Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh Canada .... Toronto!

What a beautiful city, Toronto, Canada. It was a glorious day flying here. Left Salt Lake where the weather was gray and gloomy. Got above the clouds and the sun was out all the way here. Chicago was a beautiful site as well. When I was here in October it was so foggy and rainy I couldn't even see the city. But today was a perfect day for site seeing.

O.K. ... I didn't think this would freak me out, but it did. A glass floor high above the city. Everyone was laying on the floor getting pictures. It really made me nervous and sick to step on the glass floor and see the street and tiny carsfar below! The elevator to the top had a window in it too. What an experience.

My great friend, Dina Anker, picked me up from the airport and escorted me to the CN Tower where she treated me to a wonderful dinner and view of the city. I didn't realize until I got here that the tower is higher than the Empire State Building and is considered one of the Wonders of the World. We ate in the 360 revolving restaurant high above the city. It kinda freaked me out at first, trying to get used to the floor moving as were were eating our dinner. The food was divine and so was the company. Dina is such a sweetheart. I've known her for years and I always think of Stampin' Up! events with her holding the Canadian flag and always the first one to run through the doors!

I love Canada. If it weren't for my family living in the states I think I'd move here.
Had a beautiful evening with Caroline LeBel's group. My presentation went well and we had a great time. Tomorrow I'll be demonstrating 4 projects. It will be a fun day watching all of the wonderful stamping presentations and seeing the beautiful stamped projects. I've already got a ton of photos to post when I get home.
Love to All!
And to you big sistie, Bev ... I'm safe and sound. But it does make me feel good to know that you worry about me when I travel!


crazy savages said...
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crazy savages said...

Ohhh my stomach just dropped to the floor! You standing on the glass floor/ceiling made me sick sick sick!!! Give me Terra Firma or give me death. No glass floors for me.
Bring the big white bear home for the kidlets!!!
have fun fun fun....
Older sistee

Anonymous said...

Wow you look wonderful!!!! so glad you did that for yourself.....GLad you were able to go to Canada, Dina is a hoot! I got to meet her at convention and so enjoyed her....anyway. safe travels back home! God Bless! Deb

Christyne (aka Apple Blossom) said...

Linda, you look absolutely fabulous and your photos of our wonderful city and just STUNNING!

If was just lovely to see you again!

Die Mutter said...

Linda! Congratulations of your new sounds like the perfect fit for you! And, you look absolutely fabulous, too! Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing about your dear mom!

Michelle said...

It was so great to see you again and to listen to you speak about your life is inspiring.
The photos are fabulous.
It's funny to read you talk of moving...if it weren't for MY family being HERE, I'd move to SLC in a heartbeat!
I LOVE that belt!

DinaPEA said...

Linda it was my pleasure to entertain you before the Friday session - I truly felt like a tourist in my own town - it was a perfect day (despite loosing all of those fun shots on my camera!!)

You have blessed my life by your friendship!