampin' Up! buds. Haven't seen them for six months.


Holly said...

You look Great!! Congratulation on the new you..

Diana Gibbs said...

Hi Linda,

You look beautiful! You are doing so great, keep up the great work.
I hope you can go see the grandbabies soon.

Have a great lunch with your friends.


Sylvia said...

Congratulations! You look amazing.

frombootstostamps said...

Linda, you are looking so fabulous!!!!! I am sorry to hear you can't visit with your daughter and grandson - my prayers are with them. I hope you get to hold him in your arms soon and visit with your daughter. Take care!!


Charlene said...

Did you know that you can sell your retired stamp sets on You can list them in "The Attic" section of The Forum. (free!)

The Peton's said...

Mom, you're wasting away! When I hug you next, it will be like I'm hugging a stranger! Not really. I'll always know it's you because of your smell and soft skin. You look really really good!

bcyhand said...

You look wonderful!!!!! Beautiful, radiant, Blessings to you and your family and yes your new grandbaby is very cute!

Janice said...

You are and were always beautiful! Just radiant! Congrats! Please contact me when you get a chance. We wanted to see if you would be interested in joining us for a stamp meeting in the Chicago area in the spring. :)

Terry Molineux said...


You look wonderful! Congratulations on your weight loss.

It's so great to hear that you still keep in touch with your friends at Stampin' UP!® It is truly a family in that home office and refreshing to hear!

Enjoy your lunch date!

Bev Dahl said...

My gosh, you are wasting away! It seems so fast too!
The hard part will be staying on that maintenance diet forever. I figure I will be about your size about 2 years after I die. HA!
You really look GREAT! Hang in there!

carolm said...

you look spectacular!!!!

sorry to hear about your grandson. hope the light is helping him.

can't wait for the next update.
keep up the great work.


Lindsie said...

Linda! You look GREAT!!:)

Stampin' With Angie said...

Just beautiful!! I showed your picture to my wonderful husband and his response was, "Wow! She looks great!"

Congratulations on the weight loss and the new little one! :o)

Mel Hopes said...

You look fabulous! I can't wait to see you next Friday and stamp the day away!

Keep up the good work and I am glad to hear that the baby and mom are doing well.

Heart you!!!!

Twila said...

Linda, you are looking great!